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fRp. M. '8. Jruing at the…

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fRp. M. '8. Jruing at the Grand Theatre. \s Joseph Lesurques" int'* The Lyons Mail- 11,r¡.<1 _d__QIO' As "Dul: osc "*in "jThe Lyons Mai] "$3$8&i6l -==:- L- -=_- ROTHESAY-Thhs Harrington. Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Westport Misses Lloyd (2), do iMr and Mrs Johnson, Birmingham Misses Johnson, do Master Johnson and nurse, do Mr E. Johnson, do Mr Whitfield, Birmingham SKIP TON HOUSE—Mrs Owen. Mr and My", Turner, London Miss Turner, do Mr and Mrs White, do Masters H. and E. 'White, do Miss Simmonds, Plumstead Miss Crowe, do -Mr and Mrs Martin Kettering Miss Martin, do STRATHMORE—Mrs W. X. Emery. Mr and Mrs H. W. Dean, Llandudno Mrs Ward, Crewe Miss Gertie Ward, do Miss Cissis Ward, Crewe Mr and Mrs Bell, do Master James Bell, do Mr and Mrs Williams, Erdington Master Freddie Williams, do Miss Clark, London Mr and Mrs Fryer, Hands worth Miss Mabel FryeT, do Miss Fryer, do TROTSHILL—Mrs G. Woodyatt. Mr V- •T\ Birmingham :rv-'iss do Mr and Mrs Chidlaw, Warrington Master J. Chidlaw, do Miss M. Chidlaw, do 4, WOODVILLE GROVE, Mostyn Avenue- Miss Llewelyn. W. H. S. Whitney, Esq., J.P., Grosmont, Hereford Mrs Whitney, do G. R. Scott, Esq.. Black Rock, Dublin Mrs Scott, do Master Haughton Scott, do Miss Phyllis Scott, do Miss Gwen Scott, do Mr Stanley and party, Staffordshire Mr Edwards. Leeds Mrs and Miss Edwards, do Mr J. H. Simpkin and party. Loughborough NORTH MADOC STREET. ASH GROVE—Mrs John Roberts. J. A. Mac.kay, Harrogate Miss Mac-kay, do Miss Strickland, do W. Monkman, York Mr and Mrs Milligan, children and nurs.e, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Orrell, Darwen Mr and Mrs Bco-th, Worsley BODHYFRYD—Mrs Parry. Mr and Mrs Powell and family, Royston Miss Ivy Powell, Royston, Herts. Miss Rhodes, do Mr and Mrs J. Williams, Swansea Miss Ethel Williams, do Miiss Marion Williamsf, do Miss Rees, do, Mr and Mrs Smith and family, T'yldesley GOLETJFBYN- H. W, Adshead and fafily, Dudley Mr C'. Garnett, Darwen Misses Garnett, Darwen Miss A'Spclen, do Mi-ss M. Shorroek, do Mrs Campbell and family, do DOL HYFRYD—Mrs W. C. Roberts. HAZLEDENE—Misses Leslie. I Mrs Whitehead, Bury The Misses Whitehead, do Mrs Robinson, do The Misses Robinson, do Mr Robinson, do Mr and Mrs Smith, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Steele, Liverpool SEIRIOL VILLA—Mrs J. F. Moss. Mrs Fielding and family <5>. do Mrs WeILs and family (3), Manchester Mr J. Hoffermann. Manchester Mr and Mrs Crossley and children, Man'ter Mr and Mrs Sands and daughter, Man'ter Mr Spencer. London Mr King, do Mr Hooper, Altrincham ¡ Mr Parker and friends (6), YC\1:k ST. MO'RITZ—Mrs Barber. Mr Watkiss, West Bromwich j Miss Humphreys, do Mr and Mrs Perris, Reading iMiss .Dorothy Perris, do I Miss and Master Ad,ie, West Bromwich Mrs Magrane, Darlaston The Misses Magrane, do Master Jack Magrane, do Mr and Mrs Reynolds, Manchester Mr and Mrs Hill and family THE AVENUE—Mrs Edwards. I Mr and Mrs