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IND, COOPE & CO. LTD. BREWERS, &c., BURTOS-ON-TRENT & ROMFORD. • O — Wholesale and Family Wine and Spirit Merchants. DEPOTS— i, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. GWALIA STORES, LLANFAIRFECHAN. OLD TOWN HALL STORES, RHYL. HEAD OFFICES (North Wales Agency)- No. i, MOSTYN Sl REET, LLANDUDNO. -0 Ice Ice Ice I CRAIG-Y-DOM PURE ICE FACTORY. -0- Finest "CRYSTAL Ice supplied in quantities cf cwt and upwards. Prices on application. All orders promptly and efficiently executed. Telephone No. 73. W. HEASMAN, District Manager, Craigside Hydro, LLANDUDNO CHARMING RESIDENCE. BL V XL RIOTTS BATHS Turkish, Russian, and Electric). TENNIS. Golf Links near. Evening Entertainments RALPH E' MUNRO, Manager. .A. COAL WILL BE VERY DEAR. LOWEST SUMMER PRICE. Household Block, our Specialitie Now well-known throughout the [Midlands and recognised by thousands of customers as a first-rate all-round Coal, very hot and durable. 16/9 per ton. Carriage Paid in 6 to 1 ton trucks to I i A M n 11 n M n STATION. Quotations to LLAIlUUUlvU other statonns on application. No CREDIT. NO DISCOUNT. NO MISTAKE Can be made by stocking at once. It is absolutely certain that prices cannot be lower this summer on account of the vast improve- ment in all manufacturing trades and the enormous increased demand fOT eoial from abroad (consequent on the repeal of the Coal Tax). miners have had two advances in wages already this year and are demanding a third next month. TOO I.ATB will be the fate, of those who procrastinate in placing their coal orders. The Charlbury Coal Co. 23, HAMILTON ROAD, READING. Local Office-4 Queen's Buildings, Llandudno. JANSDOWNE IlOUSE SCHOOL AND K INDERGAIITEN, ABBEY ROAD, LLANDUDNO. Principal, Miss Raw. Successor to Misses Matthews and Standring Prospectuses on Application APARTMENT'S REQUIRED.—Thou- sands of Londoners from the S.E. district are now preparing to spend their summer holidays in the Llandudno district.—If you wish to Let your Apartments adver- tise them in the "Kentish Independent," whose chief office. is at Wellington-street, Woolwich. 16 words 6d.; three weeks Is. Specimen paper sent free on applica- tion. WOODLEY'S CENTRAL LIBRARY. (in oonaection with MUDIE'S), THREE DOORS FROM THE CORNER OF NORTH PARADE. UPPER MOSTYN STREET. LLANDUDNO. mv Terms of Subscription. I he following are; a few of the Books now in Circulation: — The Burning Torch Montresor Count's Chauffeur "Le QutS Three Weeks Eleamfr r Strongest of All Things ..M. AlbaSi ^elor GWs Keble HoW White, Hand and Black B. Mitford The Good Comrade .Silberrad On son Azalea's Stackpole Chronicles of Rebecca Wie-e-in^ AHce for Short De Morgan Doctor Pons Paul Qwynne Rising Fortunes .J. Oxenham ^7i5- ? Weeping M. Bowen Which Woman ..Q, Burgin The House of Defence, .E. F. Beneoo Great Plot „ W. Le Queux Shadow of Evil D. Donovan A Modern Ulysses J. M. Forman Dead Love Has Chains .Braddon The Man of the Craig .Guy Boothby A Just Fate G. Long The Witchery of the Serpent Bayr As Ye Have Sown Dolf Wyllardi Odd Lengths .W. B. Maxwell Colonel Daverson .Percy White The House of Rest F. Reynolds Franklien Schmidt, etc Eilegth The Soul of Milly Green H. Gorcl Fighters .Lady V. Greville Kinsman Mr S. Sidgwiek Marcus Ordeyne w Locke In Slippery Places "H. Maxwell Where Love Leads C. Garvice The Long Road j. Oxenham The House of Howe M. Gromelin Secret.P. Oppenheim White Fang J. London The Slave of Silence; F. White Ronald Love ..M. E. Mann Running Water ..A, El W. Mason Her Son H. Vachell A Human Trinity ,R. Macdonald Peggy The Pilgrim G. Burgin The Sweets of Office Y. Tweedale Doctor Gordon M. E. Wilkins The Grip of Gold ..R. Halifax Saba Maedonald Rita Little Esson S. R. Crockett The Ponting Finger Rita Lonely Lady De La Pasture Temptation R. Bagot Angel and Outcast G. Oolmore The Great Court Scandal .W. Le Queux House in the Orescent .Sergeant The Far Horizon Lucas-M,alet The House of the Wicked ..W. Le Queux Benita Rider Haggard A Lady of Rome Marion Crawford The Treasure of Heaven. Marie Cbrelli The Portals of Love V. Tweedale Made in His Image .Guy Thorne A Girl of Spirit C. Garvice The ChalloneT E. T. Benson John Chilcote, M.P K. C. Thurston Capricious Caroline F. L. Albanesi Double Harness.Anthony Hope 1,0, s Free Opinions Marie Corelli The Flute of Pan J. Oliver Hobbs The Last Hope H. S. Merriman PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodley's New Map of Liandudno and District. FROM, CHURCH WALKS, LLANDUDNO. Private Boarding and Day School for Girls with class for Little Boys. Individual attention given to backward or delicate children. Principals: THE MISSES MOXON. "LLANDUDNO ADVERTISER." This Coupon-Insuarnce-Ticket must not be detached. ft A AAWI11 BE PAID KY The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation 4" J I Bl I Limited, Principal Office, Nos. 36 to 44, Mcorgate St.,London Jj vv E.G., to the legal personal representative of the bond-fide holder of this Coupon- Insurance-Ticket if such holder shall be killed by an accident within the United Kingdom to any Railway Company's passenger-train in which such holder is travelling as an ordinarv ticket-bearing passenger, season-ticket-holder or trader's ticket holder. Providing that tne above undertaking is subject to the following special conditions which are of the essence of the contract, viz., (a) That death shall result within thirty days after the accident, (b) that such holders usual signature shall have been written in ink, in the space provided underneath, before the accident, (c) that notice of the accident be given to the Corporation at its Principal Office in London within fourteen days after its occur- rence, (d) that medical certificates and other imformation be furnished by the person claiming upon request for the same by the Corporation, and (e) tnat this Insurance applies only to persons over twelve and under seventy years of age, is limited to oneCoupon-lnsur- *nce-Ticket for each holder, and holds good for the current week of issue only. This Insurance entitles the holder to the benefit of, and is subject to, the conditions the" OCYAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, LIMITED. ACT, 1890 Risks Nos. 2 &3, when they are not compatible vith the special conditions above stated. The possession ot this Coupon-Insurance-Ticket is ad nitted to be a payment of a premium under Sec. 33 of the Act. A Print of the Act can be seen at the Principal Office j f the Corporation. I Wvi\ of issue,from JULY 27. Signature








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