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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. (By an Old Hand). POOTBALL. The Amateurs. have at last broken through their spell of bad luck, and on Saturday proved that they are capable of -better things than they have shewn in previous home matches. The occasion was a. game in the Welsh Amateur Cup .Compe,t,ili.on, and their opponents, Llan- rwst, who had defeated the Amateurs two .Saturdays previously by two goals to nil 'at Llanrwst, came to the Council Field full of confidence, by reason of that victory. The start was delayed half-an-hour, pending the arrival of the referee, Mr Williams, of Holywell, but when hostili- ties did commence, the home, team at, once showed; up well, and kept the, ball well in the Llanrwst territory. But at the same .time they did not look much like scoring. However, the, unexpected, happened. .Jimmy Parry sent in a lovely shot, which was turned over thei bar, and from the resulting corner Welch tipped the ball into the net, and Llandudno were one up. After1 this the, pressure was maintained, but what with Flood getting offside, and one or two easy chances; going begging, no further goals, were forthcoming. Welch was particularly prominent at, this time among the forwards, and was quits as much a,s, the, opposing centre-half could manage, and sometimes! a, bit more. A .change then, came' over the scene, and Llanriwst began to make things hum at the other end, and R. Lunt had to save twice in quick succession, but was equal to- all demands until a, foul just outside the penalty line, when he was. beaten by a low shot. This possibly might have been saved, but why the, home players allowed the visitors to have a, clear shot, at goal I do not, know. This was al,l the scoring in the, first half, the only remaining inci- dent of notel being arsplendid shot by Georgia Davies, which just cleared the b.ar by about, an inch. This was hard lines for Georgie, a,s it was a, splendid effort from about thirty yards range. oll, Welch finding himself too well watched in the. centre, went outside left, in the second1 half, and it, turned out to be a very judicious move, as playing with great dash he soon became a, thorn in the sidio of the, Llanrwst defence. Not many minutss had elapsed ere he. had. forced a, corner, and taking the kick 'himself he placed the, ball beautifully across the goal mouth, and Jacob Williams did the rest, and' gave, the Amateurs the lead again. A third goal followed quickly, this time from a centre by Welch, which was cleverly turned into the net by J. D. Roberts. Thus Welch had something to say in the whole of the. three goals allowed the home team. Llanrwst then: woke up to .desperate position, and made gallant efforts, to get, on more even terms, but ther home defence proved sound, and time was called with the score' unaltered. Both teams had a, gc.al disallowed for offside, but the referee's decision in the, Llan- dudno goal was a, very doubtful one. However, all's well that ends well. ■+M- -J*- ><>• V V The home team, were evidently on their n-ietLt,la,, and were. the' better lot, all through. This, was especially noticeable in the half-backs. The home! trio were in grim earns,st, and stuck to their men like terriers, Georgie Davies being the pick, .and was perhaps as good a naia.-Ii as any on thei field. He was closely followed by Jimmy Parry, whose plav was generally admired, while Jacob Williams played up to his usual form. The backs on this occasion mads no very palpable mis- takes, W. Roberts in the first half tackling and kicking well, but Lunt in the second half saved cleverly. X & The forwards were not quite. so satis- factory, therei being too much of a, tendency to get offside, which proved fatal to several good chances. The right T wing pair had a good, understanding be- tween themselves, but did, not swing the I ball across, -often, 'enough, but. 1$8 the- quintette had not played together; before much is excusable', and with a little more I practice they should form a useful lot. Although beaten the visitors were by no means disgraced, and; were well served by their goal-keeper, who, made some very good saves, and no blame; could be attached to him for either of the three goals scored. The following represented Lla,ndudn,c,: -Goal, R. Lunt; backs, W. j Rberts- and J. Lunt; half-backs, Jacob Williams, G. Davies, and J. Parry; for- wards, Welch, Settle, T. Flood, D. J. Roberts, and J. D. Roberts. t.-I In the same' competition a match was played between Portmadoc .M1.d Rhyl at the first-named town. The Portites gave on; of those brilliant exhibitions they keep in reserve for home matches, and won by no less than ten goals to nil.. In tlhe same i competition Bangolr and Colwyn Bay played a drawn game, of one goal each. & & # Another Llandudno club, "The Oswalds," were, also engaged on Saturday. The venue was Bettwsycoed, the visitors prov- ing successful by four goals to one. Per- haps the secretary or some other offici.al of this club will communicate* particulars of the games for insertion in this column. £ On Wednesday the following team will do duty for the Wednesday Club against the St. David's F.Ci.: -Goal, Davielsl; backs, T. Hughes, W. Lunt; half-backs, W. G. Jones., Richardson and Barnes,; forwards, A. H. Williams, W. L. Roberts, Newton, W. P. Owen., J. L. Williams. Play to commence at, 2-30. X # HOCKEY. The Hockeyites! were again on the; win- ning side on. Saturday last, and: that by a wide margin. The visitors to the Cricket- Field on this occasion were the Port- madoc playerss, and there, was a, fair com- pany of spectators to- witness what proved to be a hard and fast, game. Bevington was again in fine, form, and in the first quarter of an hour had placed the ball in the, net, three times. The game was not as -one-sided as the scorel would go to prove, Humphreys, the home goalkeeper, being kept fairly well occupied -at times' and making some good saves. Only once was he beaten, a beauti- ful shot by Wilson finding out a, weak spot. In the meantime Llandudno had added; three more goals to their score, .0 two by