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Markets and Fairs. WELSH. BANGOR (December 23rd).—Fresh butter. Is. 3d. per lb. eggs, 9 and 10 for Is. beef, (id. to lOd. per lb. mutton, 7d. to IOd. veal, 8d. to lid. pork, 7d. to IOd. fat pigs, 4 'tcl. chickens, b. to Ss. Gd. per couple; ducklings, 3s. C'd. to r>s. 9d. each geese, Sd. per lb. turkeys, IOd. to Is. LLANGl-lFNI (Thursday. December 22nd). -I;titter, Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 12 for Is. beef, 7d. to 9d. per lb. mutton, 8d. to IOd. lamb, d. to IOd. veal, 7d. to 9d. pork, 9d. fat pigs, 4d. to 41d. little pigs, 14s. to 19s each; chickens, IF. Sd. to Is. 9d. fowls. Is. 3d. to Is. 6d. ducks, 2s. 6d. to 3s. tur- keys, 8d. per lb. geese, -ild. to 6d., or from 2 •Ss. 6d. to 7s. each oats, yellow, 13s. 6d. per quarter black, 14s. PWLLHELI (Wednesday, December 21sti. -Iltltter, Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 7 for Is. beef, 7d. to IOd. per 11). mutton, fid. to 9d. pork, 7d. to 10d. porkers, 15s. to 18s. each fat pigs, 4id. per lb. geese, 5s. 6d. to 7s. each clucks, 3s. 6d. to 4s. (id. each. CONWAY (December 23rd), — Butter, Is. 3(1. per lb. fresh eggs. (i for Is. CARNARVON (December 14tli).-I-resli butter, Is. 3d. per lb. eggs, 7 to S for Is. geese, 5s. to 7s. each ducks, 3s. to 3s. 3d. beef, 7d. to 9d. per lb. mutton, 7cl. to 9d. lamb, 8d. to 9d. ENGLISH. CATI LF-. CHESTER (Thursday, December 22nd).- Good attendance of buyers, and a moderate show of cattle. A lair clearance was made, a good trade being done in the best milch cows. I)rices -.Nlilcli cows, llH to £ 24 stirks, /9 to £ '12 and barrens, 13 to il5. No sheep or pigs on oftcr. LEEDS CALF" (Thursday, December 22iub.—A moderate supply of veal calves lian-e been on offer (lt)rlnit the ii,eek, and a fair trade was transacted to-dav. Choice veal made R1d. secondary quality, 7d. and small calves, 5d. to (id. per lb. DUBLIN (Thursday, December 22nd).- Numbers; Beasts, 1,441 sheep, 2,231 and cows, 181. Holiday market. Buyers in fair attendance. Good trade for cattle at 10s. advance. Beef, 40s. to 60s. per cwt. Sheep sold at late rates. Mutton, 5d. to 6id. 4 SALFOHD (Tuesday, December 27th).— A small supply of stock and fewer buyers. Cattle trade slow and prices irregular, but not much different from last week. Fair trade for sheep prices :irm. Calves quiet. At market: Cattle, 1,324; sheep, 4,700; calves, 75. Quotations: Cattle, 4.d. to 6,3d.; sheep, 5d. to Sÿd. calves, 6d. to Sid. GRAIN. MANCHESTER (Thursday, December 22nd).English wheat was 3d. to 6d. lower foreign about unchanged, and slow. Flour very firm. Indian corn Mixed American (old) was quoted at 5s. 2d., but new (on pass- age) was very irregular Plate very firm. Foreign barley about id. dearer. Oats: English and ioreign dull. Bran and offals, 6d. per load dearer. .BIRMINGHAM (Thursday, December 22nd).— Meagre attendance, and business quiet. Pricr's disclosed very little variation from a week agu. English wheat, 12s. 3d. grinding barley, 18s. 3d. (at Sharpness) Bessarabian mai/e, 23s. 9d. (at Sharpness) Plate maize, 21s. 9d. (at Sharpness) English oats. ISs. to 2us. per quarter beans, 12 3d. 1. per WOOL. BRADFORD (Thursday, December 22nd). — There is a holiday tone about the market to-day. The attendance was poor, and busi- ness quiet, although the general average of quotations is about the same as last Thurs- day. Topmakers would in some cases make a concession of jd. in order to obtain business. Reports from Liverpool are to the effect that B.A. wool was a shade easier than London closing rates.