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Carnarvonshire Education.


Carnarvonshire Education. DOWN WITH THE HOUSE OF LORDS." PLAYING WITH PHRASES. THE ABOLITION OF ALDERMEN. At the last meeting 01 the Carnarvonshire County Council a spirited discussion took place upon a proposal made by Mr. J. R. Hughes that the powers delegated to the Education Committee be withdrawn, and that in future all minutes of the Committee be submitted to the County Council for confirmation. He hoped that all those members who cried, Down with the veto of the House of Lords would prove their sincerity bv voting for the resolution. (Cries of Oh," and laughterA Of course he could only expect that from some of them. He characterised the Edu- cation Committee as the most unrepresenta- tive belonging to the Council only ha'.f the members were drawn from the County Coun- cil, consequently he maintained that a large proportion of the Council was disfranchised in the matter of education. Among the members were also nine Aldermen, who, although they might have done service to the county for which they were all grateful, were not directly responsible to anyone. To show the extent to which the Committee carried out its autocracy he pointed out that certain members of the Council were not allowed to serve as managers of any of the schools in the districts in which they resided. If his friends professed that THEY TRUSTED THE PEOPLE it was high time that they practised what they preached. Mr. C. E. Breese, in seconding, declared that whether the fight be long or short, those who believed in the rule of the democracy must persist in their policy. They had it admitted some time ago by the charming personality who was casting his shadow over the chair that the principle on which the representation rested was all right, but that it was subject to party exigencies. That was said in a brutal, open manner, and a more disgraceful admission he'never heard. (Hear, hear.) Mr. Breese went on to say that he was not a manager of a single school in his district—(" shame "), and when a revolt recently occurred there and matters apper- taining to it had to be inquired into, they had to import a member of the Education Committee. (\"olce Dumping," and laughter.) He wished to bring it home to every member who prided himself upon the principle of democratic government and upon no other exigency to stick to the prin- ciple through thick and thin, and do nothing for the sake of merely securing a cheap vic- tory for one side of the other. He felt very strongly upon this matter, and there was throughout the country a feeling that, owing to the present position of the Education Committee, power had been used auto- cratically which might have been used to better advantage. The iact that a man be a Radical or a Tory in politics was no reason why he should be debarred from ex- pressing his opinion upon matters apper- taining to the administration of the ;:ounlv. (Hear, hear.) Alderman R. Roberts (Llandudno) thought that Mr. J. R. Hughes ought first to "REFORM THE ALDERMAN IC SYSTEM" before he attacked those who, not from their own choice, had been made Aldermen of that Council. If Wales had a voice in the matter he felt sure that there would be no Alder- men. (Hear, hear.) But as long as Alder- men were recognised they ought to be per- mitted to render all the service they could to their fellow-countrymen. (Cheers). Mr. William George invited the Council to vote against the resolution, and he did so on the most democratic principles. (Laughter.) He wanted the government of the people by the people. (Hear, hear.) And when the people of Carnarvonshire in County Council assembled, had within the last few months thoroughly discussed and come to a decision on that question he did not think it was democratic to bring the same question in practically the same form up again. It seemed to him to savour too much of the policy of another assembly which was wearing the country down by frequent elections. He much preferred the straightforward and business-like motion proposed by Mr. Preece some time ago, for the result of the present resolution would be to subject every matter to a full discussion of the Council after having previously received full consideration by the Education Committee. He denied that it was correct to say that matters coming before the Education Committee could not be brought up for discussion at the County Council. He appealed to the Council to leave the Education Committee alone to continue the work for the present. There was at the present moment under considera- tion the question of re-organising education in the county. In fact, their system was probably on the way to the melting-pot. Alderman J. R. Pritchard observed that to hear some of the references to the Alder- men was almost enough to make the latter lose their sclf-respect as members of the Coun- cil. He had been a member of the Council from the beginning, and it was to his seat that Mr. J. R. Hughes succeeded as a Coun- cillor. (Laughter.) Mr. Pritchard (Pwllheli) moved that in view of the proposed re-organisation in the county the proposal of Mr. J. R. Hughes be deferred. Mr. W. George demurred. Mr. H. Pritchard If you mean what you said, then what is the objection ? Mr. \V. George urged that it was not a question of adjourning. It was a question of the resolution one way or another. The Education Committee could not carry on their work with J A SWORD hanging over their heads. Mr. H. Pritchard Then if you were only expressing a pious opinion I would rather my lot fell with Mr. J. R. Hughes. Mr. W. George I stated what is a fact, and what the Council will have to take into consideration. The motion was then voted upon, when 15 declared in its favour and 26 against. The amendment found no seconder. Mr. J. R. Hughes How many members of the Education Committee voted against the motion ? (Laughter.) He challenged Mr. J. R. Pritchard to resign with him and fight tor the seat. (Laughter.)

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