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PENMAEN VIEW—Mrs Edwards. F. Farley, Sheffield W, Ancott, do W. H. W. Yougk. Manchester Mr and Mrs Roper, Nottingham Mrs and Miss M y- ?r, Manchester Mr and Mrs Roebuck, d o Master Roebuck, do Misses Jones, Sheffield PLAS-Y-GLYST—Mrs Bailey. Miss and Master Lemon and nurses, London Mr Dakin. London Mrs and Miss Wilson, do Mr and Mrs Chamberain, family and maid, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Priestman and son, do Misses Legg, Derby ROGKW ARDINE-lVIrs Deurden. Mr and Mrs Dandon and family, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Waterhouise, do Miss Davies. Sheffield Mr and Mrs Gladstone and family, Durham WARREN VIEW—Mrs R. J. Williams. Mr and Mrs Leggins, Birmingham Miss Rita Leggins. do Miss Ruby Leggins. do Mr and Mrs Henifer and family, Hands- worth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Woodall, Manchester WEST VIEW—Miss Met calf. Mr and Mrs Currie, Birmingham Mr Lorton. Walsail Miss Walker, do. Mr Puttey. Manchestetr iMsses Hayes, do Misses Sales, do Miss Jenkins, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Heap. Manehestetr Miss Frith, London CHAPEL STREET. AROSVA—Mrs E. Thomas. Mr and Mrs H. N. Baker, baby and nurse, London Mr and Mrs J. Baker and granddaughter, Penketh Mr and Miss Lovatt, Fenton Mrs Edmondson, West Bromwich. Miss D. Edmondson, do Master Stanley Edmondson, do Master Roland Edmondson, do Miss Tatiow. Manchester Miss M. Tatlow, do BELGIUM HOUSE—Mrs Roberts. Mrs Pine, 24, Northumberland Road, Dublin Misses Sullivan, do P. P. Carroll. Esq., 40, Oakley Road, Dublin BUNYAN VILLA—Mrs J. Roberts. Mr and Mrs Keham, Hampstead, London Miss Kelham, do, Miss Avis Kelham. do Mrs O'Brien and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Nic-holls, child and maid, Lon- don CALEDFRYN—Mrs E. Williams. 7, CHAPEL STREET—Mrs Crawford. CLIFTON VILLA—Mrs J. Thomas. Mrs Moreton, Rugby Mis's Moreton, do Nurse Wilkins, do Mr and Mrs Harvey, baby and maid, Bury Miss Clough, do Miss D. Olough, do Rev. G. D. and Mrs Oakley, family and maid, Everton, Liverpool Miss Savory, Everton, Liversgrove Master Douglas Barton, do .Miss Eva Barton, do GLYNNOG HOUSE—Mrs O. Parry. Mr and Mrs Nervill and family, Wolver- hampton Mr and Mrs Weingold and sons, Man'ter Mrs NewiLl. Wo-lverhampton Miss Madon, do Mrs Tareton and family, Birmingham Mr Gelling, do CROYDON VILLA—Mrs R. Jones. Mrs and Misses Chalton, Westhartlepool Mr and infrs Wilson., children and maid, do Misses Calvert, Huddersfield Miss Hobs'on, do Mrs and Miss Albutt, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Taylor, Long Eaton Misses Doughty, Derby .Mr, Mns and Miss Hamnett, Sale Miss Hampsden, do EASTJ* 'iTrYN HOUSE—Mrs E, Davies. Mrs T. F. Howe. Ashton-under-Lyne Mr and Mrs Mullettamcl family,, Rotherham Mr and Mrs Smallwod, Etruria, Staffs. Mr G. B. Woodhead, Huddersfield FERN BANK—Mrs W. Jones. Mir and Mrs