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THE AUGUST HOLIDAYS AT S LLANDUDNO. TRIPPERS' LONG DAY. The unsettled state of the. weather did not I prevent the usual Bank Holiday rush to the seaside. Every train during the latter part of the week arrived fully loaded with passengers, who came from all parts of the Kingdom. As — illustrating the heavy demand made on the London and North-Western Railway Company J it may be stated that twelve long trains were t necessary to1 convey visitors from Birmingham » and surrounding district on Saturday alone, the majority of the passengers on which were booked for Llandudno hotels and boarding- Ileuses which were soon filled, as well as private apartments. So great was the demand for bread on Saturday night that every loaf in the town was sold out, and several lodging-house keepers were put to the necessity of searching for this commodity on Sunday morning. » The scene on the Pier on Saturday night was •extremely animated. The Pavilion was filled to its utmost capacity, as was also, the new pavilion at the Pier Head, occupied by Messrs Adelerand Sutton's Pierrots. In fact, specta- tors stood, five and six deep all round this popular place of entertainment.. In addition to these hundreds were content with promenad- ing on the Pier itself, or sitting on the seats in the immediate vicinity of the concert hall, The otheir places of entertainment, the Grand and Prince's Theatres, had also exceptionally good houses, while at times it was almost im- possible to walk along the wide pavements of Mostyn Street. Trippers commenced to arrdve early on Mon- day morning, the first train disgorging its pas- sengers at 3-25 a.m. from Birmingham. This was followed by twenty-one other long trains, all as full as possibly could be.. These trip- pers enjoyed a long and fine day by the sea, for the last train out did not depart until 11-10 p.m. Their behaviour throughout the day waoi exemplary, so that the services of the police force were not required, except for the pur- poses of controlling traffic. At the Police Court the next day there was but one, case to dealt with, and that case was a local man who had been locked up for drunkenness. Boatmen, carriage* proprietors, etc. did a thriving trade, but undoubtedly the most popular attraction was the steamboat trip: The Piermaster and his capable staff wore kept, fully occupied all day in dealing with the