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♦ STARTING INCUBATORS. Some hundreds of incubators will be set te work during the present month, and even those poultry-keepers who do not really need euch early chickens ought to be getting their machines in order, and testing the eggs from their various pens. so as to see that the eggs are getting fertile, when they really do want to commence hatching. Personally, we are of opinion that any egg that can be turned into a chicken ought not to be eaten new- laid, because at the present time the demand for eartly chickens is far in excess of the supply, and all who can, ought to bt-gin their incubation. Some people have the idea ftiaf incubators do not hatch out so well in the winter as they do in summer. This. how- ever, is not so, as they do just as well, and it is in the winter that they are so much to be preferred to hens. People so often neglect the sitting hens in the winter, as a rule, from lazy motives. Those who are in a position to do so ought to rest some of their runs from now until the chicken season, or there will be no sweet ground for the young stock. It is a fair rule to give. that out of three small runs. one ought always to be empty and free from stock of all kinds, though the grass should be kept mown. Kill off any stock that is not wanted, therefore, and see that you have some clean land next spring. It is wonderful what an effect a winter's rest has. The rain and he snow clean it thoroughly, and then the mew grass springs up abundantly, just at the very time when it is most wanted.