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LIST OF VISITORS. (CONTINUED FROM SUPPLEMENT). GLANYWERN—Mr P. Roberts. Mrs Kenyon, Warrington Miss Kenyon and party, do Mr Jones and party, Merthyr Tydvil Mr and Miss Spencer, Leicester Mr Walker, do GLENHURST—Mrs J. Jones. GREEN BANK—Mrs T. J. Roberts. Misses Onions, Wolverhampton Mrs and Miss Botothby, Manchester Mr and Mrs Williamson, Leeds, Yorks. ■jffr and Mrs Scott, Adlington, Lanes. Mr and Mrs Slater, do Miss Easi.ham, do Miss Cotton, do Mrs Shelly and family, Stoke-on-Trent GROSVENOR HOUSE—Mrs D. Roberts. MOUNT OLIVES—Mrs Robert Evans. Mr and Mrs Bloor, Sheffield Miss and Master G. Bloor, do Mr and Mrs Sidney Williamis, Landore, Swansea RUABON HOUSE—Misses Barker. Miss Watson, York Miss Frost Mrs Bolsover Mass Bolso'ver Mrs and Miss Young, Newton Heat Miss Collins, do Miss Glossop, do Miss Parkin, do Miss Taylor, do Mr and Mrs Wright and family, Sheffield Miss Godbehere, Sheffiield Mr and Mrs Brown and family, Nottingham Mrs and Mioses Tall, Gainsborough Mrs Leach and party, Bradford Mrs and Miss Renshaw, Sheffield Master Renshaiw, do RUSSELL HOUSE—Mrs 0. Thomas. Mr and Mrs Boden, Lincoln Master George Boden, do Mr and Mrs Milner, Tewkesbury Mr and Mrs Wiles and 2 sons, Lincoln Mrs Roberts, Na-rbefrth SEVERN HOUSE—Mrs T. Hughes. Mr and Mrs Purchon, Leeds Mr and Mrs Healy, Dublin Miss Healy, do Mr and Mrs Hurls, Cookshaw, Booth Miss Hurst, do Miss Kerrigan, do Misses Evans (2), Rottenstall Miss Ellis, Tredegar 3it anid Mrs Aspley, Shirley, Birmingham THE RAVEN—Mrs. Geo. Griffiths. Mr and Mrs Morgan, Hereford Mr and Mrs Parry and child, do Mr and Mrs Houghton, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Roberts tand family, London Mr and Mrs Bennett and daughters, Bir'ham Mrs and Miss Turner, Wails,all Mr Turner, do Mr and Mrs Shaw, Eecles Mr Pater son, Wigtownshire, N.B. Mr MidMiillam, do Missets Oliver. Leigh Messrs Dentith (2), Nantwioh iMiss Catherall, Buickley CAROLINE STREET. ALEXANDRA VILLA—Mrs Williams 2, BARDON VILLAS—Misses Roberts. M11STieftlOiW, Flailswomth Miss Tetlow, do Misses Tetlow, do Mr and Mrs Monk, Co vent y Mr Monk, do Mr and Mrs Norton, Salford Miss Eva Noarfcon, do Masters W. and T. Norton, do 2, CHARNWOOD VILLA—Mrs H. S. Betts. Miss Petersen, Blantyre Road, Liverpool Mies Valantine, Springfield Road, King 8 Heath, Birmingham • Mr and Mis Taylor, maid and children, ao Mr and Mrs Neal, Moseley, Birmingham M'isa Ada Deakins (nurse), do The Missea Alldridge (3), Kidderminster Mr and Mrs Pursell and children, Wolver- hampton COSY NOOK—Mxs Broome. GORDON VILLA— Mr and Mrs Green and daughter, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Hatton and daughter, do Mr and Mrs Swann and children, Stretford Mrs Edwards and son, Doncaster Miss Sanderson, S'andall GOWER VILLA—Mr J. R. Owen. GLYN GARH-MTIS T. W. Griffith. t GWALIA—Misses Jones. Mr and Mrs A. E. Livsey, family and nurse, Liverpool Misses Holliatt, Kingstown Miss Thomson, do Mr and Mrs Dryhurst-Robefrts and family, St. Albans Miss Ingham, do HORDLEY—Mrs W. 0. Cureton. KINGSLAND HOUSE—Mrs J. W. Haslock. LEAHURST—Miss Dean. H. W. Wilkinson, Esq., Eocles Mrs and Miss Wilkinson, do Mrs, Miss and Master Wilcox, London Mirs J ones and family, Edgbaston Miss Hughes, Colchester LLYS ARTHUR—Mrs Arthur Cooper. Miss Dunn, Manchester Mr and Mrs Longshaw and maid, Stretford, near Manchester Master Longshaw, do Miss