Collins, Haverstock Hill Miss Moss, London Mr Collins, do I Mr and Mrs Pilkington and family, Blakely j Mr and Mrs Eastwood, Manchester Miss Eastwood, do Mr and Mrs J. Irving, Ashton-under-Lyne [ Miss Seller, Hulg Miss Menday. London Mr Featherstone, do Mrs and Miss Featherstone, do Miss G. Warwick. Blakely Miss S. Jcnes, West Bromwich THE CLIFF— Rev. J. G. Williams, family and nurse, Ban- gor Mrs Rose. Walsall Miss Buckley, do Miss M. G. Baker, do Mr and Mrs Jackson, Hale Misses Jackson, do Master F. Jackson, do Mrs and Miss Warner, Swinton, Manchester Master Geddie Warner. do Miss Hogg, do THE T,T/vrS—Mr and Mrs Singleton. Mr and Mrs Derwent. Chorltcn-eum-Hardv Master Leslie Derwent, do Master Reegie Derwent, do Miss Hildit,eh, do. Mr and Mrs T. H. Bissell, Flixton, Man'ter Master Erie Bissell, do Master Sydney Bissell, do Miss DisseU, do Mr and Mrs Charles Water house, Altrincham Mr William Waterhouse,, do Miss Waterhouse, do Master Alfred Waterhouse, d. Miss Derbyshire-, do Mr Alec, S. Hooper, do Mrs A. Smith, Altrincham Miss Smith, do Misses A. and L. Smith, do TRINITY SQUARE. HILL VIEW VILLA—Mrs R. Williams. Mrs Morris, Newcastle, Staffs. Misses Morris (2), do Misses Yates (2), Newton Heath Mrs Ccllinge, Fallowfield Miss Dorothy Collinge, do Miss Hurst, do Mr and Mrs Williams, Wrexham Mr and M'iss Catherail, do* Maister Cecil Catherail, do. Miss Kitty Catherail. do The Misses Bet-ley (2), Wigan Mr and Mrs Jones, Birmingham Master Sydney Jones, do Miss Doris Jones, do TRINITY VILLA— Alderman J. Adnitt, J.P., Peterboro' Mrs and Miss Adnitt, do Mr F. C. Adnit-t, do TRSNITY STREET. BIRKDALE—Misses Lawton. Mr and Mrs Tomlin, London Misses Tomlin, London Miss Hoskin, do Mrs Bell, do Miss Loden and friend, do Mr Tils-t-on, do Misses Johnston-, Bolton Miss Chirnside, do Miss Watson, Newcastle-on-Tyne li-I Miss Aitchison, do Miss Clement. Swansea Mr and Mrs Baine-s, Sheffield BRONWEN HOUSE-Milss Helstrip. Mr and Mrs Rye and family, London Mr Mus-kett and party, Long, Buckley Air and Mrs Tomkinson and sons, Leicester Miss Bailey, Birmingham DINORWIC VILLA—Mrs R. Hughes. Misses Lake, Nottingham Mass Gosling, do i-Mr Webb and sons, Northampton Mr and Mrs Bruant and daughters, do Mr and Mrs Price and child, Kingsheath Mr and Mrs Gaskell, Wigan DOVEDALE—Mrs W. Davis. Mr and Mrs Ainley, Moseley, near M-an'ter Mr and Mrs Bilsbrough, Silsden Mrs and Miss A. Gartside, Alsager ISLWYN-Mrs E. Boole. Mr and Mrs Walters, London Mrs and Miss Taylor, King's Lynn Misses Taylor, King's Lynn Misses Bernstein, Manchester Mr and Mrs Davis, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Hood, Leicester Miss Windley, do Miss Curry, Leicestter LINCOLN VILLA—Mrs E. Roberts. Mr and Mrs Holder and baby, Hanley, Staffs Mr and Mrs Whirteiheadand baby, do- Mr and Mrs H. J. Picker, Wainfleet St. Mary Mr and Mrs Gunning, Bristol Mrs Sh-apc-ott and friend, do. Miss S. Stokes PARK VILLA—Mrs Evans. Mrs and Misses Tonks, Birmingham Miss Brown, do Mr Norton, London Mr Davies, do Messrs Johnson, do Mrs Preston and family, Walsall Mrs Price, London Mr, Mrs an-d Miss