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REGATTA AT LLANDUDNO. A SUCCESSFUL REVIVAL. The fiirst annual Llandudno Regatta took place on Friday. Years ago a -regatta at Llan- dudno was a -featti-ro .of the summer season, but the reluctance' of yachtsmen to anchor in the bay owing to ilis dangerous character dur- ing a north or north-east gale led to the gradual decay of the' institution. Moorings have now been provided for yaohts by the Council, and there are hopes that the regatta may be revived. On Friday, in any case, a very promising start was made, for 'the sailing races received good entries, and there, were numerous competitors in the swimming and rowing classes. Along the Promenade there was a dis- play of bunting, and great crowds of visitors, residents, and excursionists witnessed the races. Lord Mostyn was the commodore, as Vice Ad- miral of the Court of North Wales; Mr R. S. Ohamberl-ain was the vice cornanodore; Messrs John Roberts and Frank Edge the officers of the day; Mr E. W. Jones and Mr C. Wynn Griffith, menrybers of the Royal Welsh Yacht Club, were the timekeepers; Mr J .F. Jelliooe, a veteran Welsh yachtsman, was the handi- capper, and Mr H. Edwards was the starter. Mr S Chantrey, chairman of the Urban District Council, was the ohaiTman and treasurer of the Committee, the hon- selcretary being Mr W. Longshaw, of the Town Clerk's staff. The prizes were present ad by Mrs S. Chantrey. The following are the. results -of the icompetitians:- Handicap race for yachts of any rig and tonnage, over a 15 mile course-. Pour boats sail.ed, the start being at 12 o'clock. Wallaroo (Mr James Spun) was scratch; Armistice (Mr Percy Marsh) was allowed ten minutes, as was also Cigfran (Mr W. S. Kneeshiaw), while Euryname (Mr Domingo de Larrinarga) was allowed eleven minutes. The start, for this race was witnessed by a huge crowd, the pier being well filled, and being the interval for the orchestra, every- body's interest was centered on the manoeuver- ing for best position. The line was crossed in the foil-owing order-.—"Wallaroo," "Cigfran." "Eurynome." and "Armistice." The "Wallaroo" held the first positkn, "Cigfran" and "Eurynome" giving way to "Armistice," the first round being completed in that order. Times: — h. m. S. Wallaroo 12 34 30 Armistice 12 38 9 Cigfran 12 38 24 EuTynome 12 40 40 In the second round "Wallaroo" gained on Ilea- lead, but by nic- means sufficient to make her safe with the time allowance, and "Cig- fran" close up to "Armistice." Second round, time and positions:- m. s. Waiilaxoo 1 7 56 Armistice 1 15 26 Cigfran 1 15 56 Ehutnome 1 25 22 In the third round it was seen by those in the knowledge of the handicap that the "Wallatiro" could not possibly win first place, and "Cigfran" was taiLing off from "Armistice." Fin.ishin.g time and po.staon: — h. in. s. Wlallaa-'oo 1 41 27 Armistice 1 49 27 Cigfran 1 52 43 Eurynonve 1 58 23 Corrected Times. h. m. s. 1 Armistice 1 39 18 2 Walla roo 1 41 27 3 Cigfran 1 42 43 4 Eurvnome 1 47 23 The race for the Seabiixi, Sea Shell 1 and Cariad class,, in which six boiats contested, was started prompt to advertiis-etd time, and the line was crossed in the, following order:—"Mair," "Wilys," "Dovkie," "Modryb." "Jennie," and "Gwen." The first round saw some alteration in their respective .,ions:- h. m. a. Dovkie 1 7 35 Mair 1 7 56 j Dtfys 1 9 26 l' Modryb 1 12 36 Gwen 1 12 3 Jennie not timed. The secicnd round was intensely interesting, two minutes only separating the first and fourth, and a few seconds only the first, second and third. In the final round "Dovkie" got clean a, a winning handsomely by ItiW Kminutes, "Dilvs" and "Mair" racing" neck and neck, the final positions being:- h. m. s. Dovkie 2 18 27 Dilys 2 20 23 Mair 2 20 33 Modryb 2 2 34 Open sailing boats, restricted to Llandudno pleasure boats: 1, Reliance (T. Parry): 2, Nightingale (J. Williams). Four-oar unrigged gigs, with coxswain: 1, Deganwy (J. W. Owen); 2, Sunlight (D. L. Jonas,i,• 3, Dading (John Hughes). Boatmen's race: L WaJÜT Lfy (Will Parry); 2, Adelia; 3, Darling, Open siiling boats: 1. Prosperity (H. Da vies); 2, Eric (Shem Jomes): 3, Gladiator (John Jones). One-oar boat race: Water Lily (F. W. Parry). Boat race, two oar and coxswain (restricted to members of Ùe Y.M.C.A.): D. W. Griffith. Ladies' swimming race. 50 yards: 1. Miss W. A. Fullalove; 2, Miss Henderson: 3. Miss E. M. Sim cox. Henderson Swimming race for boys under 16, 100 yards: 1, F. A. Fullalove; 2, M. Blaiunion; 3. D. Jones. Swimming race, for bona-fide boatmen and fishermen for the Hon. Edward Mostyn's chal- cup: 1, D. Lloyd Jones, Llandudno: 2, j E,. J. Pritchard. Deganwy. Opsm swimming Tace, 150 yards: 1. T, H. i Fuller; 2. S. Stmbbs. Open swimming race, 220 yards (arasreurs only): 1, S. St.ubfos; 2, H. Wisebeok: 3. W. Row sell. Open swimming race, in fancy costume: 1. J. Griffith; 2, H. Wisebeck. At the e:: nclHsion Professor Beaumont and a lady swimmer gave an .excellent exhibition of swimming to a l«j.-ge crowd of visitors, who heartily applauded the numerous clever feats (rom time to time.

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