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IAbergele District Council


Llandudno County School.

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Llandudno Petty Sessions,


Llandudno Petty Sessions, A FISHERMAN'S OFFENCE. The usual Sessions were held at Llandudno on Monday, presided over by Col. the Hon. H. Lloyd Mostyn. The other magistrates present were Dr. Dalton, Dr. M. J. Morgan, Messrs. J. W. Raynes, Robert Roberts, John Dowell, the Mayor of Conway, Hugh Owen, and E. E. rone with the Magistrates' Clerk (Mr. James Porter). LICENSING. Applications for extension of the licence of the Grand Hotel on Boxing Day and on the 31st December, on the occasion of visi- tors' dances, were granted. Similar applications on behalf of the Queen's Hotel, were granted for the 29th inst., on the occasion of a dance, and on the lIth January, on the occasion of the Corinth- ian Football Club's whist drive. Another application from the Deganwy Castle Hotel, for the 6th of January, on the occasion of a charity entertainment, was also granted. The Clerk stated that it must be under- stood that no one would be allowed to enter the premises after 11 p.m. A LANDLORD AND HIS RATES. R. H. Brown, Madoc-street, Llandudno, was summoned lor district ratesoy the Urban District Council. Mr. A. Conolly, the Clerk of the Council. stated that the claim was for 18 Os. 7d. due in respect of property the defendant possessed in Prospect-terrace and other parts of the town. The defendant had raised the point that they were annual tenants, but he had failed to produce any satisfactory document- ary evidence in support of his contention. Mr. H. O. Evans, the rate collector, gave evidence. Mr. J. E. Hallmark for the defendant, questioned the witness and read a letter which was sent by the defendant. For the defence Mr. Hallmark said that the houses were assessed over the prescribed amount, and that they were not let in weekly tenements or flats, but that they were annual tenancies. George Stanley Brown, a nephew of the defendant, said he collected the rents, and saw to the letting of his uncle's property. The witness produced several agreements between the tenants of the houses and the landlord alleging annual tenancies. The tenants paid rent to him as they could. It was neither a Monday or a Saturday, but any dav. Cross-examined, he said that the agree- ment was written at the time it was signed. After several questions were put to. him. the witness admitted that they had not been written the same time, but a few days after- wards. He denied scratching anything out. The Magistrates made a thorough exami- nation of the agreement, and the Clerk said it was evident that it had been altered. The witness swore that the words annual tenancy were put in the agreement before thev were signed. Mr. Hallmark said he did not know that there was anything wrong with one of the documents, but in any case, it was perfectly clear that if it was an annual tenancy, they must demand the rates from the occupiers and not the landlord. He was instructed that the tenants were perfectly willing to pay the rates, and that they were waiting for the person to collect them. Mr. Conolly said he was advised that that was not so. The Chairman We decide to make the order for payment. Mr. Hallmark asked whether the Magis- trates would state a case, if he decided to apply for one later. The Magistrates' Clerk said it would be done if he served notice in the usual way A FISHERMAN'S OFFENCE. John Jones (jun.), of the fishing smack Grace. was summoned by the official of the Lancashire and Western Sea Fishery Board for using a trawl under the regulation size. Defendant pleaded ignorance of the law. Mr. S. R. Dew, for the Fishery Board, said he need not point out the importance of pre- venting the taking of immature fish, which naturally prejudiced the stock of fish. On the 22nd November, Captain Wignall. of the steamship Jamps Fletcher. a patrol boat under this Board, was in the Conway Bav, and he observed the (truce trawling. He sent out two men from his ship. and it was found that they were fishing with a net which instead of being a six inch mesh, was less than five inches. The bye-laws were published in Conway and all along the coast. The fish- eries must be protected, and it was only by taking proceedings that this could be done. Deputy Chief Constable Rees, in reply to the Magistrates, said the defendant was a native of Llandudno. In reply to the Chairman, Mr. Dew said the notices were posted up, but he could not say whether they were in Welsh as well as English. Mr. Dew further stated that the defendant had his boat in the Conway River, «nd he and his father lived on her. A fine of Is. and costs was imposed, and on the application of Mr. Dew, the net was forfeited

..-.-.--County Court Abolished.



IAbergele District Council