Page, Birmingham Miss Yates, Darlington Miss D. Yates, do RIVERIA—Mrs A. Davies. Mr and Mrs Broadmeadow, Manchester Mr and Mrs Tate, Stretford, near Manchester Miss Maddr-e-11, do' Mr R. W. Richardson, Manchester Misses Wagg. Ashby-de-la-Zouch Miss Ripley., Manchester Mr and Mrs Sc-hdppers and children, Brig- house WHITEFIELD—Mr Thomas Hughes. Eric D. Frenecke Evans, Wolstan-ton, Staffs. Mr and Mrs Endean and two children, Mid- dleion TUDNO STREET. BOD ELWY—Mrs Janes. Mr and Mrs Watts, West Kirby Master Watts, do EDGE HILL—Mrs Bruckshaw. Mrs Wilcox, Birmingham Miss Appelby, Wolverhampton Miss Starkley, do Miss Richards. Birmingliam Miss J. Richards, do Mr and Miss Wyatt., do ,.Mrs Christie, Scotland Miss Torquay, Birmingham MELBOURNE—Mrs Higginbottom. Mr and Mrs Thompson, Hull Miss Thompson, do Miss Hunt. do Miss Taylor, Bowden Misses Greaves (3), Bolton Miss Hoyd. Northampton: Mr and Mrs Gonolly, Manchester 'Mr Hall, Northampton Miss Broughton, Liverpo.ol 6, TUDNO STREET—Miss Wood. Mr and Mrs Howard, Acton, W. Master F. W. Howard, do Mr and Mrs Houlton, Hull Master Frank Houlton, do 10. TUDNO STREET—Mrs T. R. Jones. 7 Mr and Mrs Smith, Warrington Mr and Mrs Smith, Manchester Mr and Mrs Smith, do Mr and M-rs Averis, Birmingham. Mis-s Averis, do Master Reggie Smith, Warrington Master Donald Smith, Waterfoot, near M'ter VAUGHAN STREET, BOD GWILYM—Mrs W. Williams. Mr and Mrs Davison, Crewe Mr and Mrs Higgs, Crewe- Mr and Mrs Dane and children, Darwen Mr and Mrs Robottom, Merthyr Miss Morris, Merthyr Tydfil Mr and Mrs Flu-de, Manchester Master Flu,de, do Mr and Mrs George, Merthyr .NT,essrs George- (2), do Misses Davies, do Miss Thomas, do Mr and Mrs Hurst, Leicestetrt Masters H. and C. Hurst, do Misses Edis, GO Miss Coleman and party (6), do COURT ROYAL-Mrs Brown. DENVER HOUSE—Mrs Williams. Mr and Mrs Sydney Brooks, Sheffield Master Charles Hamby, do M'iss Grimes, Hoylake Miss Cribbon, Liverpool Mr Maurice Brookes, do Mr and Mrs Cawley ,Sheffield Misses Cawey, do Mr Cawley, junr., do Mr Neale,, da Mr H. Owen, do Mr and Mrs Mowbray, Liverpool Master Mowbray, do EGERTON HOUSE1.—Mrs Batchelor. Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe, Orsal, Bradford Misses Sutcliffe (2), do Mr and Mrs Whittaker, Bradford Mr and Mrs Booth, Manchester Misses Booth (2), do Miss Booth, N-ewt-on Heath Miss Hopkinson, do Mr and Mrs Young, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Master Howard Young, do ELGIN HOUSE—Mrs Jennings. Mr and Mrs Meredith and family, Diidsbury Mrs Roach and family, Bristol Mr and Mrs Jones,, Bristol Miss Roberts, do- Mrs Hawke, Stevenage The Misses Olairke, do Mr and Mrs Cook, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Morris and family, Derby Mr Wheatcnoft, Alfxeton The Misses Meredith, Bristol Miss Payser, children and maid, Didsbury Mr and Mrs Payser, do Messrs Linhey, London Mr Pickles, Bradford The Misses Collins, Bristol FRANKFORT HOUSE—Mrs R. S. Luther. Captain and Mrs Maher and family, Burton- on-Trent Misses Briggs, Bradford Mr and Mrs Whitehead, Roc-hdale Miss Morey, London Mr Ettisson, do Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe, Burnley Mr and Mrs Ratford, do Mr and Mrs Cornice, C-heetham Hill Misses aBrt-on, Rendewor-te Mrs Hopes and family, do GLENDALOUGH—Mrs G. Evans. Mr and Mrs Ellery, E-dgbaston, Birmingham Master A. Ellery, do Mr and Mrs Corbett, do l Mr and Mrs Davis, do Mr and Mrs Fish, Sheffield ) Misses Fish (2), do Mr and Mrs Elee-, Bacup Master Elee, do Miss Hc-yle, Accrington RO,THBURY-MTs W. F. Bratt. 