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Local Clergyman Favours Disestablishment.


Local Clergyman Favours Disestablishment. IMPORTANT LETTER BY THE VICAR OF BLAENAU FESTINIOG. The Rev. Thomas H. Hughes, Vicar of Blaenau Festiniog, declared himself in favour of Disestablishment in the following letter to the "Manchester Guardian" Sir.—Welsh Disestablishment, apparently, is at hand, and it behoves Churchmen to prepare for it. To those who rightly regard the Church as a divinely ordained organ- isation her prospective severance from the State presents no terror. On what grounds should such a prospect alarm them? It .is surely paying the Church in Wales a poor compliment to regard even partial disen- dowment as calculated to inflict an irre- parable blow upon her usefulness. As your correspondent "Artifex wisely re- marks "Surely the Church does not need and should not seek any position of privi- lege or advantage as compared to any other religious body. She is quite strong enough to rest on nothing but the inherent attrac- tion of her own message." Disestablish- ment would mean the emancipation-yea, the redemption—of the Church in Wales. Fettered as she now is by her alliance with the State, she would then be free to exert her unrestrained beneficent influence upon the masses of the people. The Mother Church-" yr Hen Fam,"—as she is fondly termed even by Nonconformists, would still be the proud Mother Church of the Cymry. We should witness a regenerated Church, reorganised on modern lines, and better equipped to accomplish her great and glori. ntlf; mission. I would here respectfully suggest to the Bishop of Bangor that he should supply a foretaste of a disestablished Church in fill- ing up the vacant canonry. I believe that the aouointment of a canon missioner would be liailed with the aoprobation of the dio- cesc. It was generally taken for granted that Canon Davies received his promotion on the understanding that he would organise missions in the diocese. Why the project was not carried out has not been explained. The appointment of a powerful Welsh preacher as canon missioner, unencumbered with parochial duties, would, I venture to believe, ronduce to Ibe best interests of the Church in this scattered and essentially Welsh diocese.—Yours, R-c., THOMAS. H. lit-GHFS. The Vicarq^e, Blaenau Festiniog, December 20th.

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