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Venn's Lightning Oough Cure.

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Fur and Feather Show. SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION AT LLAN- DUDNO. FULL LIST OF AWARDS. There was a very good attendance on Saturday at the third annual show of the Welsh Northern Counties Fur and Feather Association, held in Messrs. Jarvis & Wood- yatt's repository, Craigydon, Llandudno, and the event was a great success in every way. There was a record entry of nearly 500, and the exhibits included dogs, poultry, cage-birds, and cats. The dogs were staged in the covered yard of the Mews, while the song birds and most of the other feathered competitors were penned in the range of stables. A pleasing feature of the show was the all-round excellence of the exhibits, particularly in the classes for collies and Airedales. Lady Naylor-Leyland is this year's Presi- dent, and a representative list of Vice-Presi- dents includes the names of Mr. George Bar- ker, Mr. R. E. Birch. J.P., the Hon. L. A. Brodrick. Sir R. Williams-Bulkeley (Lord- Lieutenant of Anglesey), Mr. George Chappell, Mr. Alfred Gatty, Major-General Gough, C.B., C.M.G. (Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey), Mrs. Gough, the Right Hon. Lord Harlech, Mr. C. B. Jones-Mortimer, Mr. T. J. Jones, Mr. J. F. Knott, Mr. W. W. Lecomber, the Right Hon. Sir Charles McLaren (Past-Presi- dent), the Lady Augusta Mostyn, the Right Hon. Lord Mostyn (Past President), Mr. D. Mac Nicol, Mr. R. Norton,the Righf Hon. Lord Penrhyn, Mr. T. Purdy, Colonel Sandbach, J.P., Mr, H. W. Sheldon, Colonel CornwalJis- West (Lord-Lieutenant of Denbighshire), I Mr. R. J. Wood, J.P., Mrs. Wynne Finch, Mr. F. J. Wyndham, Mr. Whitehead, Dr. M. Williams, and Mr. John Walker. The General Committee consists of Colonel Sandbach, J.P. (Chairman), Mr. J. L. F. J. Pike (Vice-President), Messrs. Frank Arun- dale, D. Barraclough. W. Bushnell, C. Chap- lin, W. Coates, G. E. Cragg, W. Cragg, H. Davies, A. Evans, Robert Evans, A. Hinton, John Hughes, G. Jones, R. Jones, H. Jorss, E. Nolan, H. Nevitt, D. G. Roberts, S. W. Roberts, W. Roberts, W. Shingler, John Taylor, and R. T. Wynne. in addition there is a long list of local delegates representing the live Northern Counties. The officers are -—Hon. Solicitors, Messrs. Bone & Lucas, Colwyn Bay and Llandudno Flon. Auctioneer, Mr*. W. C. P. Dew, Bangor Hon. Veterinary Surgeon, Mr. W. J. Bush- nell, M.R.C.V.S., F.E.M.S., Conway; Hon. Auditor, Mr. F. \V. Jones, Llandudno Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Owen Rowland, J.P., Conway Bankers, The National Provincial Bank of England, Limited, Conway Secretary, Mr. G. E, Cragg, Rocklands, Rhos, Colwyn Bay. The Society have been most fortunate in securing the services of Mr. G. E. Cragg as Secretary, and to him a large share of the credit for the success of the Show must be attributed. DOGS. Mr. J. W. Marples, of Haze Grove, near Stockport, was the judge in the dogs' sec- tion. Collie, rough or smooth, dog or bitch 1 and three specials, J. Hughes, Llandudno 2, Mrs. F. Williams, Llandudno 3, Robert Hughes, Bangor; r, Miss Pemberton, Colwyn Bay. Welsh terrier, dog or bitch 1 and snecial, W. Hughes 2, W. & H. P. Jones, Blaenau Festiniog; 3, Robert Prichard, Blaenau Festiniog r, F. Arundale, Colwyn Bay. Welsh terrier, puppv, dog or bitch 1, W. Hughes 2, Robert Prichard 3, W. & H. P. Jones r, Thomas Owen. Fox terrier, dog or bitch 1, reserve, and two specials, Tom J. Williams, Llanerchymedd 2, J. Jackson, Colwyn Bay; 3, W. C. Roberts, Llandudno. Irish terrier, dog or bitch: 1, and special, Owen Williams, Llanrwst 2, T. H. Jones, Colwyn Bay; 3, H. Nevitt, Llandudno Junction. Yorkshire terrier, dog or bitch 2, Miss E. A. Jackson, Colwyn Bay; r, Miss Aspinell Dudley. Spaniel, any variety, dog or bitch: 1 and special, W. Shingler, Colwyn Bay 2, J. Evans, Eglwys- bach; 3 and special, Richard Roberts, De- ganwy. Terrier, any variety not previously mentioned 1 and three specials, John Taylor, Colwyn Bay; 2, Jas. Wyse, Llanrwst; 3, John Taylor, Colwyn Bay r, J. H. Rees, Llandudno. Novice class: 1, J. Hughes; 2. W. Hughes, Llandudno; 3, John Taylor; r, Miss B. Craig. Any variety, puppy: 1, John Tavlor; 2, J. Hughes; 3, William Hughes r, Mrs. F. Williams. Any variety, non-sporting: 1, J. Hughes; 2, and special, Mrs. Treleaven Jones 3, Robert Hughes; r, Miss B. Craig, Llandudno. Children's class 1 and two specials, John Taylor 2, Thomas Williams, Llandudno 3, J. Williams, Beaumaris; r and special, Tom Hewitt. Local classes.