Woodhead, Leeds Miae Woodhead, do Mr and Mrs W. H. Barber, Holme Bridge, Huddensfieid Masters H. and M. Barber, do Miss Barber, do Mrs and Misses Aspinnall, Macclesfield Miss K. Grover, Buxton GLODDAETH HOUSE—Mrs E. Roberts. Mr and Mrs H. L. Little. Bowes Park. L,iv'pl Dr. and Mrs Charles and family, Stanley, Co. ,Durham Miss Dewar. Stanley, Co. Durham Mr and Mrs Gilbert and baby, Lezells, Bir- i in ii mi am Mr and Mrs Harrison, Erdington, near B'ham Miss Helen Wo.d,oNo,rthwod, Hanley Miss Jennie Coxon, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Moult, Farnworth, Bolton Master Georee Moult, do Mr and Mrs Charles Pennye HA WARDEN-Misses Powell. Mr and Mrs Hoibrough, Gloucester Masters Hoferough. (3), do Mr and Mrs Stockwin and party, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Sanders. Liverpool Misses Jones, Buckley IVOR HOUSE—Mrs H. Jones. Mrs and Miss Groome,, Worthing Mrs Smith and maid. Whitchurch ,Mis.s A. T. Smith, do Mr and Mrs Kidd and family, Swinton Mr Berry, do Miss Gwennie Berry, do Miss Evans, do LONGLEY HOUSE—Mrs E. Jones. MAYFIECLD HOUSE—Mrs J. Emlyn Jones. OVERTON—Mrs Jones. Miss Cissie Field, Hilton House, Blackrcd, naar Chorley lrand Mrs B. Holden, Plait Street, Leigh, near Manchester P ALMERSTON-Mrs John Williams. RHIANVA—Mrs Thomas Pierce. Mr and Mrs Smith, Manchester Misses Smith (2), do Mr and Mrs Howie, Crawehawbcoth Mr Pollard, Padiham Mr Ingham, do Dean, do Miss Wilmore. do Mrs Poilitt and daughter, Horwich Miss Marsh, Bolton Mr and Mrs Jenks and son, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Walter Cooper, Padiham iMr and Mrs Morris Cooper and family, dc ROSEWOOD—Mrs James Hughes. VALE OF CLWYD—Miss Patrick Thomas Mr and Mrs Edmeston, Monton, Manchester Mr and Mrs Sheppard and family, do Mr and Mrs Bussell and family, Cardiff Mr and Mrs F. Roberts. Manchester 1, WINDSOR TERRACE—Mrs Jones. Rev. and Mrs J. D. Jones Mr and Mrs J. H. Barnes, Walkd-sn Master Bertram Barnes, do Miss C. I. Lancaster, Leeds Miss E. M.. Turner, do Master Bertram Barnes, do Miss C. I. Lancaster, Leeds Miss E. M.. Turner, do Miss M.Matthews. Halifax Miss R. Eddison, Dewsbury Mrs Hartley, Moor Allerton Mr and Mrs Mrs Hartley and family, Wortley Miss M. Hartley, Gomenal Mr and Mrs L. Maxwell and family, Chorlton cum-Hardy Mr and Mrs Edge and family, Ansdell Miss Whitehead, do 4, WINDSOR TERRACE—Mrs Thomas. WALSALL HOUSE—Mrs Forbes. CHARLTON STREET. BOD TREVOR—Mrs Davies. Mr and Mrs Blith, Holly Hill Mrs Atherton Miss Hoper Master H. Atherton Mr and Mrs Heally Mr and Mrs Morris 5, CHARLTON STREET—Mrs Roberts. 