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Tel No. 13. Telegrams: | ————————"PWLLYCROCHAN," Colwyn Bay L|HG||^ J "HIS First-Class Family Hotel is most JL beautifully situated in its own tinely- F- I wooded Park, in the Bay of Colw)n, commandlUg views; within a short drive of Lunway and and a few minutes walk to the Beach and St^tion^ most desirable winter resi- POST HORSES CARRIAGES. LAWN TENNIS. GOLF. BILLIARDS, &c. SEA BATHING. Pill YCROCHAN: HOTEL, Colwyn Bay. (THE LATE RESIDENCE OF LADY ERSKINE.) 4 COLWYN BAY HOTEL, N. WALES. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY (HOLYHEAD LINE). Telegrams: Colwyn Bay Hotel, Colwyn Bay r— Nat. Telephone No. 9, Excellent service of Express Trains from Manchester, -t «v Liverpool, Midland Counties, and the South. Delightfully situated on the border of the Bay, within a few minutes' walk of the v Colwyn Ba Railway Station. COFFEE RJOM, DRAWING Room, LOUNGE AND BILLIAiti. Room on the Ground Floor, overloo king- the Ba v Tfv ELECTRIC LIGHT 7%' Toe private grounds and terraces form an attractiw promenade for visitot 5, Hotel Porter in Scarlet Uniform meets all train. S CABLES COACH HOUSE. MOTOR GARAGE WITH P T This Hotel has been officially appointed by the Autornobil. Club of Great Britain and Irda'1d During the Season, COACHES start from the Men for themildness and dryness ofit^ > A REDUCED WINTER TARIFF. 11 1UTTCC TUrtontr JB 1^% H TELEGRAMS: METROPOLB, COLWVN BAY.' NA^OH^ 188.^ SPACIOUS PUBLIC ROOMS. DRAWING, WRITING & SMOKE ROOMS. LOUNGE. RECREATION ROOM. r-R! BILLIARD ROONL (2 Tables, DINING ROO)4S (Separate Tables) EXCELLENT CIJISINE. BALLS, DINNERS. kNi) RECEPTIONS CATEIZED FOR. Electri c Light and Bells throughout STOCK ROOMS. MOTOR GARAGE NEAR Hotel Porters meet trains. Manageress-MISS GRISDALE. 43 ;j CONWAY. OAKWOOD PARK HOTEL. The most daintily equipped in the Principality. 18-Hole Golf Links, laid out by Alex. Herd. Play every day. Beautifully sit- uated on the Old Coach Road, half ■ way between • vtXS^i, *». rr^*ffiiiiW ^iir v Conway and the > head of the Sych- nant Pass, WbS&MBL Elevated and gA^. bracing position, i 4 i to ^SjRig £ ?*|P Mountain and Sea fe breeze from three points of the com- pass. j Tennis. Bowling > Green & Billiards. > Electric Light throughout Alfresco Afternoon :^tr* •• ^.ma' Teas on Oakwood Park Lawns. Hotel 'Bus meets Trains. Telegriuns Oakwood, Conway Telephone No. 25, „ ] Mrs. BAILEY, Manageress. Meadowcroft Private Hotel, LLANERCH ROAD AND PROMENADE, ————————— COLWYN BAY. ————————— THE Establish- ment comi-naiids a magnificent view of woods country for many miles. SOLI t h aspect. Private Sitting Room. Separate Tables. Fine Rilliarrl Room Miss M. M. MORRIS (Late Conway Road). Nat. Tel. 226. Telegrains Meadowcroft. "8 é JJ õ g.9 cd 7 8' d'ä ;c:¿¡- 8= œ S 7: q, õE L «J d ] 'C -5 L z 0 0 0 Q dü3œ -l1li 0 U c.:>, < g tI: -< 0' 7 0(14 Z .¡; 'tj Ici < on-9 Z OO. 0 o 71 8 ..c:: .tJ ,¡:: o ¡ c:: A I 0. =" 'tj 'tj O ¡; z. 0,4) g UD J. FRED FRANCIS, THE MEWS, COLWYN BAY. (SUCCESSOR TO EDWIN JONES.) 19 A.l pi FFT PENRHYN ROAD, • U* R L-CC- 1 > COLWYN BAY. TELEPHONE 163. Pianofortes Organs:: Violins Strings. ROOMS FOR LESSONS AND PRACTISING. SPECIALITY: HIGH-CLASS TUNING AND REPAIRING. Tuner to the Pier Pavilions, Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. SOLE AGENT FOR THE "ELECTRELLE" PIANO PLAYER. Special Notice- Large Stock of Music Rolls for Piano Players. Library System. LATEST DESIGNS OF GRAMOPHONES, RECORDS. SEND FOR CATALOGUE. MUSIC CASES. BOUND BOOKS OF MUSIC. SCORES OF ALL LATEST OPERAS. Agent for Pianos by Chappell, Collard, Hopkinson, George Rogers, Bechstein, Bliithner, Gors & Kallmann, Knauss, Steck. IN ORDER TO SUCCEED it is ncoessarv T"M nionFp ta cTTPPinrn •+ ■ to be known. The best way to T^L0!xDER TO SUCCEED it is necessary known is to advertise. The best paSHJ £ ,0™ ^n°wn" best„,Wa? t0 beco™e which to advertise is The North Wak £ which £ !jVertl-e' „ bfst WooUy News." U°" wSkly nS^ The Norti WaIes




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