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COLWYN BAY. THE COLWYN BAY CHESS CLUB meets every Thursday evening at seven o'clock at the Cafe Royal, Station Road. Subscription, 5s. per annum. Mr. Harry Evans, Colwyn Bay, Secretary. NO MORE INKY FINGERS. SELF-FILL- ing Fountain Pln. Tills in a flash. Fitted with i4ct. gold nib Iridium Tipped, and single feed. A real bargain sent per post for 5s. 7d. Obtainable at R. E. Jones and Bros., Weekly News" Office, Coiwyn Bay. NOW ON SALE, in all bindings, Book of Common Prayer with Prayers amended for King George V. 'and Royal Family.-R. E. Jones & Bros., "Weekly News Office, Col- wyn Lay. TO ALL BOOK-LOVERS.—A branch of the Modern Circulating Library is now open The only Central Library, with CHANGE OF BOOKS EVERY MONTH. ALWAYS SOMETHING FRESH TO READ by the best Authors.—R. E. Jones and Bros., "Weekly News Office, 8, Station-road, Colwyn Bay. HAVE YOU CHOSEN YOUR DIARY FOR 1911? If not, then go to R. E. Jones & Bros., and inspect their large stock ot diaries, scribbling, pocket and desk, in all sizes, prices, and bindings. — R. E. Jones & Bros., 8, Station-road, Coiwyn Bay. RIlIW ROAD MISSION CHAPEL.- The Calvinistic Methodist Church at Rhiw Road continues its good mission work in a district, where such ministrations ere greatl37 needed, and on Tuesday evening, the school- room presented a very interesting scene, when a large number of children were en- tertained to tea. After tea, during which most of the little people displayed appetites which served as a testimonial to the bracing air of Colwyn Bay, prizes for good conduct Arc., were presented, and then oranges were distributed. The juveniles testified their appreciation of the treat in the most hearty fashion. A HAPPY IDEA.ne "Liverpool Post and Mercury" says:—The Liverpool friends of Mr Ellis Lever, of Colwyn Bay, have been delighted with the Christmas and New Year meeting he has sent out. Like most of Mr Lever's ideas, it has a spice ot novelty. It takes the form of a reprint from "Chambers's Journal" of a long and interesting memoir of John Howard Payne, in the course of which. the history is told of Payne's world-famous song, "Home, Sweet Home." ACCIDENT—Mr. Evans, milkman at the Airioani Institute farm, who was accom- panied by Mr. Eric Hughes, son of Mr. T. Evans-Hughes, was driving in a milk float from Abergele on Tuesday evening when the horse was frightened by a passing motor-car and bolted. Both occupants were thrown out of the float and Mr. Hughes was ren- dered unconscious, whilst Mr. Evans re- ceived very bad bruises and a severe shock. They were admitited to the Colwyn Bay Cottage Hospital, where they received every attention at the hands of the medical and nursing staff, and on Wednesday morning Mr. Hughes recovered consciousness. We trust that both patients may have a speedy recovery. HOTEL MEROPOLE.—"This has been a record (Tirisrtmasrtide at the Hotel Metro- pole as regards both the number of guests and the quality and variety of the enter- tainments arranged, and we congratulate Miss Grisdale upon the increasing success which is resulting from her capable man- agement. Perhaps the outstanding feature of the entertainments was the remarkably successful amateur dramatic performance given by a number of guests on Tuesday evening to an appreciative and delighted audience. The work produced was a one- act play entitled The Professors' Novel," from the versatile ipen of Mr. James Work- man, Liverpool. The characters were splen- didly sustained by the following:—Professor Weevil (.professor of mathematics), Mr. J- Workman' Priscilla (his daughter), Miss Howe; Eliza Jones (his servant), Miss ancy Howe; Jane Smith, B.Sc. (in love with tbe professor), Miss F. Watts; Jack White (journalist and literary critic of the Evening Planet "), Mr. Charles Thomp- son. ST. PAUL'S CIIUR(-I-I. the Christmas morning service in St. Paul's Church a very pleasing feature was ithe excellent oarol- singing. In tihe evening a service of song was effectively given, including anthem, carols, and solo from The Messiah," ren- dered by Miss Roberts (Vicarage) and Mr. A. J. Fleet. Miss Roberts sang very sweet- lv He was despised," and Mr. Fleet gave "Comfort ye" in splendid voice. I>r- M- Venables-Williams presided at the organ. CHILDREN'S TREAT.