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Trefriw Schools.


Trefriw Schools. DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. The annual prize distribution and enter- tainment in connection with the Council School, Trefriw, was held at the Public Hall on Thursday evening, presided over by the Rev Evan Davies. The Rev. Henry Jones acted as conductor. The first part of the programme consisted of songs, recitations and drills by the 'infants, and action songs, physical exercises, and sketches by the older boys and girls. As in previous years, the children ex- hibited much intelligence in their acting, and the singing throughout was excellent, reflecting the greatest credit upon Mr. Ro- berts (the head-master), Mr. Jones (second master), Miss Humphreys (head-mistress), Miss Hughes (second mistress), and the rest of the staff. To have reached such a stand- ard of efficiency must have entailed consid- erable labour and sacrifice on their part. The result of the entertainment, however, must in a measure, repay them for their de- votioit. The Chairman said th It this school im- parted excellent education to its pupils, as was plainly seen in the result of the recent examination, the marks received should re- sult in the preparation of brilliant scholars in coming years. The children to-day had far better opportunities than those oi former years. In these d.ays, education was made interesting to the children, and everything was adapted to the child's taste, He hoped the parents would value these advantages, and that they would send the childern to school regularly. It was of the greatest im- portance to the children that this should be done, and he hoped that the efforts of the teachers would be backed up by regufar and punciual attendance. (Applause). The prizes for attendance were distributed by Mr. R. H. Williams, who in wishing the child- ren the season's greetings, said he- hoped 1 ather Christmas would not forget any of them, and that they would all receive a present. The gifts that they were about to receive that night, however, were those they had worked for and fulln, deserved. They al! wondered what would become of those children. He ventured to prophesy that thev would all become good Welshmen and thev would all become good Welshmen and Womn. Their appearance was clean and bright, showing that they were well nour- ished and cared for. They had also sufficient proof of their intelligence in the programme they had just listened to. which clearly indicated that they would be able to fight the battle of life and stand side by aide with any nation 011 the face of the earth. (Cheers). lhe following were those who won prizes I or attendance — Myfanwy Roberts, medal for three years unbroken attendance. First class attenÜance: -Edith Evans, K. D. Hughes, Haroid Hughes, Florence Shaw, K. A. jones. higra Williams, Ivor Wil- liams, Dorothy Jones, J. G. Jones, Kate Davies, Lizzie Diana Hughes, Elizabeth Williams, Lizzie Evans, Leslie Gregory, Francis Slack, Llewellyn Davies. Second class attendance: -Owen Pierce, John Davies, Mary Jones, M. E. Roberts, Thomas O. Davies, Edward G. Thomas, Alex. McCrae, Gwladys Hughes, Charlie Read, Nellie Williams, Percy McCrae, Enoch J. Williams, Daisy Roberts, Lewis A. Jones, ÍJew. Reginald Jones, Annie McCrae, Zachariah Jones, William Jones, John L. Lorisby. Prizes for needlework given by Mrs. Marsh, and distributed by the giver:- Standard 1. 1st, Nellie Moss; equal second, Julia Macquarie and Nellie Hilliar. Standard II. ist, Emily Williams; 2nd, May Williams. Standard III. Equal ist, Morfydd Jones and Myfanwy Roberts equal 2nd, Ida Jones and Gwendoline Morris. Standard IV.: 1st, Annie E. Williams; equal 2nd, Maggie Evans and Blodwen Hughes. Standard V. ist, Jane Elizabeth Jones; 2nd, Katie A. Jones. Standard VI. Equal first, Annie C. Ro- berts and Florence Shaw equal 2nd, Sarah Roberts and Edith Evans. Standard vil. ist, Jenny Evans; 2nd, Edith Ellis. Certificates to those who passed the merit class in the county school scholarship exam- ination: -Cecil Hughes, Robert Williams, Florence Shaw, Lilian Hughes. Money prizes given by Capt. Kitchen, Hovlake, in memory of his brother for proficiency in English (these were distributed by the Rev. Henry Jones), the examiner being Mr. Evan Jones, County School, Llan- rwst. — Standard 1.: 1, Dorothy D. Hughes; 2, Nellie Moore 3, Julia Macquarie; 4, John Henry Turner; 5. Annie Jones Roberts, Dorothy Jones, and Eleanor F. Ilelliar. Standard II.: 1, Ivor Williams; 2, Eigra Williams 3, Evelyn Williams 4, Lizzie Richards; S, J. 11. Roberts; 6, J. Lloyd Jones, Mary Williams, W. J. Williams, Emyr Williams and Enoch J. Williams. Standard III. Lizzie Evans, Arthur Wil- liams, Llew. Davies, Myfanwy'Roberts, Ed- G. Thomas, Phyllis Evans, Edward E. Morris. Standard IV. Charlie Read, Blodwen Hughes, Francis Slack, Mary E. Roberts, Maggie Evans, Leslie Gregory, Percy McCrae. Standard V. Gwladys Hughes, Jennie Elizabeth Jones, Kate A. Jones, Annie Wil- liams, Gwladys Roberts, Robert Williams, Jennie M. Jones. Standard VI. Florence G. Shaw, Annie C. Roberts, Pheoebe C. Jones, Annie Evans. Standard VII. Jennie Evans, Edith F. Ellis, W. W. Hughes. 7L The Rev. Henry Jones said that Capt. Kitchen was desirous that the children should know that these prizes were given in memory of his late brother, who took such keen interest in the school, the examination this year had been kindly undertaken by Mr Evan Jones, county school, Llanrwst, and according to his report, he was highly pleased with the work. It had given him much pleasure in listening to the students, and he (the speaker) was glad to find that the Welsh children more than held their own amongst the English children attending the school, the expression and language was good, and the teachers were to be com- mended upon their labours. Looking at those children who came up for regular at- tendance, those were also the children that came up for proficiency in English. This was a clear proof that the child which at- tended most regularly, was also the child who stood highest in the various examina- tions. On the motion of Mr T. R. Williams, seconded by Mr Robert Evans, votes of thanks were accorded Mrs. Marsh and Capt. Kitchen for prizes, and to the school staff.

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