'Miss Simpson and party, Aocrington SEA VIEW-Mrs Roberts. Messrs E. and J. Parr, Swinton, Mancheter ST. IVES—Mr-s Elliott.. Mr and Mrs Hird, Idle, Yorks. Mr and Mrs Rhodes, do Miss Rhodes, do, Miss Verity, do Mr and Mrs Walbank, Bingley, Yorks. Mr and Mrs Jackson and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Archer and child, Nottingham Mrs and Master Beck, Leicester Miss Dalby, do MT, Mrs and Master Bolton, Bradford Mrand Mrs Thomas, Hebden Bridge Mr Thornton, Stanningley, Yorks. TORONTO HOUSE—Mrs White. Miss Lichtien, Manchester Masters C. and M. Lichtien, do Mr and Mrs Sharp, Hinckley Mr Bowen, Leeds Mr H. Mottershead, Manchester Mr and Mrs Glossop, London Mr and Mrs Jeyes, Birmingham Mips Jeyes, d'at Dr. and Mrs Anderson, Flint Mr and Master Miler, Stewarton Mrs, Miss and Master Galloway, London Miss Read,. Colchester Misses Biggs, do VAUGHAN HOUSE—Miss MicaTli. Mr and Mrs Glover and family, Sheffield Miss Glover, do Mr Bernascone, child and maid, Merthyr Rev McAdam, Ireland Misses McAdam, do 1, CLAREMONT VILLAS—Mrs Lewty. Mr and Mrs Dulson and baby, Birkenhead Mrs Moore, do ,Miss Pritchard, Kettle-shulme Mrs Eaton, Wigan Miss Lane, Swinton Miss ThoirCey, do Mr a-niA Mrs Madocks, do Mr and Mrs Porter, Ardwick Misses Owens, Cheetham LONDON HOUSE—Miss A. Roberts. Mr and Mrs Potbury, Slough Mr and Mrs Campion. Nottingham Misses Campion, do Misses Morton, Nottingham Mrr and Mrs Axon. Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Chadfiedd, Stoke-on-Trent VICTORIA VILLA-Miss Green. 'Mr and Mrs- Hope, family and nurse, Buxton Mr and Mrs W. J. Beal and family, Hud- dersneld Mr and Mrs Kendall. Eilesmere j Miss Kendall, do Mrs W. J. Kendall. Mr H. J. Kendall, do I FRON DIRION, Rosebery Ave,nue.-Mis-ses Stratton. Mr and Mrs Brears, Leadgate, Co. Durham Misses Brears (2), do Mr and Mrs Howden and baby, Cheadle Hulme Misses Kellet (4), Farnworth Misses Hibbert and party, Manchester Miss Wright and party, Keighley ST. ELMO—Mrs Mr and Mrs Bushell, Hdndiey Mr and Mrs Walker and children, Man'ter Mr and Mrs Goupe and children, York "lr and Mrs Wilson, Stockport Misis Wilson, do Mr and Mrs E-okr-oyd, Manchester Miss Emmes, Leeds Mrs Hodgeson, Le-eds LATE VISITORS' LIST. 1, SOUTH PARADE—Mrs Owen Jones. Mr and Mrs T. Tolley Jones, Richmond, Sur- rey Mrs Baker and bovs, do Mr and Mrs H, E. Hall, Marsh Hall, Leo- minster, Heire-for ds hire Mr and Mrs Flinn and family, Alexandra Park, Manchester Mr and Mrs J. Lam-bourn and son, Bristol Road. Edgbaston Mr and Mrs J. Stanway. Wylde Green, Bir- mingham Miss May Stairway, do




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