—The children were given their annual treat at Engedi schoolroom on Boxing Day, and the event proved most enjoyable and successful. CONCERT -A successful concert on be- half of a worthy obiect was given in the Church Room on Wednesday evening. „ programme was sustained by Mlss hjrnrtJi (Queen's Ixxlge) Miss Gwendoline Roberts (the Vicarage), the St. David's Church Aug- mented Ghioir, Miss Winnie Pryce Tones (Coiwyn), Miss Maggie Jones (Pwllheli), the National Eisteddfod prize-winner), Mr. Evan Lewis (Capel Curie), Mr. Frank Nicholson (Mostvn), and Miss Winifred Williams (Mold). PUBLIC HAT.I,Crowds have been flocking to see the splendid holiday pro- gramme arranged by Mr. Harry Reynolds In addittion to an excellent selection of ani. mated pictures, variety has been added by Globella, a marvellous juggier and rolling globe performer; Vo!e? Reeves, a clever eccentric musician, mimic and vocal enter- tainer; and Comical Walker, knockabout c imedii"' 1ll1?/T?n^0cnvtic acroba/tic nippers- To-night (Thursday) there is an entire dbange of pictures, including Stars and Stripes, a -wonderful subject, elaborately staged, which includes a real- istic fight between two battleships; °ut istic fight between two battler a{ a ,ife pourtrayal f sympathetic musician dream* P,as,t and adopits—in reaii/tv-Htlw child of his lost love; « Mario's sWn Song, a very pretty and touching cldld drama which will appeal both to children andi grown-ups; "A T'lash of La-ht a" intense A.B. drama— the story of* faithless wife Ferdie's Vacation," Granùf,arthfr's Gift,' two comedy dramas and The Short-sighted errand boy," and Tontolini becomes a SHORTHAND SUCCESSES.—The fol- lowing students, in connection with the Public Commercial Classes conducted by M1. R. R. Phillips in the Higher Grade School on Tuesday and Friday evenings, have just been successful in obtaining short- hand speed certificates granlted by Sir I. Pitman and Sons, Bath :—T. J. Dowell, 100 words per minute; E. M. Phillips, 100 Vords W. H. Davies, So; G. Meek, 60: J. R. WilJiams, 6o, These students deserve hearty congratulations on their success. CHRISTMAS PARTY.—At the invit-i- tioii of the President of the Colwyn Bay Brotherhood a very successful Christmas party was held at the lecture Hall on Mon- day. The evening was happily spent in a varied programme of song and recitation and games. I MARRIAGE OF MISS GERTUDE HOSKINS.—At Engedi C.M. Chapel, yester- day (Wednesday) morning, Miss Gertrude Hospins, third daughter of Mr. William Hoskins, of Bryn Celyn, Grove-park, was married to Mr. Isaac Jones, youngest son of Ir. Isaac Jones, Marian, Segurun Side, Bryn Pydew. The bride is well-known and popular in the district as a soprano vocalist, ,and has been assistant mistress in the Old Culwyn Council School for over ten years. The bridegroom has for fourteen years acted as precentor at the Bryn Pydew C.M. (hapel. The officiating ministers were the Rev. Robert Roberts, pastor of Engedi, and tihe Rev. William Rowlands, of Acrefair, late of Bryn Pydew. The best man was Mr. IN-illiain Henry Roberts (brother of the bridegroom), and the bridesmaid Miss Cissie Iloskios (sister of the bride). The bride, who was charmingly attired in a costume of mauve striped cloth trimmed with lace and mame, and wore a black hat trimmed to match, was given away by her father.- The bndesmaid va-s attired in a black and white check costume, vith black silk hat to match, and wore a bangle set with garnets, ihe aft of the bridegroom. The breakfast was held at Brvn Celyn, when the following guests were present:—Mr. and Mrs. Win. Hoskins, the Revs. R. Roberts and Wm. Rowlands Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jones, Trefriw House' Llandudno Junction (sister and brother-in- law of the bridegroom) Miss Hoskins( sis. ter of the bride) Miss Jones (sister of the bridegroom) Mrs. T. P. Davies (sister of the bride), Mr. Wr. T. Hoskins (brother of the bride), Master J. E. Hoskins (brother), Misses Gwladys and Claudie Hoskins (sis- ters of the bride), Miss Gwyneth Davies (niece). Speeches of a most felicitous char- acter were deli lered. Numerous presnts were reveived, amongst which was a silver tea service from the teachers and scholars of the Old Colwyn School. The happy pair left on their honeymoon for Liverpool.