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Conway Baptist Eisteddfod.


St. Asaph (Flint) Rural District…


St. Asaph (Flint) Rural District Council. THE HOSPITAL QUESTION. EXTRAORDINARY POSITION OF AFFAIRS. Mr. William Morris (Chairman) presided .at Friday's meeting. There were also pre- sent Messrs. John Lothian (Vice-Chair- man), W. S. Roberts, Edward Williams, R. E. Griffiths, John Jones (Waen), W. Conwy Bell, LI. B. Evans, and Edwin Morgan; with the Clerk (Mr. Charles Grimsley), the Medical Officer of Heal.th (Dr. J. Lloyd Roberts), the Highway Surveyor (Mr. John Lloydi, and the Sanitary Surveyor (Mr. E. O. Evans). CHEESE-P A.RIXG. The Highway Surveyor reported that as a result of the cutting down of his estimates by the Council he was now short of repair ing material for several sections of the roads. He was authorised to take steps to pro- cure the necessary additional stone. A COUXCILLOR'S BEREAVEMENT. On the motion of the Chairman, a vote of condolence with Mr. George Williams, the member for Meliden, in the bereavement he has sustained by the death of his wife, was passed BLAMED THE OTHER SIDE. The Joint Isolation Hospital Committee for the two rural districts in the Union, applied to the Council for power to expend a sum not exceeding £ Soo in the erection of a hospital. The Clerk stated that the St. Asaph (Den- bigh) Rural District Council had given their assent to the proposal. The Chairman said it was time something was done in the matter. They had been long enough talking over it. Ir. Conwy Hell said the St. Asaph (Den- bigh) Rural District Council had been the block in the way of the scheme for the last two years, and he was very glad to find them prepared to do something at last. The Vice-Chairman Is each Council to pay £ 400? The Chairman Yes. I believe so. The Clerk explained that £800 had been fixed upon as the maximum amount to be spent, as it was thought that if they kept within that limit they could pay for the hospital out of current rates. WHAT KIND OF BUILDING. I LI. B. Evans said he thought the proper course would be to go in for a loan spread over a number of years. He did not think that Council could afford to pay £400 out of current rates for the purpose of a hospital. There would have to be a very large increase in the rates to do it. Mr. Bell said the proposal of the Com- mittee was to erect a wood and iron build- ing, and as the Local Government Board would not sanction a loan for such struc- ture they had no option but to provide the money out of the current rates. If they did not agree to the expenditure now proposed, it would mean a very much larger sum if they let the matter dron until the Local Government Board compelled them to put up a brick or stone building. The Clerk, in replv to fr. T.I. B. Evans, said that if they put un a permanent build- ing of stone or brick they would no doubt be able to get a loan for a period of 30 years. Ir. LI. B. Evans said that unless they went in for a permanent building he was very .strongly inclined to vote against the Committee. They ought to profit by the unfortunate experience of Abergele in the matter of temporary arrangements. Mr. Bell asked what additional rate the raising of [()O would mean. The Clerk replied that a rate of 2ID. would produce about 14W. Mr. Morgan said he held views similar to those of Ir. Ll. B. Evans with regard to this matter. For a temporary structure he certainly did not think an expenditure of ,rso.o was warranted. It had been stated that a sum of [,200 to [250 would cover the whole business for some time to come. The Vice-Chairman asked how many beds were provided for in the Committee's pre- sent scheme. The Chairman, said that point had not been settled yet. Mr. Edward Williams: Then we don't know what we are going to spend £ 800 on. That is a queer way of going to work. The Chairman said that details had not been finally settled, but it was hoped to carry out a satisfactory scheme for much less than £ 800. The Clerk said the Local Government Board were continually enquiring how the hospital question stood, and a letter asking for the present position of affairs had yet to be answsred. The Local Government Board evidently meant to force the matter on now. lr. Bell, in proposing that the Commit- tee's application be granted, said the sooner something was done the better it would be for the Council. They could not expect to be allowed to let the thing drag on much longer. Tne Vice-Chairman seconded the motion, and it was agreed to, Mr. Morgan support- ing it on condition that not more than C200 to C250 of the ^400 they were asked to find was spent on a temporary building. A MELIDEN COMPLAINT. A letter was read from the Meliden Parish Council calling attention to the state of the road by Bryn Morfa, on the way to the shore, which was stated to be often under water. The flooding was attributed to the fact that the cut along the land belonging to the Vicar of Meliden had not been clean- ed out for many years. Mr. Bell said that the results attending the cleaning out of the cut from Rhyl to the point complained of by the Meliden Council had been very satisfactory, and it was a pity that they should be spoilt for the want of attention to the cut further along. The Clerk said that many years ago the Rhuddlan Marsh Embankment Trustees looked after the cuts, but their friends had long ago failed through their inability to compel people to pay rates for drainage and embankment purposes. It now devolved upon the owners or occupiers of the abutt- ing land to clean out the cuts. The Highway Surveyor said that nothing could be done just now, with so much rain about. The best course will be to write to the landowners interested urging them to get the cut cleaned out as soon as the weather was favourable for the work. A motion by Mr. Edward Willliams, sec- onded by Mr. R. E. Griffiths, that the Parish Council be asked to appoint a com- mittee to confer with the Highway Surveyor on the subject was carried.

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