Adclocks, do Mr and Mrs Stott, Bradford Mr and Mrs Rodes, do Miss Rodes, Nelson MAELGWYN VILLA—Mrs D. Davie,s. Mr and Mrs Harrison, Liverpool Mr J. A. Noble, Nottingham Misls A. Horribe'n, do Mr S. Smith, Hull "i Miss M. Nicholson, do Miss E. Wright, do Mr A. Nicholson, dio Mr and Mrs Wilde, Rochdale ^M^ai^Mrs Walton, family and servants, Glan Aber, Chester OAKLANDS-Mrs S. Roberts. Mrs Woodward and family, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Forham, Hale,, Cheshire Master Forham and maid, do Miss Sergant, Manchester Mr and Mrs Hague, Stalybridge Mr Kelly, Dublin Miss Spence, do Mr and Mrs Butler, Bracknell, Berks. Miss Butler, do Mr Rilley, Liverpool Mr Williams, do OXTON VILLA—Mrs J. G. Holcom. Mr and Mrs George Waitford Mr and Mrs Ash, Rawdon, Leeds Mr and Mrs Ash, Evesham ,Maste.r Teddy Ash, do Mr H.P. Lovelock, London Mr Lovelock, do Miss E. C. Yackis,on, Birmingham Miss Marshall, London Miss C. Marshall, do PENMAEN VIEW—Mrs Edwards. ;p. Farley, Sheffield W. Ancott, do iMT and Mrs Laister. do Mrs Young and family, Manchester Mrs Johnson, America, iMr Roll, do PLAS-Y-GLYN—Mrs Bailey. r A Miss and Master Lemon and nurses, London IMrs and Miss Wilson, do IMrs and Miss Wilson, do Mr Dakin, London Mr and Mrs Chamerlain, family and maid, Birmingham. ROCKW ARDIN:E-Mrs Deurden. „ Mr and Mrs Dandon and family, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Waterhouise, do Miss Davies, Sheffield WARREN VIEW-Mrs R. J. Williams. Mr and Mrs Kneestub, Cumberland WEST VIEW—Miss Metcalf. Miss Frith, London misseb- Sales, Manchester Mr J. Holt and family, Crawshawbrook Mr D. Holt and family, do Mr and Mrs Heap and family, do Mr and Mrs C. Heap, do t CHAPEL STREET. AROSVA—Mrs E. Thomas. Mr and Mrs Powell, Machynlleth Mr Davies, Nantlle Miss Davies, do Mr and Massey, Chester Misses Massey, do Mr and Mrs Hodges, Stratford-on-Avon BELGIUM HOUSE-Mrs Roberts. Mrs Pine, 24, Northumberland Road, Dublin Misses Sullivan, do P. P. Car-roll, Esq., 40, Oakley Road, Dublin BUNYAN VILLA—Mrs J. Roberts. CALEDFRYN—Mrs E. Williams. 7, CHAPEL STREET—Mrs Crawford. CLIFTON VILLA—Mrs J. Thomas. Mrs Moreton, Rugby Miss Moreton, do Nurse Wilkins, do Mr and Mrs Harvey, baby and maiid, B-ury Miss Clough, do Miss D. Olough, do Rev. G. D. and Mrs Oakley, family and maid, Everton, Liverpool CLYNNOG HOUSE1—Mrs 0. Parry. Mr and Mns Kirkham, Maancihestei* Miss Kiirkhaan, do Mr L. Kirkham, do Mr and Mrs Weingold and Isons, do Mr and Mrs Nervill and family, Wolver- hampton CROYDON VILLA-Mrs R. Jones. Mrs and Misses Chalton, Westhartlepool IMlr and Mrs Wilson,, children and maid, do Misses Calvert, Huddersfield Miss Hobisfon, do Mrs and Miss Albutt, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Taylor, Long Eaton L iMisses Doughlty, Derby Mr, Mrs and Miss Hamnett, Sale Miss Hampsden, do EAST) ■ HOUSE—Mrs iE. Davies. Mr and Mrs Birtwistle and family, Burnley Mr and Mrs Pitchers, Manchester Miss Jessie Pitchers, do Miss Uly Cadman, do Mr G. B. Wicodihead, Huddersfield Mr Fields end., do Misses H. and E. Fieldsend, do FERN BANK-Mrs W. Jones. Mir and Mrs Woodhead, Leeds Miss Woodhead, do Mr and Mrs W. H. Barber, Holme Bridge, Huddersfield Miastetrs H. and M. Barber, do Miss M. V. Barber, do Miss Barber, do GLODDAETh'hOUSE—Mrs E. Roberts. Mr and Mrs John W. Oliver, Forest Hiiill, London Mr and Mrs H. G. Dearlove, Oakley Square, London ¡1fr and Mrs A. Jenkins, Shenston Mr and