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Llandudno Sewage Work. A PUBLIC INQUIRY. The embarking of the Llanduno Urban District Council upon a large scheme for the completion of the surface water drainage of the district and the extension of the main sewer to the Craig-y-don district, necessi- tating an expenditure of £ 21,000, was the subject of an inquiry held by Mr. A. G. Drury, OR behalf of the Local Government Board, on Thursday. Mr. A. Conolly, the clerk of the Council, said that first of all it was proposed to carry out the surface water outfall works, which would cost /"7.600. The new drain would draw off the water from the low-lying land in the town, which at present became water- logged. The surveyor (Mr. E. P. Stephen- son) recently prepared an elaborate report dealing with the whole subject. The sur- face water drainage works were considered to be the most pressing part of the scheme, and the rest would follow, the whole scheme being expected to be completed in three years. Some years ago an arrangement was made with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners » to reconstruct the present surface outfall on the west shore, so that there would be only one outfall pipe instead of two, and the pipe would be placed below the level of the sands. The Commissioners proposed to de- velop the west shore estate, and desired that this outfall should be out of sight. Mr. Stephenson, the engineer to the Coun- cil, gave evidence 'as to the engineering aspect of the works, and was asked by the Inspector what ground he had for supposing that the outfall would not silt up. Mr. Stephenson replied that there had always been a kind of sump or pit in the sands where the outfall would be. Although the channel of the Conway had altered there had been no alt-eration in the position of the sump referred to. His experience was that engineers' outfalls never did silt up. Mr. E. E. Bone, Chairman of the Coun- cil, who stated that the Council were unanimous as to the necessity for the pro- posed expenditure, moved a vote of thanks to the Inspector. This was seconded by Mr. S. Chantrey and carried.

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Ruthin Fur and Feather Show.

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Llanrwst Council School.

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