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At Short Notice

Venn's Lightning Oough Cure.


Venn's Lightning Oough Cure. Its remarkable sale of over 2.000,000 bottles annually. The remarkable demand created for Veno's Lightning Cough Cure to the extent of over two million bottles annually, is due not so much to judicious advertising as to the won- derful purity, safety and efficacy of the remedy itself. It simply stands alone as a certain cure for coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, influenza, all chest and lung troubles in children or adults. Chemists sell it, price 9id.) is. lid,) and 2s. gd. a bottle. marks seemed to become merged in the snow. Yet Ethel had walked that same path hun- dreds of times before. She wouid have been almost ready to have attempted it bliudfold. Yet now she felt all misty and confused, with a, certain horror lest she had taken a wrong road. The darkness shut down, too, with ap- palling swiftness. The trees wore rocking in the wind, a stinging powder of snow tingled on the girl's face until she winced in posi- tive pain. She turned her back to the gale for one moment whilst she fought breath, then she staggered on again till the great white drift rose up beyond her knees, and further progression became impossible. It seemed to the girl that her mind was going now and that she was sinking down into a dreamless sleep. She remembered in a vague kind of way tales and stories of travel- lers lost in the snow, and how they had actu- ally lain clown and perished within a stone's throw of warmth and safety. With a great effort she struggled to her feet and attempted to push her way forward. It was just a chance now whether she made her way through or not, for the darkness was thick and black as velvet. She could feel nothing but the tingie of the snow on her face. All she knew was that whatever hap- pened she must keep upon her feet, that the least weakness or fear on her part would bring the end about. She braced herself up presently and cried aloud for help. Surely it was possible that somebody was abroad in the neighbourhood, for dark and desolate as it was, she was yet within half a mile of the village and almost within hearing distance of civilisation. She bitterly regretted that she hau not accepted the offer of a lantern which one of the villagers had tendered her. Once more she opened her lips and cried aloud, and this time it seemed as if her call was not in vain. Surely she could hear some- one coming whistling down the road. Surely that spot of light dancing before her eyes must be a lantern carried by some guardian angel in the shape of a villager. Once more the scream for assistance broke distractedly from the girl's lips. "All right," a welcome voice said cheer- fully. "I'm coming. Stay where you are and I am certain to find (To be continued.)

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