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Oodow COAST SENIOR LEAGUE. LLANRWST v. COLWYN BAY. THE ROOSTERS VANQUISHED. Played at Gwydyr-park on Boxing Day. Teams :— Llanrwst; Dick Jones Carter and Mor- gan Francis Williams, R. D. Richards, and Humphrey Roberts Howell, W. A. Williams, W. T. Jones, A. Richards, and Dennis Jones. Colwyn Bay Hall wood D. Roberts and O. E. Williams E. Griffiths, T. McCann, and R. Rowlands G. Hughes, Stanley Hughes, Phillips, N. Pritchard, and R. Jones. Referee Mr. Caleb Thomas, Bangor. I.lanrwst won the toss, and played towards the river. Phillips set the ball rolling. Col- wyn Bay pressed at once, and nearly scored. Carter brought relief. A free kick for Llan- rwst. Howell gained possession, but was checked by R. Rowlands. Dennis got hold, but was charged off the ball by Ned Griffiths. Stanley Hughes now became prominent, and sent in a hot one, and Dick Jones cleared well. A free kick was given Llanrwst. Car- ter sent to Dennis, who forced a corner, which was fruitless. From the kick, Stanley gained possession, and passed to the left. The ball was sent across. Carter again re- lieved. Dennis and Richards were now com- bining, and nearly scored. cliaiice came for the Coiwyn Bay outside left, but he sent wide of the mark. From the kick, Stanley Hughes passed to Jones, who centred, and G. Hughes, the outside right, opened the score for Colwyn Bay, easily beating the home custodian. Llanrwst 1101" realised their position, and kept the ball well up the held. Humphrey Roberts made a pot for goal, going just ever the bar. A iotit was given against Llanrwst when the Colwyn Bay inside right just put ovei the crossbar. From the kick, K. Jones, for Colwyn Bay, secured, and passing to Stanley, who sent the ball to the right, when the outside man came forward, and sent in a lightning shot, and scored o.. Morgan, for Llanrwst, sent in a long shor, and nearly scored from midheld. The ball now travelled up and down bri-kly. but Stanley again made a rush for goal, which he only just missed. Arthur Richards was now showing to ad- vantage, and ran up the field, Hallwood stopping a grand shot irom Richards' foot, at the expense of a corner, which went be- hind. A lree kick for Colwvn Bay almost gave them No. 3. A. Richards and Dennis again did good work, but were repulsed by Ned 1ths. Richards again got hold, and passed to Howell, who was ruled offside when in a good position for goal. Colwyn Bay ran down the field, the ball going be- hind. Howell again showed himself, and tested the Colwyn Bay ciistodian, who was in grand form, and easily cleared. The ball was now in the Llanrwst territorv, and at this stage W. A. Williams was turned oft the field for some reason, and that had a telling effect upon the game. Hallwood was now frequently tested, and brought out some fine saves. L.lanrwst did the pressing for some time, and now showed some good combination. Colwyn Mav slack- ened down, but Stanley kept well up the held, and had a solo run, which was smartly checked by H. D. Richards, who played a sterling game for his side. Howell, for LJan. rwst, now nearly scored, and the return was met by R. D. Richards, who tried a not at goal, j List going over the bar. I rom the kick Dennis got hold, and ran along the left win?, centring well. A. Richards missed his kick! which otherwise might have been a goal for the Roosters. The Roosters continued to press, W. T. Jones tried for goal,and after some midfield play, half-time was called Colwyn Fav, 2 l.lanrwst, 0. ) On resuming, Uanrwst continued to press, and kept up lor a quarter 01 an hour, when Stanley Hughes got clean away and forced a corner, which was well sent in, with the re-'ult thai Stanley Hughes headed the ball into the net, scoring No. Colwyn Fay now realised the game. Phil- lips and Stanley combined well, and were able to get away from mid'ield, and to all appearance, scored a distinctly olisi(le goal, which was awarded them. Humphrey" Ro- berts now played a game 01 his time. and passed to A. Richards, who centred well on several occasions, hut the forwards could npt pass Hallwood today. Lennis now nearly scored for his side with a low shot that would deceive any goiakeeper, andillst missed the mark. From the kick, Phillip" got away, passing C arter, he sent 111 an ol)lj ,iie shot, which found the net. T¡';s was 'ollo\led h\. some midheld play, but Stanley again got away and scored. The game now had* be- come very slow, and time wa.. called Cotwvii lia\ (i LDnrwst, U, COMMENTS. Llanrwst: R. D. Richards, tor his side, played well. Dennis and A. Richards did good work, but we have seen them better. Howell as usual, did some pretty work. The hah-backs did their (luty, Humphrey Roberts tackled vigorously." Carter and Morgan did fair. Carter being more certain on the day. Morgan played more of a half- back Did; Jones, played well in spite of the score Colwyn Bay Colwyn Bay played well, the forwards were very fast on the ball. The halves inclined to roughness. The right full was not verv safe but Hallwood III goal wa excent ional.


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