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Useful versus Useless Christmas Presents. In this utilitarian age the practice of giving Christmas presents for which the recipient can find no ultimate use has largely been replaced by that of thoughtful enquiry as to his or her especial needs, and, as a result, the selection of an object which brings the glad ejaculation, That's just what I wanted." Of course, this entails more trouble on the part of the donor, but the reward is pro- portionate in knowing that one's present will not only be treasured as a gift, but used with profit on account of its practical value. Let us give a hint as regards choosing a useful and suitable Christmas gift. Fully half the life of the normal man and woman is spent out of doors, in the pursuit of either business or recreation. Sport claims its votaries from amongst every family and class, and weather conditions play an almost unrealizable part in the every-day life of the average citizen. What could be better or more appropriate, and withal more welcome, than a weather- proof garment in which to face the worst climate conditions without danger to health or comfort? Of course, the garment must be really weatherproof, and one that can be relied on to do its part efficiently and permanently at the same time, it must not be one that by inducing perspiration and fatigue causes more ills to bodily health than its protection was designed to overcome. In this respect we know of no better, more hygienic, reliable or becoming weatherproof than a Burberry. Everywhere one goes one sees these re- markable weatherproof garments worn by golfers, anglers, motorists, and those of both sexes and of all ages who lead an out-door life. If you are sufficiently intimate to ask a sportsman or sportswoman of such exper- ience who are their tailors, it is ten to one they will answer Burberrys, for not only does the firm produce garments in the shape of suits and topcoats for men, and gowns, hats and overcoats for ladies that are really weatherproof whilst faultlessly air-free, but these self-name garments bear the hall-mark of distinction, smartness and aptitude for the pursuit for which they are designed. A special feature about a Burberry as dis- tinct from other garments of its kind is that, being woven and proofed by exclusive pro- cesses, its resistance to weather lasts as long as its texture coheres; another is that the proofing fixes and preserves the colourings in such a manner that neither sun or rain have any effect on their pristine beauty. Thus a Burberry garment looks well and does its work efficiently until the very end. The following are a few points to aid selec- tion when choosing a Burberry garment for a particular purpose:—For a Golfer, a Bur- berry Klis Suit which expands and contracts to the slightest strain and always looks neat and workmanlike, together with The Bur- berry Weatherproof and Airylight Topcoat. For the Angler, a Burberry Gabardine Suit, and once more the Burberry as an auxiliary. For the Shooting man either of the above outrigs. For the Motorist and Traveller, the Rusitor Burberry, a veritable coat of nail against driving rain-sand cold winds. For the Townsman, T!he Urbitor, a smart, square-shouldered weatherproof topcoat. For. Ladies, A Burberry Gown taken from an innumerable variety of models again The Burberry Weatherproof, and a: Burberry Hat to match, trimmed with a dainty little bunch of natural undyed feathers in brilliant and sulbdued tones. If this advice is followed out there need be no difficulty regarding the Christmas present, and a supremely useful, healthful and alto- gether, delightful article of attire will have found its way into the recipient's wardrobe. Burberrys, 'needless to say, are the famous firm of the Haymarket, London, but that need make no difficulty in obtaining what is required, as they have agents in practically every provincial town. Their agents here are W. S. Williams, & Sons, The Pioneer, Llandudno, where Burberry materials in a large variety of colourings, patterns and textures, and Burberry Models in the latest and most up-to-date designs, can always be inspected.

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