4, OHARLTON STREET—Miss Thomas. Mr J. Drew, Small Heath, Birmingham Mrs Drew, do M-iss Dorothy Drew, do Mrs Fell, Birmingham Mrs MicAndrew, Sutton Coldfield GLENROY—Mrs Thomas. Mr and Mrs Hall and baby. Walsall, Staffs. Mr and Mrs Topham, Sheffield Miss Dutry, Leeds Miss Dupton, do Mr and Mrs Pinder, Leicester Mrs Jones, King's Norton Miss Marie Jones, do Miss Gwennie Jones, do Masters Harold and Sydney Jones, do Mrs B. A. Farrow, Milnrow, Rochdale Mr and Mrs Abell, London Miss and Master Abell, do Mr and 'Mrs Banton, Leicester Miss Banton,, do Miss Dorothy Banton, do Master Frank Banton, do Mrs Banton, do 1, LEONARD TERRACE—Mrs Griffith. Mr and Mrs Lacy, Birmingham Master Lacy, do Mrs Barrett, do Mr Stott, Wigan Mr Partington, do Mr and Mrs Jones, Pontypridd Mrs Davies, do Mr. A. Snell, do- Mr and Mrs Sale, Ludlow Miss Sale, do 2, LEONARD TERRACE-Mrs J. Evans. I 5, LEONARD TERRACE—Mrs Roberts. My and Mrs Thompson, Birmingham Miss G. Thompson, do Master A. Thompson, do Mr and Mrs Mossop and children, London Mr and MTS Mills and children, Tipton Mr and Mrs Tr,itton, Doncas-ter Mrs and Miss Dickinson, Bradford LLYS MAD OC—Mrs O. Jones. Mr Harrop and party, Ashton-under-Lyne Mr and Mrs Sansford, Manchester Mr and Mrs Randle, Dudley Mr and Mrs Hammond, St,alybridge Miss Hammond, do PLAS EIDAL—Mr Wm. Hughes. Mr and Mrs Williams. Brynaman, S. Wales I Messrs E. and H. Williams, do Mr and Mrs R. Williams, junr.,7 do MTS Laycoc-k and daughter, Leeds Misses Walker, do Misses Platt, Nest on Miss Millar, do Mr Davies, Leeds Miss Watkin, do -Mr Neate, do Miss Myers, do RA VENSCOURT-M-rs Twilton. Mr and Mrs Brine-, Swindon Mr and Mrs Coigan, Dublin Miss Coigan, do Miss Ball and friend, Sheffield Miss Baker, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Barker, Darlington Mr and Mrs Harrison, Urmston Mr Johnson, London RYEFORD—Mrs Wm. Davies. Mr and Mrs Heaton, Eccles Master Herbert Heaton and maid, do Miss Haliiday, Bronhall Miss Allen and friends, Birmingham Mrs Jones, Bala Master Wait en- Jones and maid, do Mrs Hughes, do Mr and Mrs Grover. Manchester Mr Mc-un. do- ST. LEONARD'S—Mrs J. Davies. Mrs and Miss Brocklebank. Birkenhead Mr. Mrs and Miss Oliver, Holy Hall, Dudley Mrs and Misses Law", do Misses Hall, Longton. Misses Donkin, do Mr Amilon, do Mr B-e-niingtc-n, do THE HAGUE—Mrs Atkinson. Miss E. M. Brown, Nottingham Mr Walter Brown, do Mr Harold Brown, do Miss Hilda. Brown, do Mr and Mrs C. Simpson.. Bradford Mr and Mrs Geo. Patrick, Rock Ferry Mis3 Gladys Patrick, do Mr and Mrs W. H. Steel, Memphis, Fennesse, U.S.A. Misses Southwell. Liverpool Mr and Mrs Fletcher, family and maid, Birkenhead WILLESDEN HOU-SE-illrs -'idills. Miss Lord-en, Buckingham, Bucks. L Miss Jones, do Mr and Mrs Hidden and family, Rugby CLONMEL STREET. BAY'S HILL—Miss Rose. UXBRIDGE HOUSE-Mrs W. Roberts. iMrand Mrs Gardner, Sparkhill, Birmingham Miss Gardner, do Mr J. Gardner, do Master E. Gardner, do Mr and Mrs Atkinson, family and maid, Leicester Mr and Mrs Snow and family, Wolverhamp- ton Mr and Mrs Vieusseux, London Miss Heron, Sparkhill Mrs Worth, Wolverhampton Miss Tatt-on, Leek CHURCH WALKS. I ANGLESEA HOUUSE—Mr A. Johnson. Mr and Mrs Parkes, family and nurse, Hiandsworth, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Farrington, Burslem Mr and Mrs