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THE ADVERTISER SAYS That the poll in reference to the question of the Incorporation of Llandudno can only be correctly described as farcical. That only 330 voted out of a total elec- torate of 2,033. That although the latter number includes duplicates probably not more than one- fifth of the electors took the trouble to go to the, poll. That this proves very little interest was taken in the question. That it is certain we shall hear little more about the proposal taking a practi- cal form for a number of years—except, perhaps, in after dinner speeches. That eighteen shares in the Llandudno Pier Company were sold by auction on Wednesday evening. That bidding 'for the, first half dozen started at £ 18, and they were finally knocked down at the record price of £.22, 10s. per share. That the remaining two lots were sold at the same price. That the purchasers were Messrs Swinner- ton, Sumner, and Bellis That we observe among the distinguished visitors to Llandudno the name of Lady Hanmer, of Bettisfield Pax*. who is staying at Yofk Villa. J That a special show of "Onoto" self-feed- ing fountain pens are on view at The Lounge, Mostyn Street. That the Chairman of the Urban Council for the coming year will be Mr W. H. Jones. That this statement, although not official, is on the authority of one associated with the inner circle^ and the, outcome of an understanding arrived at twelve months ago. Tha,t it will be welcome news to all that the poor rate has been again reduced by a penny in the pound. That it is also anticipated with confidence t,hat the Urban District Rate, will also be reduced. That the annual meeting of the Y.M.C. A. t,ook place on Tuesday evening last. That the annual report in full appears in our columns. That whilst the Y. ML CIA. has done, and is doing, an excellent amount of good solid work amongst the youth of our, town, there is not that support being meted out to it originally promised. That now that the Free Library scheme has been definitely settled the recreation room will be done avtay with. That this should result in an increased roll of membership at the Y.M.C.A. That it is quite on the cards that the Llan- dudno Chess Club will take up their abode under its roof. That a very generous supporter of the Y.M.C.A. has promised; to provide a billiard Table about October next. That the committee deserve the warmest support of all concerned, and it is hoped the membership, will increase by leaps and bounds. That some new blood has been introduced on to the Committee of Management, and being enthusiasts, great things are expected. That one member has promised to write notes weekly for our columns of what is going on under the roof of the Y.M.C.A. That. to-night (Thursday) the first concert of the season will be given at the Pier Pavilion. That Miss Xuttall. the vocalist, needs no introduction to Llanoudnoites. That the visitors will, on hearing her, agree with the unanimous verdict de- livered after the Autumn concerts, "A -eharming singer." That the "Bioscope" has now entered upon its season series of entertainments, and we can with the greatest confidence in- vite our visitors to patronise, this, the only all the year round entertainment in our midst. That Mr Samuel Hughes, junr., is always up-to-date, and as a proof of his popu- I larity we have only to refer to his recent benefit performance, when the house was literally packed. Tha.t the Roller Skating Rink is gaining in popularity. That those who follow the special exhibi- tion of Mr David Bennett should bennett-fit later on. That the comforts of rink skating at the Hippodrome are Al at Lloyd's. That the resident manager is not Mr Barnes of New York, That he hails from Vieksburgh, U.S.A. That it is his natural retiring nature which prevents him being seen skating at. his best on the rink. That as a matter of fact he is a shining light, of the rinking world. That the proprietor, Mr C. P. Crawford, has not yet personally tried the merits of the Hippo rink. That just now he is making things hum in the rinking world, which include, Liver- pool, Newcastle, Glasgow, and at an early date several fresh rinks will be opened under his management. That his visits, once a week to Llandudno, are purely in search of much-needed rest. That the "Cinderella" en the 13th May is being looked forward to with consider- able, interest. That there is no truth :n the rumour that rinking charges are TO be increased. That, they will, except on special occa- sions, remain the same as now througcu out the season. That. Mr John Bellis retired from his post of Rate Collector on Tuesday last, after 28 years' service. That Mr Bellis has never, during the whole of that period, distrained or issued a warrant on defaulting rate- payers. That, he has, we learn, from a- Councillor, more than once paid the demands out of his own pocket, trusting to the honor of those assisted to refund the, amount. That he has in consequence many times been a heavy loser by the, transaction. That since 1880 the rates harve risen from £ 3000 to something like £ 13,500. That the heartiest wishes of a, large circle of friends will follow Mr Bellis in his retirement. That several important- hockey matches, football and golf matches will take place this Eastertide. That the soccer cup match between Holy- head and Greenfield en Saturday for _C4 the third time of asking, after extre time being played, should be a special tit-bit. That the Llandudno United'. Choir, whicl: should have competed at the Rhy Eisteddfod on Easter Monday, has cr4 off. That the requisite number of 40 could no be guaranteed. That many of the members constituting the choir found Easter Mcnday a ver: inconvenient day. That we understand Mr Vaughan Hum phreys, the conductor, will commenc in real earnest with this Choir i: October next. That the North Wales S.S. Co. commene their Easter Sailings to-day (Thursday That the local represntative of this com paiiy, Mr Arthur Parton, is making rapid recovery from his recent seriou indisposition. That the Llandudno Coaching and liD Motor Charabanc Co, have arranged fc a series of special trips to places of ii terest in the surrounding neighbour hood. That the Grand! Theatre will open Saturday for four nights with "Is Ma ria.ge a Failure." That at the Prince's Theatre will be pr duced "Sapho" and "In the Soup."

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