—Any variety, sporting: I, John Taylor 2, G. J. Gynes, Colwyn Bay 3, R. E. Birch, Colwyn Bay r, T. H. Morgan, Rhos-on-Sea. Any variety, non-sporting: 1, J. Hughes 2, Mrs. Treleaven Jones, Col- wyn 3, Hugh Heap, Colwyn Bay r, Mrs. F. Williams special, Miss K. Davies. Members' classes.—Any variety, sporting 1, John Taylor 2, William Hughes 3, W. R. Humphreys, Bangor r, R. E. Birch. Any variety, non-sporting 1, J. Hughes 2, Mrs. Treleaven Jones 3, Robert Hughes r, Miss B. Craig. POULTRY. Mr. R. Bowker, Mount Cottage, Nantwich, Andalusian, Minorca, or' "or hen: 1, William Lloyd, Pwllheli; 2", John Evans, Llangernyw 3, S. R. Butler, Rhos- on-Sea. Ancona. or Campine, cock or hen 1 and 3, A. Hinton, Conway 2, W. R. Owen, Holywell. Orpington, any variety: 1 and two specials, A. E. Lloyd 2, George Hughes, Llandudno 3, William Lloyd. Plymouth Rock or Croad Langshan: 1. W. Lloyd 2, Watkin Samuel, Wrexham; 3, J. Walker. Wyandotte, cock or hen 1 and special, S. R. Butler 2 and 3, W. R. Owen. Any other variety except bantams, cock or hen: 1, John Evans; 2, W. Lloyd; 3, R. J. Wood, I Rhos-on-Sea. Selling class, any variety: 1, John Evans; 2, George Hughes; 3, W. Lloyd. Bantam, Modern Game, cock or hen I and two specials, L. B. Rowland, Wrex- ham 3, W. Lloyd. Bantam, Old Englsh Game, cock or hen 1,2, and 3, G. E. Cragg, Rhos-on-Sea. Bantam, any other variety except Game 1, Henrv Jorss, Llanfair- fechan 2, R. J. Wood 3, Wm. Lloyd. Duck or drake, any variety 1, Rev. O. Kyffin W il- liams, Llanerchymedd. PIGEONS. Mr. Bowker was again the judge in this department, as also in the cage bird classes. Working Homer, cock 1, Ll. Williams, Penmaenmawr 2, C. Neal, Llandudno 3, W. Jones, Llandudno r, John R. Thomas, Llandudno. Ditto, hen: 1, Mrs. M. Luther, Llandudno 2 and reserve, John R. Thomas 3, G. W. Jones, Llangollen. Ditto, rung 1910 1, John R. Thomas 2, Chas. P. Jones, Abergele 3 and special, S. W. Roberts, Llan- dudno r, Ll. Williams. Ditto, flown 73— 100 miles 1 and 3, W. Jones 2, Chas. P. Jones: r, John R. Thomas. Ditto, flown 100-300 miles 1, S. W. Roberts 2, Henry Jorss 3, J. R. Thomas r, C. Neal. Carrier, Dragon, or Pouter 1 and special, 1.1. Wil- liams 2, Owen Williams, Llanllechid r, Henry Jorss. Show Homer, cock 1 and special, Ll. Williams; r, J. Emlyn Owen, Llandudno. Ditto, hen 1 and 2, Henry Jorss; 3, Owen Williams; r, J. Emlyn Owen. Magpie 1, special and reserve, Henry. Jorss. Tumbler, any variety, long-faced 1 and 3, Ll. Williams: 2, G. W. Jones; r, Owen Williams. Ditto, short-faced 1, Owen Williams. Exhibition living homer 1 and special, G. W. Jones; 2," Owen Williams; 3, Henry Jorss r, J. Jackson, Colwyn Bay. Jacobin 1, 2, and r, W. Evans, Llanllechid. Any other variety: 1, J. Jackson 2 and r, Ll. Williams. Any variety, rung 1-110 and special, Ilenry Jorss 2. J. Jackson 3 and r, 1.1. Williams. Gilt: 1, Ll. Williams; 2, 3, and r, Henry Jorss. CAGE BIRDS. Norwich plainhead, yellow, clear, ticked, or varieeated 2, 3, special, and c, H. W. Shel- don, Llandudno r, Gwilvm Jones, Llandud- no vhc, W. H. Williams lie, John Williams, Ditto, buff: 1,3, and r, H. W. Sheldon 2, J. Williams, Beaumaris; special, David Jones; vhc and hc, Edgar E. Griffith c, Gwilym Jones. Yorkshire yellow: 1, 2, and special, J. L. F. J. Pike, Penmaenmawr 3, P. G. Jones r, W. S. Williams. Ditto, buff 1 and r, J. L. F. J. Pike; 2 and 3, R. W. Thompson, Llandudno. Any other variety canary: 1, W. H. Williams, Beaumaris: r, George Evans. British goldfinch: 1, John Williams 2, John Thomas, Llandudno. Mule dark or lieht: 1, W. S. W illiams, Upper Bangor; 2, J. H. Relf, Llandudno; r, George Evans. Any other variety, British bird (hard or soft bill) 1 and special, Edgar E. Griffith, Llandudno 3, H. D. Elias, Llandudno r, E. Nolan, Lady Forester Home. Any variety canary (novice) 1 and 2, H. D. Elias 2, E. Nolan 3, Edward Davies, Llandudno. Selling (any variety): 1, H. W. Sheldon.

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