W. Parkes and family, do Mr and Mrs- Tuck, London BANGOR HOUSE—Mrs Parry. Mrs and Miss Hutchinson, Dublin Miss K. Hutchinson, London Miss M, Browne, do Mrs Jos. Owen, Menai Bridge Miss Nancy Owen, do Master Leonard W. Owen, do Master Trevor E. Owen, do. Miss Jones, Clayton, Manchester Joseph A. Tipping, Moss Side, Manchester Mrs Jones, Llanfair P.G. BEACH HOUSE-Miss Mary Hughes. MTS Fisher Aberge.le Master R. Fisher, do Master H. O. Fisher, do Master L. Fisher, do Mr and Mrs Richardson and family, Not- tingham Mr and Mrs Birch, London BEDFORD HOUSE—Miss Lennon. Mr and Mirs- Hudl-esto-n, Manchester Misses Hudlestcn, Manchester Mrs and Miss Doris Smith, Wilmslow and Mrs Lomas, Stockport Misses Lomas (2), do 35E-LGRAVE—Mrs Kitto. Mrs Temple, Cambridge Mr S. Temple, do Miss Dawson, Camlbridge Misses Phillips, London Mrs Fletcher and family, Wolverhampton BELLA VISTA—Mrs J. Roberts. J. J. Wincle, Esq., Liverpool ,Miss Wincle, do Miss Brenard, do Miss Edith Brenard, do- H. Webber, Esq., J.P., Windsor Mrs Wefbber, do Mr and Mrs Monks and family, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Rowe, do CAPRI—Mrs Williams. 6, CHURCH WALKS—Mrs Dawes. Dr. and Mrs Adair, Kirkburton Mrs Creswell and family, Birmingham Misses Cresswell, Birmingham Mr J. Cresswell, do Mr Pickhard and friend, London 'Mr Oldman, London Mr Edward Silverton, Liverpool Mr Clarence Du Rand, Londoni CRUCIS HOUSE-Mrs H. Edwards. Mr and Mrs Silvester, Haywood Mr Naylor. Newton-le-Wil'l-ows Master Tom Naylor, do Mrs and Master Toiby Bo-dlin, Chester Miss Mab Bcdlin, do Miss Deane, Bradford Misses Taylor. Liverpool Mrs and Miss Daniels, Redditch. DOVER HOUSE—Miss Williams. Mr and Mrs Scott and family, LittlteboTO' DUNNIE DEER-Mrs Wilson Griffiths. Mr and Mrs Mortimer, Sheffield Master and Miss Mortimer, do Mr and Mrs Gosling, London Mr Gosling, do Mr and Mrs Horsfall, Halifax Miss Savage, Sheffield EGLINTON HOUSE—Mrs Wm. Griffiths. EMDEN HOUSE—Miss Jones. Mr and Mirs W. H. Mellinish, Bradford I Mr and Mrs J. Saxon and family, Man'ter GERSIHO-M—Mrs William Goulding. Mr and Mr,s Jackson, family and nurse, Heworth, Yorks. Mrs Kay, Bury iMr Kay, junior and friend, do Mr North, Wigan Miss Eva Hughes, Chester Miss Anderson, do Miss Thomason, do Mr and Mrs Bythway, London GOLDINGTON HOUSE—Mrs Parry. Mrs Smith and family, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Mather., Whistefield Miss Miather, do Mr and Mrs Smith-Owen and family, Bangor GOMER HOUSE-Miss Butcher. Misse's Hall (4), Ludlow Miss Cantrell, Ludlow Miss Padfield, do Mr and Mrs Stevens, Notts Mr and Mrs Saxton and family, Notts GRANBY HOUSE—Mrs Richmond. Mr and Mrs Cooke and nurse, Kidderminster 'Mr, Mrs and Miss Boscock, Halifax HARDWICKE HOUSE—Mrs H. Evans. Mr and Mrs Renshaw, Chester Mrs airtin, family and maids, do Mrs J. Williams and daughter, Newport Mon M'iss Morgan, do Mrs and Miss Rowlands, Newport Mon HAYLEY HOUSE-Mrs Barnes. Mr and Mrs Bates, Huyton