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CONWAY. YOUR UMBRELLA re-covered as new with the famous Gloria" cover, from 3s. 6d. post free.—Walker, Hairdresser and Tobacconist, Lancaster-square, Conway.[193 JOHN M'GILP, practical watchmaker and jeweller. Watches, clocks, jewellery, spectacles, and silver-plate repaired. Ad- dress High-street, Conway. 1573 A GOOD PLACE FOR BOOTS—For the best and cheapest of all classes of boots and shoes, go to Joseph Jones, Compton House, Casttle-street, Conway. Best Shop for re- pairs. Agent for K Boots and other best Brands. WINTER REMEDIES.—Hughes' Cream Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites in bottle, is. and (double size) is. iod. Hughes' Almond Skin Cream, the best protection for the skin against Chap- ping and Roughness, 6d. and iod. per jar.— Hughes, Chemist and Optician. Castle-street. Conway. THE LIBRARY.—On Wednesday even- ing, Ir. R. Arthur Jones, auctioneer and estate agent, conducted a successful sale of magazines, periodicals and newspapers, in the Free Library. CHRISTMAS PRESSURE AT THE POST OFFICE.—As announced last week, there were elaborate arrangements made to cope with the Christmas pressure this year, and from enquiries made, it is understood the public greatly assisted the Post-office bv posting their correspondence early during 'the Christmas week, thereby enabling the officials to dispose of them by the special despatches made at Ireq.ient intervals, and tnereby relieving the pressure by the late mails. Nevertheless, the work this year had so much increased that fr. Walker and his whole staff were taxed to their utmost ability in clearing off the work promptly, especi- allv on nda evening, when the pressure fea 1 +e(?i, he 1 glut. It iSj however, to their credit that the work was got through with- out the shghtest hitch or delay, and no doubt the public wm appreciate the prompt manne. the deliveries were made this vear, the number of postmei being augmented to such an extent that the whole district was served on Christmas morning before ten o'clock, which, compared with former years, showed great improvement. A NEW -The Post-office authorities announce that a new despatch of letters and parcels will be made to all parts at 1.30 p.m. on and from 2nd January, and attention is also drawn to the fact that a despatch was recently establsihed at 8.10 a.m., by which correspondence which reaches its destination in distant places in the South of England and Midland counties the same day. BENARTH HALL—THE AWUAI CHRISTMAS TREE.-Although it was Fri- day evening last when Mr. and Mrs. Gatty returned from Dover, having been there for a number of weeks, yet they did not fail in their Christmas treat to their neighbours, their friends and their children. As Christ- mas day this year fell on Sunday, they ar- ranged to have the function on the follow- ing Tuesday, which also was the birthday of their eldest son, Master Derrick. As in previous years, a Large number was enter- tained to a sumptuous tea in the large ser- vants' hall, whilst others partook of tea in the dining-room. All justice having been done at the tables, there was a march made to the spacious drawing-room. The sight there was exceptionally brilliant. A splen- did Christmas tree was set up in the middle of the floor, illuminated and dressed most tastefully and beautifully. Having feasted for a few minutes upon that sight, Mrs. and Mr. Gatty began to hand the valuable gifts to those present, which was not a very small task, as t-he.e was a considerable number present, all of whom, from the octo- genarian to the five-year-old child were over brimming with leiighit. A most sincere vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. and Mrs. Gatty for their great kindness and generosity. A vote also was passed wishing them and their two sons a prosperous new year. The meeting ended with three cheers again. FIRE BRIGADE.—Orders for week end- ing January 9th, 1911 Station duty: r 1 rem en Robert Evans and Robert W. Parr Probationers Edward Roberts and R. Jones. Officer on duty, Lieut. Owen Williams. Wet drill on Saturday, January 7th, 1911, at 2.30 p.m.—F. A. Delamotte, Chief Officer CAROLS -At the evening service in the English Wesleyan Chapel, at which the Rev W. Mellor officiated, Christmas carols were sung by the congregation. THE BADMINTON CLUB.