Bevington and one by Short. Llandudno Club will be well repre- sented in the trial match, Eastl v. West, from which the eleven to represent. North Wales, will be, chosen, the men chosen being Humphreys, Anthony, Connah, E. B. Turner, H. Short, and C. Bevington- I six out of eleven. # The home Club will have, their powers. tested to the utmost to-day, when Chester will be the visiting team, play to com- mence at 2 30. NOTES. [By PEL DROED]. I OLD TIME NOT J 3. The old time notes of footer twenty years ago, which appearad last, week, have resulted in, my relieving several letters, not, only locally, but from distant towns1, and the, writers' invariably, like "Oliver Twist," of blessed memory, are all asking for mora. I will endeavour to comply with their several requests at an early date, meanwhile my time ressrved for sport is fully occupied with the much- talked of. & # RUSSELL WEDNESDAY H.H. CUP. I have, received this week final con- firmation from Mr Stanley Russell that he will offer a silver cup for competition between Wednsday Half Holiday teams the North Wales coast, and as far as I can ses now the first round will be played early in the- New Year, the sezsii-fmal and final only to be played at Llandudno. Locally the receipts of the gate's, after pay- ing for the preliminary expenses of print- ing, postages, etc., will be devoted to charity; the teams competing in other towns will of course please' themselves, but I feel confident that they will receive much warmer support, if they fellow in the 1 above' footsteps. I THE COMMITTEE. The Committee of management is com- posed of well-known: local entjbuiasts, and will be duly announced. I may ,say that no member is, connected with any local club either as a player or committee man, and it is so composed as to give the fullest possible assuranc61 of its independ- ence. The h.on. secretary is Mr Arthur R. Hughes, 10, T'udno Street, and local teams intending to compete should at cnce send in their application for parti- culars. of rules, regulations, anl penalties, etc. Therei will bel a nominal entrance fee, but by no means prohibitive. There There are; several knotty points that have already been propounded, such as, "What constitutes a player"? This is answered' by the title, "Wednesday Half Holiday Footballers," which includes those who are bonarfide shop assistants, or masters. Members; of those teams affiliated with the '11, Wales Association, will be barred from taking part, from the simple fact, tha!t the Russell Cup, although under the Welsh Association Rules, will not be affiliated thereto, for obvious reasons. Whilst having the greatest respect for the Welsh Association and Parent Society in England, I do consider that the latter, bearing in mind their enormous wealth, should do something more- for charity than they do. What is to pre- vent, them purchasing a ground for the English finals, to bel played upon, and sub- leting it for all kinds of sport. If they did carry out a, scheme on something like these lines the balance at, the end; of the year would be enormous, and charities far and near would largely benefit. I understand that the. Crystal Palace ground has been, or is about to be leased for five years for the finals. I have entered my humble protest against such an arrange- ment, and forwarded it to. the right quar- ters, but ;do not for a, moment, consider that any scheme other than that pro- pounded by one of the Council will be con. sidered. But- to return to' the Russell Cup, shop assistants will bei encouraged to take part in a, competition of this; nature, knowing that they will meet with more of their equals in footer knowledge, it would be manifestly unfair to ask them. to compete against teams, some members of which make a living out -of it, and, that is what would happen if left for open com- petition. THE! OSWALDS. The Oswalds, a, clever little team, con- taining many very promising players, are in a very despondent state from the fact that they cannot find a, football ground. They are not rolling in wealth, and if any kindly disposed field owner could see his wav toi grant them the; use, of any corner of his- land for a, playing pitch, at a nominal -sum, it would be greatly appre- ciated. That there are player's of some calibre in their ranks is proved from the fact that they beat Bettwsycoed on their own ground by four goals to nil. I hope the above appeial will not be in vain, for I consider if lads of the age of the Oswalds' team are. anxiousi to engage In. football, as a pastime, they ought to be encouraged, and, judging from the speeches1 I have recently read, delivered by men in high places, I am not alone, though as' a nation we, axe not entirely agreed. PEL DROED. NORTH WALES COAST FOOTBALL LEAGUE. A committee meeting of the North Wales Coast Football League was; held at the Wicklow Ijjtotel, Bangor, on Monday evening. Mr T. 0. Morgan (Conway) presided. Messrs- D. LI. Hughes (Port- m.adoc), G. T. PhIllips: (Penmaenmawr), F. G. H. Beech (Rhyl), and. E. Lloyd- Williams (Bangor), ho-n. sec., being pre- sent. A claim by Lla,ndudno F.C. against Llanfair, for non-filment of fixtures wa,s deferred to enable Llandudno to produce vouchers. The, following transfers were confirmed R. Pierce, Bangor to Llan- fair; W. A. Williams, Conway to Llan- rwst; R. O. Owens, Bangor to Conway. The referees for December were ap- pointed as follows —■ 3rd, Colwyn Bay v. Llandudno, Mr F. J. H. Beech, Rhyl. 3rd, Holyhead v. Portmadoc, Mr E. Lloyd-Williams, Bangor. 3rd, Llanfair v. Penmaenmawr, Mr H. P. Hughes, Bangor. 10th, Bangor v. Holyhead, Mr R. Hersee, Llandudno. 10th, Llanrwst v. Llanfair, Mr D. LI. Hughes, Portmadoc. 10th, Llandudno v. Conway, Mr E. Lloyd Williams, Bangor. 17th, Conway v. Penmaenmawr, Mr E. Lloyd-Willi a ins, Bangor. 24th, Bangor v. Penmaenmawr, Mr R. Hersee, Llandudno. 24th, Conway v. Holyhead, Mr F. J. H. Beech, Rhyl. 31st, Llandudno v. Portmadoc, Mr E-. LI oy d-Willia m s, Bangor. 31st, Penmaenmawr v. Colwy.n Bay, Mr D LI. Hughes, Portmadoc. 31st, Bangor v. Conway, Mr R. Hersee, Llandudno. January 2nd, Colwyn Bay v. Llanrwst, Mr E. Lloyd Williams, Bang.or.