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3, MADOC STREET—Mrs S. Roberts. Mr and Mrs South, London Master Bertie Toueii, do Misis Tayor, do Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Liverpool Mr and. Mrs Buxton. Stockport Mr and Mrs Musket and family, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Widn-es Misses Asquins, Stockport Mr and Mrs Brown. Northampton Miss Whittaker, Nottingham Mr Scott, Wigan 20, MADOC STREET—Miss C. Jones. Mr and Mrs Chinri, Birmingham Mrs Harrison and friend, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Leicester Miss Wingfield, Sheffield Mr Cowley, do Mr H. Cowley, d) Mrs Tingle, do Mr Tonkes, do 30, MADOC STREET—Mrs H. Higginbottotm. Mrs and Misses Ogden, Egremont, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Griffin and son, Birmingham Miss Wilson, Clayton-ie-Moors Miss Bui-ceck, do A. Evans, Esq,, Portiiill E. Shaw, Esq., Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Churchman, Manchester 39, MADOC STREET—Mrs Jones, Mr G. Pown-ell, London Miss Morris, do Miss Wye, do Mr Badger and fileads, do Mr Wilson, do 40, MADOC STREET—Mrs J. Parry. Mr and Mrs Bemsooni, London Miss Bernsc-on-d, do 42, MAD Of STREET—Mrs R. H. Brown. '3' Mr and Mrs Lawson, Leeds Master Fred Lawson, do Miss Gladys Lawson, do Madame Mesiner and daughter, Paris Mr and Mrs Dixon and daughter, Preston Mr and Mrs Beard, Walsall M rsKendal, Gravesend Mr and Mrs A, Hewison and family (2), do Mr and Mrs W. Hewison and family (3), do 43, MADOC STREET—Miss Hughes. MYRTLE HOLME—Mrs John Roberts. Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Sydney, Australia Mrs Wrighrt, Harrogate Mr and Mrs Riley. Nottingham Mrs Earnshaw and children, Huddersneld Misses Earnshaw, do Miss Cooke, Nottingham Mr Selby, do Miss Dabel, do Mrs M-ellor,, do Mrs Haddleton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Hirst, Wigan NEWARK HOUSE—Mrs W. H. Williams. Mr and Mrs Rams-den, Newport, Salop Miss Rams-den, do Mr W. Hale, do Mr and Mrs Hes-ke-ch, Droylsden, Man'ter Mr and Mrs Young. Manchester Mrs and Miss Roberts, Birmingham Mrs Aince, do Mr L. J. H. Hales, Liverpool i Li Miss Boffey, Crewe a RHYD-Y-MWYN—Mrs E. T. Bellis. ROWENA HOUSE—Mrs Jones. Mr i _,i.rs Aidridge. Northampton Mr Ernest Aidridge, do Miss Edith Bailey, 'do Miss M. Poyston, London WAKEFIELD HOUSE—Mrs Roberts. WOODBINE HOUSE—Mrs Pritchard. Henry W. Saville Esq., Edmonton Mrs Saville and family, do Th'cs. Hardwick, Esq., Birmingham Mrs Hardwick, do C. Hardwick, Esq., do Mr Reginald McCombes, Dublin WORCESTER HOUSE—Miss Jones. Miss WaJton, Leamingtcn Spa Mr and Mrs Tontham, London Mr A. Tontham, do Miss L. Pyke, do Mr and Mrs Yatls, Clayton, Manchester Miss Dorothy Yates, do I "S T-,iY i W YNNSTAY—Mrs Wynne. Mrs Hanmar, South Wales Mr Taylor, London Mr and Mrs Macfarlan and family, Walsall Mr