MIls Moult, Farnworth, Bolton Master George Moult, do IVOR HOUSE-Mrs H. Jones. Mrs and Miss Groome, Worthing Mr and Mrs Kidd and family, Swmton Mr Berry, do Miss Gwennie Berry, do LONGLEY HOUSIE-Mrs E. Jones. MAYFiELD HOUSE—Mrs J. Emlyn Jones. OVERTlON-Mrs Jones. Miss Cissie Field, Hilton House, Blackrod, near C'horley Miss E-dith A. Turner, 322 Manchester Road, Blackrod, near Charley Mr and Mrs Turner High Lea, New Mills, Stodkport Miss J. Cottley, Ashby Place, Chester Mr Coveney, Hoole, Chester PALMERSTON—Mrs John WIIAiams. MTS Hall and family, L«dlow Miss Hardie, Birkenhead Mr E. Hurt, Kimberley RHIANVA—Mrs Thomas Pierce. Mr and Mrs Smith, Manchester Misses Smith (2), do Mr and Mrs Hofyle, Crawshawbooth Mr Pollard, Padiham Mr Ingham, do Miss Dean, do Milils Wilmore, do Mrs Pofllitt a.nd daughter, Horwich Miss Marsh, Bolton „ Mr and Mrs Jenks and son, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Walter Cooper^ P adiharn^ Mr and Mrs Morris Cooper and family, do ROSEWOOD—Mrs James Hughes. VALE OF CLWYD— Miss Patrick Thomas Mr and Mrs Edmeston, Monton, Manchester Mr and Mrs Sheppard and family, do Mr and Mrs Bussell and family, Cardiff Mr and Mrs F. Roberts, Manchester 4, WINDSOR TERRACE—Mrs Thomas. WALSALL HOUSE—Mrs Forbes. CHARLTON STREET. BOD TREVOR—Mrs Davies. Mr and Mrs Henry Seocombe, Cattfcrd, S.E. Mr and Mrs Pike, Hooley Hill Mrs Kay, Darwen Mr Collins, Isle-of Wight Mr »pyer, Tunibrid'ge, Wells Mr Thorn. Gloucester Mr Deen, Glasgow 5, CHARLTON STREET—Mrs Roberts. 4, CHARLTON STREET—Miss Thomas. Mr J. Drew, Small Heath, Birmingham Mrs Drew, do Miss Dorothy Drew, do Mrs Fell, Birmingham Mrs MicAndrew, Sutton Coldfield GLENROY—Mrs Thomas. 1, LEONARD TERRACE—Mrs Griffith. Mrs Hale, Sparkbroow, Birmingham Misses Hale, Birmingham Miss Holland, Aston, Manor, Birmingham Miss Martin, do Miss Pagei, do Mr and Mrs Lacy, Binningham Master Lacy, do' Mrs Barrett, do Mr Stott, Wigan Mr Partington, do 2 LEONARD. TERPACE-MTs J. Evans. LLYS MADOC—Mrs 0. Jones. iMr HaxTOp ianid pairty, Asliton-undoxn-e Mr and Mrs Sansford, Manchester Mr and Mrs Randle, Dudley Mr and Mrs Hanrniond, Stalybndge Miss Hammond, do PLAiS BIDAL—Mr Wan. Hughes. Mr and Mrs Williams. Brynaman, S. Wales Messrs E. and H. Williams, do, Mr and Mrs R. Williams, junr.,7 do Mrs Laycock and daughter, Leeds Misses Walker, do Mr and Mrs Davies, do- Mrs and Miss Smith, Binningliam Mr and Mrs Slegh and family, Leicester RAVENSCOURT—Mrs Twilton. Mr and Mrs Brine, Swindon Mr and Mrs Willeox, stoke-on-Trent Miss WiMoox, do Mr Barker, do Miss Ball and friend, Sheffield Mr and Mrs Colgan, Dublin IMiss Colgan, do. Miss GiMin, Birmingham RYEFORD—'Mrs Wm. Davies. Mr and Mrs J. H. Evers, Leeds Miss Evers, do Miss Hargreave, Hessle, Hall Rev. J. Hibbert. Leeds Mrs HibbeTt, do ST. LEONA.B,D'S—Mrs J. Davies. Mr and Mrs Wm. A. Chadwick, New York Mr and Mrs Dickinson, Tonbridge Misses Dickinson. do Mrs Balland, London T. Halland, Esq., do Mr and Mrs Dunderland, Westmorland Mrs Brocklebank, Birkenhead Mrs and Miss Cotton. Manchester Mlaster Freddy Cotton, do THE HAGUE—MTS Atkinson. Miss E. M. Brown, Nottingham Mr Walter Brown, do tMr Harold Brown, do (Misis Hilda Brown, do Mr and Mrs C, siimpson, Bradford Mr and MTS Geo. Patrick, Rock Ferry Gladvs Patrick, do iMr and Mrs W. H. Steel, Memphis, Fennesse, TT. S.A. Misses Southwell, Liverpool IMr and Mrs Fletcher, family and maid, Birkenhead Continued on Page 3.