—A very en- joyable dance, which attracted a large num- ber, tock place at the Town Hall, on Fri- day night, under the auspices of the Conway Badminton Club. The dance was brought about by the great interest taken in the pro- gress of the Club by the very energetic sec- retary, Miss Deane, who was assisted by a band of stewards, including Mr. McKenna, Mr Jack Johnson, and Mr Arthur Cross. The hall was beautifully decorated with bunting and streamers, and wore quite a fesitive appearance. Dancing commenced at 7 p. in., and was continued until 12 p.m., the music being supplied by the Conway Quadrille tand. No less than 52 partook of refreshments. We uuderstand that the event on the financial side was so success- ful, that a 'handsome balance will be handed over in aid of the Club funds by the secre- tary. HOT-POT.-On Monday, by the kindness of a number of anonymous donors, between So and no childr,1 of the pooiest inhabitants of the town were served with hot-pot. The children were highly delighted with the fare, and gave three hearty cheers to their un. known benefactors. MUSICAL TREAT.—On Monday even- ing, a rare musical treat is in store for the inhabitants on the occasion of the annual New Year's Day concert, in connection with Carmel Chapel. In the afternoon the usual Sunday School tea will be held. The concert, which is to be held in the Town Hall, will be presided over by the Mayor, and the following will be the artistes:- Miss Harriette Egan, Miss Kate cters, Mr. J. Ellis Evans, and Mr J. Watkin Hughes', all of them winners at the premier F.istedd- fodau. They will be assisted by the Carmel Choral Society and the Children's Choir. Madame Baugh, A.L.C.M., will be the accompanist. CONWAY MUSI' 'I A VS IMPORTANT well-known Coil- way composer and conductor, Mr Joseph E. Jones, fulfilled a series of important engage- ments during the holidays in, the musical district of Rhostryfan, Rhosgadfan. The first was .1. competitive meeting on Saturday evening, at which he was the musical adjudicator; on Sunday evening he took the musical service in the same chapel; and on Monday, he again adjudicated at two competitive meetings, and on every occasion he fulfilled his responsible dutoes to the complete satisfaction of all concerned. That these duties were by no means easy is shown by the fact that there were five mixed choirs, four male voice choirs, five children's choirs, and numerous soloists, and that the singing in everv case was of a paticularly high standard. On Monday evening alone, there was an aud- ience of more than 1200 people, and it is gratifying to learn that competitors and aud- iences alike were more than satisfied with the awards of Mr Jones, whose services will in consequence be in greater demand than ever. A RHYL WINNER.—We offer our con- gratulations to Mr John Roberts, Berry- street, upon his rendering or The Lost Chord," on the euphonium, at the Rhyl Boxing Day Eisteddfod, which won for him the prize in the instrumental competition CHRISTMAS SERYICE.-There was a latge number of communicants it the early celebrations of Holy Communion (Welsh and English) on Christmas Day, and a very large congregation attended the English service, in the morning, at which the Vicar preached, and a beautiful anthem was ren- dered by the choir, Miss L J. Hughes tak. Hg the solo part. The children's service in the afternoon was addressed by the Rev. J. Davies. Anthems were also sung at the English and Welsh services in the evening. Master Bobbie Williams rendering a solo at the former. The offertories of the day, which amounted to a goodly sum, were in aid of the Church Sunday Schools. CHRISTMAS CHARITY.—By the kind assistance of a number of leading Church- people, the Vicar (the Rev. J. W. Roberts) was again this year enabled to brighten the homes of the poor during the festive c jason by distributing gifts of coal, groceries, &c., to about ninety families in the parish. The generosity shown was greatly appreciated by those who par- ticipated in the gifts. FA'llILR CHRISTMAS AT THE WORK- HOUSE.—On Thursday afternoon, the 15th, the Ladies' Union Working Society enter- tained the workers to a farewell tea, as some of them were leaving the workhouse to enjoy their claim for the old-age pension, also the little children (under five), who had done their share towards the sale of work, were entertained to a tea and Christ- mas tree. Mr. Jones (the Master), assisted by Master I. M Levis (of Gannock Park, Deganwy) acted as Father Christmas in distributing the toys, &c. Th Master made an ideal Father Christras in his red hood, &c., and the children were delighted when they found out who Father Christmas was. The Society feel greatly indebted to the Master and Matron for their willingness to assist them in their efforts to comfort the old and infirm, and to make the little ones happy.