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A. ROYAL HOTEL. IiIaAMeOI^USX. Extensive Alterations and Additions have just been completed at the above Fa.:JCt1:1y EB.3ta.ci. Oonrnxercia. Botel Which mates it now one of the most convenient in this LOVELY VALE," and second to none in the Principality for Comfort, Catering and Situation JAMES S. SHAW, Proprietor. :>.10_ LL UDO. ALEXANDRA HOTEL K!rs. JONES ) n EVIiss RASNSFORD j Proprietresses ,1nU \IO.I''t,IIi.r_1'.è-aÐII..9or.Z"III'õIr_l COURT ROYAL Private Boarding Residence Queen's Road, Oraig-y-Don, LLANDUDNO. Conducted by C01D"BøT. Mountain and Sea Views. Home Comforts. TERMS MODERATE. X-Xj!3M"»TIT333SrO- ROYAL HOTEL, »8h Standing in its own Grounds. Three minutes' walk from Pier. First-class Billiard Room. Hotel 'Bus meets Trains. Near Golf Links. JAMES SHENTON, Proprietor u Arundel" Private Boarding House (WINTER RESIDENCE), LLEWELYN STREET, LLANDUDNO Pleasantly Situated, with Eveiy Rome Comfort; 2 Minutes' Walk of the Pier 1-avilion T.rms Moderate WILLMAMS; IF YOUR WATCR OR CLOCK feTOPb, rLaCE IT IN THE HANDS OF HODGETTS WEISSBECK, Practical Watch & Clock lakers, Working Jewellers, &c. Agents for the Waterbury Watch Com- Jr^l pany's Repairing Department, any Repair ]lot tø exceed 28. 6d. 1" Clocks, Barometers. Musical Boxes, SpectacleB, &c., Repaired. l All Repairs Guaranteed, and will be kept right for the ensuing Six Months, Free cf Charge, unless damaged by accidE'nt. N 1 THE ADDltESS- OPPOSITE THE "l..r', fZ;2:}.:L,n:o.7r-ua-8ItPQ1 -^PWLLHSL, (FINEST BEACH IN WALES.) I rn I- ø C) -I :c rn Q Z ::z: 0 LoU :c I- c:,) 00 -I L.U II" == r Wi.]ST ENO FTO -"irsf-class Family Hotel, opened ia 1896; charmingly situated on sea front, with unrivalled vi«-v ot Mountain Sceaerv. C-m:nodio.us Public Rooms (also I nvate Suites), luxuriantly furnished and fitted wi:h every mod.ru "convenience. Sanitation ««te' MF»rate High-class Cuisine. Wines and Spirits of Choicest Brands. S £ .ecia-h ,'meets trams Gom, LAW. TKSXIS, BILLIARDS. STAULISO. Safe Boating and Sea Bathing. Omnibus meets trams. SEYMOUR EADY, Proprietor. Telegrams: KM>Y, !VU.UM.I." (Late South Beach Hotel.) Padarn Villa Hotel, xjUAjssriEaEfstxs- (In connection with the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad.) rrfHS Establishment stands in its own grounds, at the foot of Snowdon, surrounded by J_ magnificent scenery, within two miles of the famed Pass of Llanberis Llanberis is the starting point for the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad. Coaahes run Daily to and from Bettws-y-Ooel and Beddgelert. PONIES AND GUIDES TO SNOWDON. 'Boa.ts a.214 pisSaLiaag- on tlie liaises. BILLIARDS AND LAWN TENNIS. Telegte. PADAKM VILLA, LLANISERIS." ArpLY-THE MANAGERESS Royal Victoria Hotel. In Connection with the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad, the Lower Sta.tion of which adjoins the Hotel Gardens. Under the Management of the Com- pany. THIS Hotel is situated aithejlln c- tion of the two luke", at the foo1 of Snowdon. Has Mnglliticent Cot7c< HOOIll, Laùies' DrawÜ¡g l{oom, Bat} Booms, BilliArd l{oom, Smokiu 1:00111, and upwards of 4.0 Bedrooms with beautiful laid out GlOunls, it which are the ruinf of Dolbadan Cast.e POSting- III all its Branche! anI Cu!\ches to and from Bett,s-y-coei and Beddgelert. Ponies and Guides to Snowdon. Fishing in Llyn Peris Prcservet for Visitors in Hotel. Boats 011 the Lakes. Hcduced Boarding Terms fro11 Xovemuer 1st to Apri13Ûth, Apply-THE l\LHIAGlmESS. Teleg Victoria," Llanberis,' DOLBADARN HOTEL FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOUSE, IIIIASTBEKXS. Ponies and Guides to Snowdon. ESTABLISHED 1808. N. B.