Miss Vera Bates, do Master Kingsley Bates, do Mrs Cook, London Master Jack Cook, do Mr and Mrs Jackson, Handsworth Master Walter Jackson and party, do Misses Round, Handsworth MALVERN HOUSE—Mrs Felton. Mr Ullathorne. Leamington The Misses Ullathorne and maids, do Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Tyldesley Mr and Mrs Wishtard and family, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Wainwright, Ilkley MOSTYN HOUSE—Mrs B. Jones. MOUNT ARTHUR—Mrs E. C. Taylor. I Mr and Mrs Orompton, Mexboro', Yorkshire Miss E. A. Crompton, do Miss E. H. Gic.m,pton, do Mr G. A. Crompton, do Mrs Nicholas, Backpool ReIV. T. Andersons, Mexboro' Miss Cox, Llandudno REDCLYFFE—Mrs Shepherd. Mr and Mais Illingworth, Hull Master Illingworth, do Miss Stephenson, do Mr and Mrs Gibbs, Northampton Mrs and Miss Newman, Sutton Coldfiecl The Masters Newman, do Mr and Mrs Giles, Kidderminster SHREWSBURY HOUSE—Misses Roberts. Mr and Mrs Lane, Worcester Miss Thomas. Wood-stock Miss Daisy Postlethwaite, Welford-on-Avon Mrs and Miss Farmer. Worcester Miss Jaques, Woodstock Mr and Mrs Joe Davison, Leeds Mrs and Misses Davison, do SOHO HOUSE—Miss Owen. Mr and Mrs Williams, Wakefield Misses Williams, do Mrs Fawbert, do Mr and Mrs Hunt, Malvern Miss Majory. do Miss Law-clay, do Misses Londen, Liverpool The Rev. D. Lloyd, Skipston-on-Stour Mrs and Masters Lloyd, do Misses Guy and BAcknell, London THE ST'OWE—Mrs WoolliscroTt. Mrs C. A. Davies, Alderley Edge Master Leslie Davies, do Mr and Mrs J. T. Dudson, Alsa,ger Miss Dudson, do Mr and Mrs C. R .Fitter and family, Edg- basto-n Mr Douglas Rodger, Hale- Mr G. S. Bate, Knutsford Mr and Mrs F. J. Frank, Bishop Auckland Misses Frank, do Misses Spink, Harrogate DEGANWY STREET. ANCHORAGE—Mrs James Cheetham. Mr and Mrs Mould, Newcastle Miss N. and Master Mould, do! Mr Measures, Enderby Misses Biggs, do Mr Simpson, Warrington Mr Perrie, Liverpool z Mr and Mrs Hall, Bucknuli Rev. and Mrs Marsden, Carmarthen Misses Mars-den, do Masters Marsden, do Miss Maude Biggs, Enderby Miss Bailey, Seaf-orth Mrs Tattenhall, do BRYN OGWEN-Ivlrs Crabtree. Miss Goodson, Hanley Miss Birkenshaw, do Mr Farralley and friend, Colne Mr Williams,, COIrk Mr Williams, Cork Mr and Mrs Eaton, Preston Misses Baton (2), do Mr and Mrs Spooner and baby, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Gastall and son, Aocrington Misses Greenwood (2), To-dmorden Miss Redman, do Mr and Mrs Lewis, do Mr and Miss Lewis, do' Mr and Miss Hitchin, Denton BELVOIR—Mrs H. Pritchard. Miss Willey, Camben Town, London Miss Seadding, do Mr and Mrs Terris and family, Lymm, Ches. Mrs and Misses Chambers, Leeds Yorks. Misses J agger, do BURNGREAVE VILLA-Mrs J. T. Hill. Mr and Mrs Gaskell, Alexandra Park, M'ter .Miss E. Gaskell, do Mr A. Gaskell, do Master J. Gaskell, do Miss Wall, Huddersfield, Yorks. Misses Mason, do CARTREF MELUS—Edith H. Jefferies. Misses King, Redmire Mrs and Miss Grant, Wescliffe