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St. Asaph (Flint) Rural District…

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St. ..Asaph Board of Guardians.


St. Asaph Board of Guardians. ABERGELE MEMBER'S UNFORTUN- ATE EXPERIENCE. At Friday's meeting of the St. Asaph Guardians, there were present: Mr John Frimston (chairman), Mr William Jones (vice-chairman), Mrs. De Ranee, Miss Gee, Rev Canon C. F. Roberts, and Messrs G. Perks, G. F. Gunner, J. Roberts Jones, Isaac Batho, LI. B. Evans, R. T. Jones (Prestatyn), T. Pennant Williams, R. Armor Jones, Thomas Evans, J. B. Wil- liams, John Roberts, W. S. Roberts, Wil- liam Morris, J. D. Jones, Edwin Morgan, William Williams, Frank Bibby, Edward Williams, Robert Jones (Denbigh), and John Lothian with the Clerk (Mr Charles Grimsley), the Master (Mr. Robert Jones), and other officials. GIFTS. According to the Master's journal, the pauper population of the Workhouse that day was 151, a decrease of 13 on the popula- tion a year ago, and the vagrants relieved during the past fortnight numbered 187, an increase of eight on the number relieved a year ago. Parcels of illustrated papers for the use of the workhouse inmates had been received from Miss M. Lloyd, Arsyllfa, St. Asaph, and Mr. J. D. Polkinghorne, Rhyl, and a number of books for the Workhouse library had n received from Mrs. Ed. wards, Lothian Park, St. Asaph. A GUARDIAN'S BEREAVEMENT. The Chairman referred to the bereave- ment sustained by Mr. Geo. Williams, the member for Meliden, by the death of his wife. Mr. Williams, he remarked, was one of the oldest members of the Board, and proved a very faithful Guardian, and he was sure the whole Board had sympathy with him in his loss (hear, hear). A vote of sympathy with Mr. Williams was passed. THE WURKHOUSE FIELD. Mr LI. B. Evans reported that the Fin- ance Committee had had under considera- tion, a letter fiom Mr. D. McNicoll, Bod-, elwyddan estate agent, offering the Board the use of the field in front of the Work- house, at a rental of £ 2 5s per annum. The field had previoisly been rented for the Board by Mrs. Luxmoore, and the rent now asked for was a little less than she had been paying. The committee recommended the acceptance of the offer. The recommendation was adopted. BASE INGRATITUDE. Mr. J. D. Jones referred to the offer he made at the last meeting to find employment Board, and said he had been sadly dis- Board, and said he had been sadly dis- appointed b., both of them. They turned up to work at his farm on the Monday fol- lowing the Board meeting as they promised, and they drew money eveiy evening till the end of the week—more, in fact, than they had earned. They sometimes heard of honour amongst thieves, but there was cer- tainly none of that virtue amongst these two men. On the Saturday evening, one of them received the money for the two, and afterwards, it appeared, as soon as he had turned his back on the farm, he made a bolt for Abergele Railway Station with the whole of the money, and had not been seen or heard of since. His partner was thus left without a farthing to keep him over Sun- day, and he (Mr Jones) could not but take compassion on him. During the following week, he turned up to work about every other day, and now he had cleared off, after getting more than was really due to him. Neither of the men, he was sorry to add, had paid a copper for their lodgings in. Abergele. He mentioned the matter in order that his colleagues might be on their guard agiinst fellows of ihat class. If the Roard had a right to prevent such people getting into the Workhouse kilt all, hie thought it would be a good thing. Men who would not try to keep work when they got it, did not deserve any shelter or help from anyone. The Chairman said he was sure the Board were grateful to Mr. J. D. Jones for the kindness he had shown in trying to help where he thought it was wanted, and sym- pathised with him in the ungrateful way in which these two men had treated him. Had he been in Mr. Jones' place, he would have been very strongly inclined tto take pro- ceedings against them. One of the men, it was stated, belonged to Rhyl, and the other to Denbigh. Mr. John Roberts said he had many times urged the adoption of a stone breaking sheme in order to meet cases of that kind, and until they moved in that direction, they would always have undesirables about the Workhouse. RHYL POVERTY. Several parents of large families appeared before the Board, seeking assistance, on the ground that they were unable to obtain employment, most of them belonging to Rhyl. The Chairman said these cases seemed to be very much on the increase, espcially in Rhyl. They were a great trouble to the .Relieving Officer, who did not know what to do with them. Mr Perks enquired how the Relieving Office- satisfied himself with respect to the destitution which these people pleaded. The Relieving Officer said he visited each case and made full inquiries into it. Two or three people in Rhyl had rendered him splendid assistance in the matter, but for which he was afraid he would have broken down. The Chairman said he was sure that the Relieving Officer discharged his duty thoroughly in these cases, and never gave relief without fully satisfying himself that there was destitution. After further discussion, it was decided, on the proposition of Mr. Perks, to refer to the Finance Committee the question of ap- pointing someone toi help the Relieving Officer, and following up cases where there was any doubt about the circumstances. It WAS also decided, on the motion of Mr. John Roberts, seconded by Mr. T. Roberts Jones, to refer to the same committee the question of the establishment of a stone-.breaking yard for the unemployed. °

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