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A Penmaenmawr Parliamentary Candidate. A SOUTH WALES ELECTION. MR. W. F. PHILLIPS' EXPLANATION. Mr. W. F. Phillips, B.A., B.D., who made such a strenuous fight tor Liberalism in the Gower division ot Glamorganshire, is rent- ing at Ms home in Paradise Crescent, Pen- maenmawr. Interviewed by our representative yester- day, Mr. Phillips threw considerable light upon the confusion which prevails in Liberal circles as to his reason for opposing Mr. John Williams, the Labour representiave in the Gower division. He said: ''In North Wales there seems to be tremendous con- fusion as to what the fight was about, <'I,d I think the industrial districts in the North should know the real reason. We were told at the start that Tr. John. Williams, like my- self, was a good Liberal, and an attempt was made to cry off the fight on that ground. Then he came out as a Labour man pure and simple, and denied that he was bound by pledge to the Labour Party or any other party, but, at last, in his election address, he committed himself to the collective owner- ship of land and capital. A remarkable thing is that Mr. Kefr Hardie, the Labour leader, declared that Mr. John Williams was pledged to the Labour Party, and was paid from the funds of that party. So we were perfectly entitled to say that the fight in Gower was not between Liberalism and Labour, but a fight between Liberalism and Socialism, and the number of votes polled proved that over 4,500 people subscribed to that view, and it is very interesting that, had it not been for the fact that the Con. servatives had been instructed to vote for the Labour man, the Liberals would have won the seat outright. Another remark- able thing is that Mr. John Williams' prin- cipat speakers were Socialists of a most pro- nounced type, and most of my hecklers were Members of the Independent Labour Party and other Socialistic organisafions. After the declaration of the poll, Mr. John Wil- liams himself declared that the result of the election was the death-knell of Liberalism in Gower, so that it was quite evident that the fight was a fight between Liberalism and Socialism. The imported speakers were, al. most to a man, advanced Socialists, and a curious mixture they were. One man was an Agnostic of a very advanced type. An- other was a minister who had left one church to start a brotherhood church of his own. There were several other minis- ters on his platform, all of whom were well-ktnown Socialists. Taking a general, view of the whole campaign, Mr. Williams' principal supporters were Englishmen. He had, of course, some Welsh speakers, but from what I could gather, they were certain. ly no friends of Wales. I want to say this," continued Mr. Phillips; "We found that Mr. Lloyd George's support of Mr. George Lansbury, in London, was a perpetual thorn in the flesh, and it is a somewhat singular fact that Mr. Lloyd George could give his benediction to a Socialist in London, and could not give his 1 benediction to a Liberal candidate in Gower, who had been selected by the largest meeting of delegates in the constitu- ency, and who came to the unanimous con. elusion that it was their duty to prevent the seat from slipping ifflto the hands o! SS enemy on this occasion without a contest. the funds were subscribed largely bv miners and tinplate workers in the constitu- ency so that it is absurd to say that it was a vt ou-!reCVhf classes and the masses." Mr. I hi 1 lips declared his intention of again nghting Gower for the Liberal cause.

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