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WOODLEY'S CENTRAL LIBRARY. (in con acetic n with MUDIE'S). THREE DOORS FROM THE CORNER OF NORTH PARADE. UPPER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of Subscription from 7s. 6d. per annum. The following are a few of the Books now c in Circulatioa:- An Actor's Love Story Diehl Wheels of Anarchy Max Pemberton St. David's of the Dust .W. Reynolds An Evil Angel Je-an Middleman Withyfor d .Fisher The White Wedding M. P. Shiel The Broken Road. A, E, W. Mason The Willoughby Affair Sally Bishop Sheaves Benson Second Selves.A. Gissing Bean Brocade .Baroness Orczy Tinman .Tom Gallon The Weavers .Gilbert Parker The Privateers Marriott Watson The Rainy Day The Queen's Friend H. Varcures Co. Ay than Waring V. Jacob A Sheaf of Corn .M, E. Mann Radford Shone Headon Hill An English Girl F. Henffer The Sacred Herb .Fergus Hume Their Marriage .Curtis Yorke Stubble Beofre Wind Campbell Raed Graham of Claverhou.se Maclaren New Cinderella F. Whishaw Old Peabody Pew R. D. Wiggins One Fair Enemy Carlton Dawe Paxton Plot .Guise Mitford Queen But—No Queen.A Maltby The Messenger Frankfort Moore Ancestors St. Jude Ian MaclareHf The O bateau Mystery Meade W. Jordan, J unr. Snaith Toward the Dawn Sutclifie Her Ladyship K. Tynan Sheep: and Goats Lady with Blue Motor Her Convict M. E. Braddon Arethusa .Marion Crawford The Conspirators P. Oppenheim The Stooping Lady M. Hewlett The Secret Agent Joseph Conrad The Gold in the Gutter Garvice Whosover Loveth .Le Queux A Man of No Importance Rita The Fool's Tax Lucas Cleeve The Monk's Treasure Horton The Cable Man Chesney Only Betty. Curtis YorVe Fatal Dose .F The Fate of the Hara .Diamond The Jewel House. The Botar Chaperon Wit Love the Judge "W Great Plot W. Le The House of Rest .F. Re The Sweets of Office V. Tv The Grip of Gold R." Saba, Mac don aid The Pointng Finger The House of the Wicked W. Le I Benita Rider Hag A Lady of Rome Marion Craw The Treasure of Heaven. Marie Core Made in His Image Cuy Thorne A Girl of Spirit C. Garvice The Challoner .E. T'. Benson John Chilcote, M.P K. C. Thurston Capricious Caroline F. L. Albanesi Double Harness Anthony Hope Free Opinions .Marie Corelli The Flute of Pan J. Oliver Hobbs The Last Hope H. S. Merriman PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodley's New Map of Llandudno and District. MONEY ADVANCED. From M20 to any amount PRIVATELY, ON REASONABLE TERMS APPLY— W. fj. Jones, St Peter's Square, Stockport The Great Skin Cure. BUDDEN'S S. R. SKIN OINTMENT 1.) will cure Itching after one ayplication, destroys every form of Eczema; heals old Wounds and Sores Prevents Cuts from Festering will cure Ringworms in a few days removes the most obstin- ate Eruptions and Scurvy. Boxes 7d. and Is. ld. Agent for Llandudno, W. A. ROBERTS, 3/ Mostyn. St., Colwyn Bay, E. LLOYD, Chemist. Conway, W. HUGHES. "'I EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illustrated >ook, containing Valuable Information how all Irregularities and Obstructions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recom. mended by eminent Physicians, as the only Safe, Suro and Genuine Remedy. Never Fails. Thousands nf Testimonials. Established 1862. ™ ?Arl t?AUL BLANCHARD, Claremont Hcus6. T^Q^sto"o. Lane, London,

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