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IAbergele District Council


I Abergele District Council GAS: THE FAVOURITE TOPIC. I WORK FOR THE UNEMPLOYED. The monthly meeting of the Abergele and Pensarn Urban. District Council was held at the Council Chamber, on Monday even- ing, Mr. E. Williams, J.P., in the chair. Other members present were Messrs. H. E. Pritchard (Vice-Chairman), W. J. Evans, H. E. Thomas, Thomas Davies, J. Ed- wards (Pensarn), J. Edwards (Tanyfron), J. I Pierce, Thomas Evans, J. Hannah, Isaac Roberts, J. Buchanan, Robert Roberts, and W. P. Morris, with the Clerk (Mr. E. A. Crabbe), and the Surveyor (Mr. M. R. Jones). NO DEPUTY CLERK. Jones). Mr. W. P. Morris asked if Mr. D. Thomasr formerly clerk in the employ of Mr. Crabbe, still held the deputy clerkship to the Coun- cil, and it was explained that such was not the case. SURVEYOR'S SALARY. The Surveyor's application for an increase in his salary had been before the Finance Committee at their meeting on Friday even- ing, when it was decided to defer the matter for a month, in order to give the Councillors an opportunity of considering it in all its bearings. THE ETERNAL GAS. At the same meeting, on the motion of Mr. Thomas Evans, the following resolu- tion had been discussed and passed: — That, in view of the heavy gas bills, the time of lighting the public lamps be re- duced by haif-an-,hour, and that taps be placed between the meters and the gas mains." The Chairman said that he was not quite sure whether the Council had a specific agreement with the Abergele Gas Company to the effect that they were bound to keep the street lamps lit for any certain time at night. If such was the case, then he had made a mistake in voting for the resolution Mr. J. Pierce We are morally and legally bound by the agreement we made with the Gas Company when they promised to reduce the price of gas. Mr. H. E. Pritchard moved, and Mr. W. L Evans seconded, that the minutes of the Finance Committee be confirmed and signed. Mr. J. Edwards (Tanyfron) moved, as an amendment, that they be referred back. He had gone into the matter very carefully, and found that the saving to the Council by adopting Mr. Evans' great scheme would be less than one-sixteenth of a penny per lamp. If the resolution was carried, it would be a breach of the agreement they had made with the Gas Company. He had, also, no hesitation in reminding the Council that, as Chairman of the Gas Company's Board of Directors, he would advise his colleagues that it was also open for them to break the agreement made as to the price of gas to the Council. Mr. W. P. Morris said he objected to Mr. Edwards speaking in that threatening manner. Mr J. Pierce I hold no brief for the Gas Company, but we are bound by agreement made between us for this year at least. The Clerk then read a letter written to the Council by Mr E. H. Millward, clerk-to the Gas Company, in which it was stated that it was the intention of the Company to reduce the price of gas to the Council from the ist of January, from 55 to 4s 6d per thousand cubic feet for kern burners, and to 4s for the self-intensifying variety, on the condition that the town be "efficiently lighted." Mr H. E. Prichard maintained it was most irregular for Mr Edwards as chairman of the Gas Company to hold a brief for them in the discussion. Councillors should study the interests of the ratepayers. There was nothing in the letter just read which con- vinced him that there was a breach of con- tract. Their gas bills were going up by leaps and bounds, and they as a Council should not be dictated to by the chairman of the Gas Company. The matter had been discussed by the Finance Committee at great length, and it had been proved that if the lamps were extinguished, even an hour earlier, it would be no inconvenience to any- one. Of course, Mr -Edwards had consulted his colleagues on the matter, and they had naturally painted the outlook as black as possible. The Surveyor could -rove that the saving would be considerably more than the one-sixteenth of a penny, as suggested by Mr Edwards, whose remarks did not reflect creditably on himself, or the Gas Company. Messrs W. J. Evans, J. Pierce, W. P. Morris, Thomas Evans, and' the Survevor, having further spoken, Mr Edwards said I take exception to the impudent and insulting remarks of Mr Prichard, and I think he ought to be made to withdraw them. Mr Prichard: I should like to know in what way I have insulted Mr Edwards. If I have done so, I am quite willing to apologise. Eventually, the motion to confirm the min. utes, was carried by ten votes to three. HOT AND COLD. At a meeting of the Fire Brigade Com- mittee, held on 1 rid ay, it had been recom- mended to spend one hundred and twenty six pence sterling on a slow combustion stove to heat the Fire Station.-Confirmed. A letter liad also been read, at the same meeting, from the Rhyl Water Works Com- pany, iauthorising the Council to use the main hydrants in the town for testing purposes.— Thanks very much. A GOOD SIGN At a meeting of the Sanitary Committee, a l lan, showing improvement to be made at Mr Sheffield's auction mart, had been sub- mitted, and passed. -confirmed WHY NOT THIRTY? At a meeting of the Streets and Works Committee, held previous to the general meeting that evening, the question of enter- ing into a three years' contract for main roads maintenance with the County Council, had been dfscussed, and deferred for further consideration. BRAVO! Mr J. Edwards (Tanyfron) said that he had been favourably struck with the sugges- tion, made by Mr John Burns, President of the Local Government* "Board, some time ago, to the effect that it would be advisable for public bodies, cointempLaftmg making any improvements in their districts, on which extra money was to be spent, to proceed with the woffc, if possible, during the winter months, when so many men were out of work. Seeing, therefore, that there was a large number of men unemployed in Aber- gele, at the present moment, he (Mr Ed- wards) suggested that the Council should forthwith apply for a loan Tn order to pro- ceed with the large amount of work they had in contemplation, under the Promenade Im- provement Scheme. Mr J. Pierce agreed that it would be a very desirable step to take. The Chairman Couldn't we go on with the new drain in. Sea-road at once?


Llandudno County School.

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Llandudno Petty Sessions,

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IAbergele District Council