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LLANDUDNO FIELD CLUB. ANNUAL MEETING OF MEMBERS. PRIZE! SCHEME! ADOPTED. The annual meeting of the members of the Llandudno and District Field Club was held at the Cocoa House on Monday evening, presided over by Mr Willoughby Gardner, F.L.S., F.EL8L, F.R.G.S., there being a good attendance. THE SECRETARY'S REPORT. Mr L. Si. Underwood, honorary general secretary, reported, that since the date of the last general meeting eighteen mem- bers had joined the club, that owing to losses by removal and resignation the total membership had been reduced to 77. During December, however, the com- mittee received the names of nineteen per- sons who wished to join the Club, so that there was every prospect of the member- ship being largely increased during the year. During the year there had been twenty- three excursions, and field meetings, the whole of which were well attended. On five occasions the members were, enter- tained to tea, for which hospitality the club was indebted to Lady Augusta Mos- tyn, Col. the Hon. Henry Mostyn, the Abergele Antiquarian Society, Sir Harry Reichel, Professor R. W. Phillips, and the Dean of Bangor. During the winter session nine papers were read by members and: a conversazione, held at the Imperial Hotel, the latter being a most successful gathering. EXCAVATION AND RESEARCH WORK IN WALES. Continuing, the Secretary announced that the Club had been invited to assist a special committee formed in Liverpool for excavation research in Wales and the Marches. The club was not asked for financial assistance, but to schedule and record all the sites of ancient camps, and anything of interest tiha,t might lead to discovery. Excavations would be con- ducted if the committee thought it desir- able. The Committee had appointed Mr Bezant Lowe, M.A., to represent the club. and he had consented to do so.—(Hear, hear.) With the object of encouraging natural science the committee had decided to offer prizes for the best local collec- tions, essays, photographs, etc., the scheme for which would be printed: and circulated amongst the members at an early date. In concluding, the report dealt with the desirability of the club having a. room for storing the specimens, etc., collected, and in which the library could be housed. The Cbmlmitteé, also desired to' place on record their appreciation of the work of their first honorary secretary and the loss the club had sustained through his re- moval to another district. THE. LIBRARIAN'S REPORT. The report of the Librarian and Curator, Mr Gresley Jones, was read, which drew attention to the need of a permanent room to store specimens and keep the books, a full list of which was included in the report. THE BALANCE SHEET. Mr C. Greenhalgh, hon. treasurer, pre- sented the balance sheet, which showed that financially the club was in a very healthy condition, the balance in hand being £ 16 6s. 7d. The reports and balance sheet were un- animously adopted. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The following officers were elected for the year:—President, the" Right Hon. Lord Mostyn; vice-presideras, Mr Wil- loughby Gardner, Colonel the Hon. Henry Mostyn, and Professor Phillips, Bangor; treasurer, Mr C. Greenhalgh; excursion secretary, Mr W, R. Brookes; curator and librarian, Mr Gresley Jones; lecture secretary, Mr M. Barnett; general secre- tary, Mr L. S. Underwood; committee, Mr J. E. Hallmark, Mr W. Bezant Lowe, Mr R. W. Jones, Mr A. H. Hughes, and Mr W. T. Brocklehurst; auditor, Mr E. P. Morris. Dr. Lawrie was elected an honorary member of the club. THE PRIZE SCHEME. At the request of the Chairman, the Secretary read the prize scheme adopted by the committee, as follaws Class 1, open to, any member of the Field Club.—An annual prize of El for the best collection of objects, essays, notes of observations, or photographs illustrating the natural science of the Club's district. Class 2 (open to all under 17 years of age residing in the C'reuddyn District). First prize, 7s. 6d.; second prize, 5s. in ea-eh of three competitions to be, announced ,annual. The competitions for 1908 are (1). For the best descriptions (accom- panied by drawings and dried specimens) of the entire plants and dissected flowers of the buttercup, and daisy. (2). For the ,best account of the life history of the starling. (3) FOr the ibe,st set of four photographs of any natural history sub- ject (quarter plate). I After some discussion the scheme was approved. Mr Willoughby Gardner offered prizes of J31 Is. and 10s. 6d. for the best col- lection of local place names, etc., and Mr Bezant Lowe a prize of 10s. 6d. for the 'best collection of fossils and rocks col- lected within a radius of 12 miles. Both offers were accepted and the donors thanked. Full details will be in- cluded in the prize scheme. THE PUFFIN ISLAND TRIP. Votes of thanks to the retiring officers having been passed Mr Arnold intro- duced the question of another trip, to Puffin or even to Bardsey Isle. Many visitors he thought would be glad to join such excursions. The Chairman said that personally he would be glad to join such excursions, but it should be remembered that permission to visit many places was given as a favour to the club and probably would not be given if the party included a large num- ber of visitors. The matter was left to the committee. PUBLISHING THE "PROCEEDINGS" A lengthy discussion took place on the question of publishing the proceedings of the club. Eventually, on the motion of Mr G. A. Humphreys, seconded by Mr Roger Dawson, a resolution was passed suggesting to the committee the desir- ability of such being done, under strict editorship. THE, EARLY CHRISTIAN MONUMENT. The Chairman announced that the early Christian stone at Tyddyn Holland had been removed from its perillous position to the church at Llanrhos. The Rev. John Jones had given permission for this to be done, and he proposed that the thanks of the Club be forwarded to him for so doing. This was carried unanimously, and the proceedings terminated.


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