Miss Street, Manchester Mr Harris, Bambury Mr W. Beckett, Birkdale Mr and Mrs Mee, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Jack, London- Mr and Mrs Barford, do Mr and Mrs Massey, Handsworth Mr and Mrs Howel and children, Wolver- hampton Miss Hallitt, do COMBERMERE—Mrs W. Jones. Miss Nellie Alker, Winwick, near Warrington Mr R. Brockle;hurst, do Mr and Mrs Howell, Hasland, Chesterfield Miss and Master Howell, do Mr and Mrs H. W. Moss and family, Nun- eaton Miss M. Alker, Winwick, near Warrington Mr Alker, do Mr and Mrs Campbell, Stockport Mr and Mrs Weaver, Kidderminster CONWAY HOUSE— Madame Effie Thomas, London Mr W. H. Haigh, do Master Gerald Haigh, do The Misses Arnold, Tamworth Miss Jones, Rusholme Miss Davies, Glyn Heath Mr and Mrs A. P. Southga-te,, Ipswich Mrs- H. Harrison, Nelson Miss Grimshaw, doi DEEPDALE-Mrs Hollida). Mrs Marshall and family, Manchester The Misses Shaw, Bradford Mr and Mrs Wormall, Manchester Miss Wormall, do y Mr and Mrs Spurway and family, Birmingham Mrs Cle,wlon and daughters, do' Mr, Mrs and Master Johnston, do Mr and Mrs Lazenby, Layland Mr and Mrs Bowden, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Evans, Wolverhampton FISKERTON—Mrs T. L. Evans. Mr and Mrs Wilson and family, Sheffield Mrs Boardman, Rotherham Mr Cartwright and son, do Mr and Mrs R. Tate,, Poppleton, New York Masters Tate, do Mr and Mrs W. H. Westerman, Chortlon- cum-Hardy Miss Lois Wester man, do Mrs Miller, do, GLYN,L,LIFON-Urs H. Thomas. GWYNFRYN-Mrs Griffiths. Mr E. James, Waterloo Mr and Mrs Ramsden, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Earl, Brighton iMr and Mrs Scott and family. Tu eh rook Mrs Knight, Walsall Misses Jones, Festiniog Misses Rowley, Stoke-on-Trent Mr Chester, London Mr and Mrs Silver, Maidenhead, London LLYS METRION—Mrs Griffiths. Miss Wilkinson, Prestoni Mrs and Miss Green, do Miss Nelson, do Miss E. Melson, do Mr and Mrs Ye-atmon, West Morwood Miss D. Yeatman, d-o Master J. Yeatman and maid, do Mr Hotbson, Meltham Mrs HoIbson. do Master N. Hobson, do Master Hobso-n, dot Mr and Miss Mansfield, Wolverhampton Misses B. and A. Mansfield, do MYNYDD SIRIOL—Mrs Mary Jones. OAK ALYN—Mrs Hughes. PENARTH—Mrs T. R. Harrison. Mr and Mrs Aston and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Hadfied and family, do Mr and Mrs- Knight, Manchester Miss, Burton, do ,Miss Morris, do Misses Walker, Wolverhampton Miss Stocking, do PLAS CETHIN—Miss Jones. RINGWOOD HOUSE-Mrs Albert Hill. ROSE LEA-Mrs Ward. SALFORD HOUSE—Mrs Walker. Mrs and Miss Upton, Birmingham Mifts Upton, do Mrs and Miss Barratt, Higher Broughton, Manchester Master Harold Barratt, do Mr Dean. do Miss Williams, do Mr and Mrs Winterbottcm, Ashton-under- Lyne Mr and Mrs Black, do Mrs Hilton, do Mrs Fletcher, do Miss Black, do Master Rupert Black, do Mr and Mrs White, Birmingham Miss- Morr, do Miss Preston,, do; Miss Archer, Hollingwortii Miss Smith, do. Continued on Page 7..