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Mr Lloyd George in France. COMPARED WITH FRENCH STATES. MEN. I XT ER E ST IX G INTERVIEW. Friday's Daily Mail contained the following article telegraphed from Paris on Thursday "An interesting interview with Mr. Lloyd George is published to-day by M. Jean M tJle '• Humanit«>" the Socialist organ of M. Jaures. M. Longuet compares the Chancellor's charmjngly affable an free and easy wel- come with the pompousness and frigid affectation of the Ministers of our own alleged democracy." Mr. Lloyd George ex- presses astonishment that so many Repub- lican newspapers in France showed more sympathy for the English Conservatives than for the Liberals, who, from Fox to Gladstone and Campbell-Bannerman, have always been fervent lovers of France- France, the vanguard of the universal de- mocracy." "During the South African WTar, when Lord Rosebery and Mr. Chamberlain were every day denouncing France, Campbell- Bannerman, and we others loudly pro- claimed everywhere that it would be a crime for us to quarrel with the one great de- mocracy of Europe." Are you really going to finish with the Lords now?" the interviewer asked. I have said it, and repeated it at many meetings—the Lords' Veto must and shall be abolished. I give you my word for it. We have long enough been the plaything of our aristocrats. Have no fear. WTe have returned to power with a resolute majority. As to the Referendum, .it has proved a sort of boomerang in Mr. Balfour's hands. Great social changes will occur in Eng- land in the next five years, provided no ex- ternal difficulty arises. IVe shall continue in our efforts for the peace of the world, and for the limitation of armaments, for we know that militarism and Imperialism are the great adversaries of the progress of Humanity. EFFECT OF THE BUDGET. The results of the 1909 Budget have been excellent. The figures of the revenue of the new taxes are not yet complete, but I can already tell you that the returns from the new tax on mineral rights will be higher than was reckoned. Then the super-tax on incomes over .^SJ000 has alone returned jQ2,800,000." To the interviewer's question, Wlut is your final solution of the land question 7" Mr. Lloyd George would only answer with an enigmatic smile. He went on Ho-,v strange the British people are! They are capable of the most audacious legislation, and then, again, are terrified at the most petty reforms. Look at their atti- tude to our South African scheme. \Ve have practically given back to the Boers all their political liberties. It was an extreme- ly bold step, and yet the scheme has passed through as easily as a letter through the post. And then an absolute howl went up at my proposal to put a tax of a few farthings on the land. Lord Rosebery said it was the end of family life, of religion, and of the Monarchy. My countrymen are astonish- ing, I tell you. To-day they will face a lion and to-morrow are afraid of a gnat." ¡