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Sudden Death of Mr. FredI…


Sudden Death of Mr. Fred W.,Jones. We deeply regret to record the death, with tragic suddenness, of Mr. Frederick William *'I ones, ot Cob tenant. Trinity street, I.landudno, which sad event occurred early on Tuesday morning. About six o'clock on Tuesday morning a man going to his labour found Mr. Jones lying on the pavement near I'rvn Arthur, Caroline-street, and the cause of his death, under such shocking circum- stances. was dealt with at the Coroner s in- quest held yesterday. He was a native of the town, his father and mother being con- nected with two of the most highly respected families. He was born at Maelgwvnlioiise, where now stand the premises of Messrs. Plairman <S: Co., and the Maelgwyn Hotel. For some years he was engaged with Messrs. Chamberlain «V Johnson, solicitors. When in his early teens he commenced playing football, and soon developed to be one of the f'nest backs that -N-ortli Wales ever produced. He stood six leet two inches in height, and was known to be the acme of fairness in the game of football. Although big in stature, he never used his weight to the disadvantage of a smaller opponent by unfair means. For many years he was a shining member of the marvellous I iandudno Swifts, and played during, his football career for Burslem Port Vale, Newton Heath Club (now known as Manchester Linitert,, and Small Heath (now I'irminghanO, and after playing for Reading, in the Southern l eague, he returned to re- ioin the llandndno c\vifts. For one season he played tor Carnarvon. For some years he had played with the Corinthians F.C., and was secretary thereof, as well as at the time of his death the Secre- tary of the Wednesday League of North Wales. His unexiected death came as a shock to the to\ui. THE 7NQUFST. The inquest was held yesterday /Wednes- day) afternoon at the Town Hall, Llandlldno, by the Coroner, Mr. J. Pentir Williams. Mr. Pierce (ones was elected foreman of the jury. WiPíam Hughes, 1-), King's-road, I.lan- dudno, milkman, said he was going to his work about twenty-five minutes to si\ on the morning of Tuesday, and when opno-ite lhs Arthur, in Caroline-street, he noticed something lying on the side of the parapet. At first he thought it was a tree which had been blown down. He went to the stable, and after thinking the matter over, he thought he had better go back tor it might be someone that was hing- there who had had a drop of drink. He met one of his friends, another milkman, Mr. Gregory, and both proceeded to the spot and found it was a man that lay there. Witness got hold ot him and shook him, and told him to get up. Witness, receiving no answer, struck a match, and found the man was dead. The body was not unite cold. Witness met Sergeant Williams and ronstable Williams near the Hospital.andiniormed them. Witness knew it was Mr. lonc" when he lit the match. Mr. Gregory went for Dr. Cooddy. A Juror How was he lying when you saw him ? NN"Iitness Sideways, and doubled up in a lying position against the wall. It appeared to me as it deceased had been sitting on the garden wall and had slipped down as if to sleep. sergeant Thomas John Richards said he was summoned to Caroline street, opposite IPs Arthur, about six in the morning. He sa\v the deceased on the parapet, L in across it in a half sitting position, against the wall. Witness examined him and found the man was dead, hut not exactly co!d. He asked one of the men present to run for Dr. Cooddv and the latter was there in a very short time. The doc'or said life was extinct, and the body was removed to the mortuary. There were no marks on the body. Robert Edmund Deucer, Oaktield. Clifton road. Llandudno, identified the body as that of his !,r,¡thcr-in hll, Frederick Willi mi Inrifs, of <ob Renc.nt, Trinitv-strejt, 1.1an dadvo. He was a clerk, and 41 years of age. He was always healthy, having only Lule ailments but nothing serious. He had no fits. He saw deceased about 4.0 on the afternoon of Monday. Dr. l'dward Samuel Cooddy said that when he arrived at the place where deceased was. he was lving on the Hat of his back diagonally across the pav ement. His eye glasses were still on his lace, and he had been dead some time. He was not stone cold, but growing cold. He had been dead probablv one or two hours. The face was purple, and froth issued from the nostrils, but there was no sign of violence. He was unable to say the cause of death. He had made a post-mor- tem examination of the body. The heart was enlarged, as the heart of an athlete would be. It was enlarged slightly out of proportion for a man even of his size. The membranes of the brain were slightly con- gested, and with those two exceptions, all the oreans were perfectly healthy. In his opinion, the cause of death was not heart failure, but an epileptic fit. It was only fair that he should say that there was evidence of alcohol in the stomach, but no evidence of excess of alcohol. Witness hud known deceased before, and he was not, to his knowledge, addicted to drink. Albert Henry Karnes, Sambourne, Caro- line-street, Llandudno, bootmaker, said lie met deceased about six o'clock on Monday evening in the billiard room of the Haning- ton Hotel. Witness and deceased partici- pated in two four-handed games of billiards. At eleven o'clock, they, with a iriend, went down Mostvn-street together. W hilst at the Harrington Hotel, deceased drank nothing but beer but he could not say how much he drank. They walked as far as Ind, Coopes' establishment and spoke together. later thev saw Mr. Vincent, of The Avondale, who invited deceased and witness UP to his room to have a drink, as it was Christmas time. They went. Deceased had one beer and one brandv or whisky and soda. They were there about an hour. They left together for home. When they got to the corner of Car-line street, deceased said I am iust ready for my supper, Harry." Witness suggested that deceased went home with him to have some. They had supper to- gether, and deceased left about 2.30 a.m. They had been sitting together and chatting over the hre for some time. He went to the gateway with deceased closed the gate, and wished him good and deceased went down the street apparently all right. It would be about 200 yards from witness's house where deceased was found. Deceased was decidedly not under the influence of drink. He did not show any sign of drink. He might say that deceased had a fit of coughing for two or three minutes at his house, through suddenly swallowing some smoke of a cigarette. by Deputy Chief Constable Rees Had be beer or bottles of stout on him ? Witness Not that I saw, but I heard him ask for some at the Harrington. The Coroner said that what appeared quite an unaccountable death had been cleared np by Dr. Cooddy, who had said that the probable cause of death was an epileptic lit. and he was or opinion that that was the verdict which the mry should return. JfcThc Jury returned a verdict in accordance with the suggest ion of Dr. Gooddv. The Foreman of the jury moved a vote of coHd^lfenrtf wtflx 4he <vife and family.- Thev all knew the late Mr. lones as being verv kind-hearted": a true husband, and a good father. Mr. Robert Deucer was'asked to convey the vote to the relatives.






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