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Vigilant's "Post-Bag." TO MY CORRESPONDENTS.—Like the good-hearted "postmen we have all over our country, my work at this festive season is a heavy one in replying to my various cor- respondents, all of whom seem to be full of festive humour and gaiety. Let me seize this opportunity of wishing, at the end of one half of the football season, all my friends a Happy New Year. The wish is a hack- neyed one, but never grows old like our- selves. We renew these wishes every year, and did we! but realise hali the good wishes of our friends we should indeed be happv. 'Tis better to have wished well, than never to have wished at all. Unwaith eto. "Blwyddvn newydd dda i chwi oil." "A LLANDUDNO LONDONER."— Many thanks for your kind congratulations upon our football news, &c. I am glad to hear you say that there are many Welshmen in the Metropolis who read the "W. N." You need not worry that some persons should like to call Llandudno Amateurs my "pets." My real pets are two pretty little canaries at home, who make a great fuss of me whenever I "gang home." No such wel- come greets me when I meet those people who aie annoyed when I stick up for the team of the town of my birth. What's bred in the bone can't be helped, and all those who are upset at my prediction for Llan- dudno must get ovr the trouble as soon and as best they can. MEMBER OF COAST COUNCIL.—I quite agree with you that the resignation of Captain Llewelyn Williams, as secretary of the North Whales Football Association, came sudden upon the football world. He has held the post for more years than I can just now well remember. He has proved a great secretary, more especially, since the Coast Association is administered so busi- ness-like as at present. It must be a pleasure for any secertary to work with brother officials such as the chairman, Mr R. John Hughes, Penmaenmawr, and Mr J. W. Post, treasurer, of Conway. Both these gentle- men are splendid assets to the excellency of North Wales Coast Football, and maintain the high tone of the game, for which we have long been seeking. I am obliged to confess that the latter part of your letter, though well meant, is too flattering to my humble efforts in the game's uplifting to publish in these columns. At the same time, accept my thanks for your good feel- ings and expressions of appreciation. LEAGUE FOOTBALL ADMIRER.— Thanks for your observations and sugges- tions re Coast League Football. I have long maintined that the quality of "Com- bination" play we now see is but a shadow of its former self. Clubs that had sterling merit in bygone days have naturally aspired to more classy circles, and this decimating of the Combination has brought the stand- ard of play to mere mediocrity. Take Ban- gor, Rhyl, and Denbigh for instance. I would not like to say that the Bangor Reserves even could not soundly thrash the fVooden-spoonists-Denbigh-l.et' alone what I would bet upon Llandud-io or Colwyn Bay doing the same thing. What we really want is, as a correspondent wrote to me last week, a strong Welsh league, embracing all the clubs from Flint to Holyhead, and make two divisions of them, with a final match between the champions of the two sides.

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