and .Mrs Gare-son and family, do Mr and Mrs Frost, Birmingham MOSTYN AVENUE. ABER HOCSElYIrs Griffiths. Mrs David Lewis, Pontardawe Miss Winnie Lewis, do Mr Brinley Lewis, do Mr R. H. Roberts, Brvnamman Mr and Mrs Lewyers and family, Wolver- hampton BEThA-S-IA-Alrs Jones. Misses Sawclon (2), M-arple Bridge Mr A. W. Thomas, do r '=' Mr and Mrs Blanshard, Prenton, Cheshire Misses Blanshard, do Mr W. Griffiths, Merthyr Tydvil BODLONDEB—Mrs Hodgetts. 3. CLARENCE BUILDINGS—Miss H. Ho'oson Mr and Mrs Vint, London Mr R. G. Rees, Sunderland Mr W. A. Shepherd, Chester Mr H. Shepherd, do Miss F. R. Bond, Debenham, Suffolk Mr and Mrs Norcliff tMr and Mrs Pearson Miss Pearson LMr E. V. Illingworth, Liversedge, Yorkshire Mr George Illingwcrth, do ngw CYNLAS—Miss L. Pritchard. Mr ). Williams, M.A. Geo. Hartley, Esq., Heather View Earley Mrs Hartley and son, do Mr and Mrs Fourls. do Miss Hinde, Manchester Miss Davis, do DEíLA "JfEREMiss Shaw. Mr and Mrs W. Fred Smallman, family and nurse. lyest Bromwich Miss Hunt. Horwich Miiss Brighton. London HABBERLEY" HOUSE—Misses Morgan and Glover. EAR LEY HOUSE—Mrs Watkins. Mr and Mrs Che-rr-ington, Tipton Miss Cherriagton, do Miss Elsie Cherrington, do Mr and Mrs Topping, Loughbcro' Mr and Mrs Rocke, Stoke-on-Treftt Mr Rocke, do 'Misses Rocke, do Master Tcppings. Loughboro' Augus Macdonaf.d, Manchester Hubert Snow, Bilston HEA < O HOUSE—Misses Doran and Tipper. Rev. and Mrs Paton (resident) Mr now, Wolverhampton Miss Jones, do Mr and Mrs Gregory and baby, Le-venshulme Ma *-r Douglas Gregory, do Mr and Mrs Horsefall aad baby, Droylsden Mr and Mrs Case and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Ball, Warrington Miss Ball, do Mr Mold and friend, Walsall Mr Baldock, Manchester Mi s Clarke, London Mr Scott, do Mr Webber. do Mr Mottishead, Manchester HILL? BRUGH—Mrs W. D. Jones. Mr rid Mrs T. G. and Master L. Norris, Cat- ford- Kent Mr and Mrs E. H. Shannons, do M;- • "harmons, do Mi- Cooper, Birmingham Mi "• .Hirons, do Mi'- :1 • ^ns, do Mr ".1 3fT" William Weston, London Prr. Ap Madoc, Chicago, U.S.A. ISLW\ N-Mrs RobeTts. Mr md Mrs Wattes, Wednesbury Mr J. Wattes, do Mr Benton, Wolverhampton Master Jack Benton and nurse, do Miss Beyant, Stratford-an-Avon Mr Pull, do 7, MOSTYN AVENUE—Mr W. M. Roberts. Mr and Mrs E. Btucher and family, Liscard Mi s Barton, do LAUt: Hf BANK—Mrs J. Jarvis. PRIO v HOUSE—Misses Dowler and Bennett. Mr and Mrs Lawrence, Castleford. Road, Sparklii 11, Birmingham Miss Neilie Lawrence. Claremont Road, do Miss Jessie Lawrence, Castleford Road, do Mr W. A. Lawrence, do iMr E. B. Irumip-er, 32, Ravenhurst Street, Carnp Hill, Birmingham Mr CT. L T' wnsend, Be-ech Road, do Mr Geo. Doody, 1. Ca.stle.ford Road, Spark- hill. Birmingham Mr and Mrs Tiggs, Thames Ditton Mr and Mrs F. Ridgers, Rugby Mis- Gilbert, Birmingham Miss Bennett, do