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WEDDING. WILLIAMS—ELLIS. On Tuesday, 7th inst., at the B,ehoboth C.M. Chapel, the marriage took place of Isaac Williams, son of Mr .and Mrs. Wil- liams, Arvonia, to C. A. Ellis, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ellis, of Blaenau Festiniog, the officiating ministers being the Rev. D. J. Lewis and the Rev. Gwynfryn Jones. The bride was given away by Mr Hughes, of the Cocoa House, Mostyn Street. After the ceremony the, breakfast was held at the Cocoa. House, which was kindly given by Mr and Mrs Hughes. The bridesmaids was Miss El Ellis, sister of the bride; and Mr Edward Wil- liams, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man. LIST1 OF PRESENTS. Mr and Mrs Ellis, Blaenau Festiniog, 'brass icaiidlesticks, and copper kettle. Mr and Mrs Williams, Arvonia, Bible, brass fender and cheque. Misses Williams, Arvonia, electro-plated cruet. Mr and Miss Williams, Bryn Idris, table cover. Miss Ellis, Cocoa House, tea service. Mr and Mrs Roberts, Blaenau Festiniog table cloth, placques and ornaments. U Mr and Mrs Hughes, Clocoa, House, tea and coffee service and cheque. Mrs Jones, Pittsburg, quilt. Master T. Jones, do, cake stand and jam dishes. Mr J. Williams, Bryn Idris, toilet set Mr and Mrs Williams, Derlwyn, half dozen knives Mir and Mrs Williams, Gronant, hearth- rug. Mr and Mrs Jones, ditto, table cloth Miss D. Williams, Prestatyn, tray cloth Mr and Mrs Williams, Sheffield, hall brushes on stand. Mrs Roberts, Bagillt, toilet covers Mr and Mrs Williams, Llandudno Junction, carvers. Misses Williams, Clwlach, table cloth Miss M. Williams, Llandudno Junc- tion, teapot. Master L. and J. Williams, Llandudno Junction, pair of ornaments. I\i,iss Roberts, Cocoa House, Eiderdown quilt. Miss Evans, ditto, quilt. Miss M. Roberts, Cocoa, House, trinket set. F'riends and well-wishers at the Cocoa House;, cheque. Mr J. Williams, Utica, U.S.A, cheque Mr and Mrs R, D. Owen, Gwynfa, tea service. Mr and Mrs Tj. W. Griffith, electro- plated cruet. Mr and Mrs W. 0. Williams, quilt. Mr and, Mrs Bartley, pair of blankets. Mr and Mrs Williams, T'ryphena, table cloth Rev. and Mrs Gw-ynfryn. Jones, half dozen dessert spoons and forks. Mr and Mrs Jones, Longley House, breakfast cruet. Miss Jones, ditto, quilt. Mr and Mrs Davies, 2, Lansdowne Terrace, table cloth. Miss Williams, ditto, hot water jug. Mr J. E. Davies, ditto, teapot and hot water jug. Mil's Smith, Anstey, cake stand, sugar and,, cream arid jam dishes. Mr and Mrs Roberts, Wood Bank, tea- pot and stand. Mr and Mrs Evans, Orme's View, table spoons. Miss and M!a.ster Wynne, Rosefoery Villa, bedroom towels. Mr and Mrs Jones, York Villa, pair of vases. Masters A. H. and J. Jones, York Villa, three salt, cellars. Office and yard hands, timepiece. Mr J. T. Evans, Pittsburg, photo frame Mr R Williams, Bod Gwilym, over- mantel. Mr Bertie Kicld, Myrtle Cottage, photo r frames. Mr and Mrs Roberts, Dulas House, pair brass candlesticks Mr and Mrs Jones, 37, Jubilee Street, cheese dish. Miss Jones, ditto, cushion. Miss L. Jones, ditto, d'oyleys Misses Jones, ditto, pair of vases. Mrs Magilton and Miss Williams,, Gladys House, table cloth. Mr and Mrs Maitland, Bodhyfryd Rd., cheese dish. Mr and Mrs Gregory, London, ditto Misses Davies, Bryn Goleu, set of vases. Mtr T. Barrow, The Cloisters, jardinere. Miss Clarke, Tower View, ditto. Miss Davies, ditto, set of jugs. Mr and Mrs Davies, Bryn View, pair of copper vases. | Mrs Williams, Jubilee Street, pair of vases. Miss William s2 Mostyn Street, duchesse mats. 01 Mrs Davies, Manchester, ditto1 Miss Harker, Compton House, side- board cloth. 7 Mr and Mrs Parry. Chorlton Street, cheese dish. Mrs Roberts, Huyton, afternoon tea cloth. Mrs T. T. Marks, Bryn Gwyn, tray and d'oyleys. Mr Evans, 4, Charlton Street, Cofiant Parch. John Evans, Eglwysbach. Mr and Mrs Holland, teapot, hot water jug and stand. Mr and Mrs Morgan, Ripon, half doz. ¡ teaspoons and jam spoon. Mr Phillips, Rhos, jam dish. Mrs Thomas, PenySrith, pair of vases. Mrs Woodcock, Craigydon, pair of fern vases. Miss Griffith, Basford House, teapot and hot water jug. Mr and Mrs Hughes, Gogarth, side- 9 board cloth and pin cushion. Mr and Mrs Hughes, Chard House, half dozen knives. Misses Hughes, Plas Eidal, toilet covers Mr and Mrs Roberts, Council Street, sidebo'ard cloth. Miss Williams, Council Street, table centre. Mrs Rowlands and family. Bodnant, framed picture. Mr and Mrs Duggan, T'aliesin .Street, toilet set. Miss Williams, ILlandudno Junction, pair of vases, sugar basin and cream, jug. Miss Thomais, Buckley House, drawn shreacl pillow cases. Mrs Jones, C'olwyn Bay, cushion. Friend, mustard spoon. Mjiss Jones, Liverpool, pair of views Mrs Evans, Bootle, set of mats. Miss Hughes, Norwood House, half dozen serviettes. Master J. Griffiths, Aberdaron, poker. Miss Maggie Lewis, Penmachno, jar- diniere. A Friend, ornament. Miss Evans, Evans' Hotel, set of brass fire irons. Misses Roberts, Bryn Awel, hearthrug. Mr and Mrs R. J Williams, Craigydon, copper crumb brush and tray Mrs Williams, Taiycafm, cheese dish. Mr and Mrs Parry, Festiniog, tea cups and saucers. Mrs Davies, ditto, half dozen table knives and tea cosy. Mr T. Davies, ditto, pair of ornaments. Mr and Mrs W Jones, ditto, half dozen electro-plated tea spoons and slate fan. Mr and Mrs Owens, ditto, teapot. Mr and Mrs Williams, ditto, jam dish and spoon Mrs Griffiths, ditto, water bottle and glass. Ditto, ditto, breakfast cruet. Mrs Hughes, ditto, breakfast cruet. Mrs Roberts, ditto, sugar basin and cream jug. Mr and Mrs Edwards, ditto, table cloth Mrs Roberts, ditto, pair of vases. Master R. Parry, ditto, slate fan.



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