-This is the C.T.C. Head-quarters. Three minutes' walk from L. N. W. Station W. O. THOMAS, Proprietor. For the Cheapest and Best BOOTS and SHOES, GO TO THE MANUFACTURER, J. F. JONES, BRISTOL HOUSE, 67, MOSTYN ST., LLANDUDNO Where you can Eelect from the Largest Stock in the Country a single pair of Boots at the Lowest Wholesale Price, warranted to wear well. Boots of every description Made to Measure, or Repaired by Experienced Workmen. Large and choice assortraent of Ladies and Gentlemen's and CUdrea% BOOTS, SHOES, SUPPERS, LAWN TENNIS, SAND SHOES, &c. The TRADE SUPPLIED with Leather, Boots or Uppers, at the Lowest Prices. Agent for JONES' Celebrated Sewing Machines. Ladies' Laced Boots 3/11. Hea's ditto 4/11. Men's Nailed Boots 4/6. Boys' and Girls' School Boots 2/6 and 2/11. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots Soled and Heeled from 1/11 LLANDUDNO WEST. n FREEHOLD BUILDING PLOTS FOR SALE IN THE ABOVE CHARMING SITUATION, With Option of Buying by Deferred Payments. FIRST-CLASS VILLA SITES, Near suggested site for New Church. For Particulars apply to- Messrs. SMITHS, GORE & CO., 16, WHITEHALL PLACE, WESTMINSTER, S.W. PEARSON'S Ferndale Boarding Establishment, AND PRIVATE HOTEL, TRINITY SQUARE, LLANDUDNO. LARGE PUBLIC DRAWING, DINING AND SMOKE BOOMS, Full Particulars on application to w. PEARSON. TELEPHONE 73A. J. C. SMALL WOOD, 8, Low Mostyn St., Llandudno, WHOLESALE AND FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. SINGLE BOTTLES AT WHOLESALE PRICES. NOTE PRICE LIST- ALES AND STOUTS. IN CASKS (CARRIAGE PAID). Per Per Per Per Per Galls. Pins. Fir. Kil. Bis. <><> East India Pale Ale 1{8 7 6 1,1 30/- GO <> „ V „ 1/6 0/9 13/0 27/- [.41- L.B. Fine Bitter Ale 1/4 (ij- 12/- 24/- 48/- F.A. Family Ale 1/- 4 0 9/- 18/- 30/- Speciady recommended for Private Families. 4. Mild Ale 1/0 0,9 13/0 27/- 4,1 5. „ 1 4 < 12! 2.f j 48,' (j. „ 1/2 Ö,3 10/6 21/- 42/- 7. „ I/- 4/0 9/- 18/- 3G/- D.S. Double Stout (Invalid) 1/0 0/8 13/0 27/- S.S. Single Stout 1/4 G/- 12/- 24/- P. Porter 1/2 5,3 10/6 21/- BOTTLED. Imp. Pints. Imp. Half-pints. OO East India Pale 3/0 2/- O „ „ „ 3/- 1/9 L.B. Light Bitter (specially recommended) 2/0 1/6 F.A. Family Ale 2/- 1/4 D S. Double Stout 3/- 1/9 S.S. Single Stout 2/6 1/9 P. Porter. 2/- 1/4 (In Cork or Screw-Stoppered Bottles). (In Cork or Screw-Stoppered Bottles). CHAMPAGNES, SPARKLING HOCKS, MOSELLES BURGUNDIES, CLARETS, CHABLI8, CORDIALS, LIQUEURS, PORTS, SHERRIES, &c. AUSTRALIAN WINES, "BIG TREE" and "ORION" BRANDS. MARTELLS and HENNESSY'S BRANDIES. RODERIC DHU, HIGHLAND CHEAI, INVERCAULD, BRIGAQIER, GLENLIVET, and J JAMESON'S WHISKIES. AGENT FOR IND, COOPE AND CO., BREWERS, IMPORTERS AND BONDERS OF WINES AND SPIRITS, INDIA PALE ALES AND STOUTS IN CASKS AND BOTTLES. SPECIAL TERMS TO HOTELS AND BOARDING-HOUSES. WINES AND SPIRITS. NOTE THE ADDRESS- 8, LOWER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Choice Assortment of HAVANA, MEXICAN & BRITISH CIGARS. PRICE LIST POST FREE ON APPLICATION. "WAVE CRES" ) Boarding Establishment, :EI::a.. Pe::a..si.o::a. Centre of Grand Parade Faci,, ig the Sea. Hihly Recormnended. Tariff. MISSES ROBERTS, PROPRIETORA qifiep. WHEELDON'S "THE WHITE HOUSE" PRIVATE HOTEL ESTABLISHMENT, 3» ST- GEORGE'S CRESCENT. LLANDUDNO. fjCentre of Grand Promenade. Facing the Sea. k This House is especially adapted for a comfort, l/gable Winter Home. Massage and Electrical Treatment if desired. Hoxx COMFORTS. GOOÐ t)Olt!10. WHEELDON. THE CRAIG-Y-DON TEMPERANCE BOARDING HOUSE, I.5L.-A-3B"X>TCJ303Xr o. Facing the Sea and within a few minutes' walk of Riviere's Concert Hall. TERMS MODERATE. Apply for Tariff—MISS MTPDLETON, MISS WOOD. -ôo.J-

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