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The County School Question. To the Editor of the Weekly News. Sir,The re-marks of your outspoken con- tributor, Searchlight," regardi\Jg the sani- tary conditions at the Abergele Church School stir me to express as best I can on paper the thoughts which for some time have been in mind regarding the education- al facilities at Colwyn Bay and Abergele. Although a resident of Abergele, I know nothing of the conditions he describes, though if what he says be correct I quite agree with him that the County Education Authority have a duty to perform. But what I want to place before your readers is a certain aspect of a large ques- tion. Why has not Abergele got a Council School -? Why should there be a Non-Pro- vided School only? Why should the Churcnpeople be allowed to have everything all their own way throughout the years? Is there not a need for a Council. School at Abergele? With many of my neighbours, I say there is a strong and pressing need for such a school. And this brings me to my next point. I entirely sympathise with the demands ol Colwyn Bay for a County School. Colwyn Bay, by reason of its size and situation and the fact that it provides the largest propor- tion of County School scholars, is entitled to its County School, and ought to have it. But I quite agree that there is no sense or reason in placing two County Schools within a stone's throw of each other, one at Abergele and the other at C'nlwyn Bay. That would be ridiculous. What then? There is one way, and one way only, of overcoming the difficulty and ensuring justice all round, and that way T shall indicate later on. There are some people in favour of scrapping the County School at Abergele and erecting a larger, more commodious, better equipped, more efficient County School at Colwyn Bay. We are all familiar with the fact that the great industrial com- panies often scrap" practically new and even costly machinery in favour of new machinery of an improved design capable of doing quicker and more efficient work, and we also know that this is a policy that nays. Arguing from that experience, there are oublic men who say, Let us scrap the County School at Abergele, although it has cost £6,000, and build a larger and more efficient one at Colwyn Bay, in which teachers and pupils alike will have a far better chance of doing efficient work and securing good results than they can possibly do in the present building with its restricted accommodation. There may be something in that conten- tion, but I doubt whether those who put it forward would be able to carry public oninion with jhemnd that, after all, is a orime necessity. Those people who do not 'ook quite so far ahead would argue that such a oolicy would involve the waste of /6.000 of the ratepayers' money, and it would be hard to convince them that the results would be worth such a. sacrifice. No I don't think that nlan would do at all and so I submit what I believe to be a better one. It is this. Convert the County School at Abergele into a Council School—which is badly needed in the place—and erect a digger and better County School at Colwyn Bav. I don't hesitate to say that this is the only way in which the educational needs of the whole district could be met and jus- tice secured for all. I have not taken part in any of the pub- lic meetings participated in any way in the County School controversy, and I mean to adhere to my non-partisan attitude. For this reason, among others, I claim the at- tention of all your readers, and urge them to state their views on the plan I have ven- tured to suggest. To nut the whole thing in a nittshell--(i) (olwvn Bav ou?ht to have its County School (.2) Abereele ouqbt to have its Coun- cil School h) 'he Abereele County School, which is inadequate for its present puroose, would serve admirably as a Council School. —I am, &c., ABKWGFLF. RATEPAYER

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