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THE INFLUENCE OF I CHRISTMAS. CHRISTMASTIDE is a festival which we all welcome for many and various reasons, not the least potent of which is that it touches the very finest chords in human nature. "It is," in the words of Washington Irving, "the season of regenerated feeling,— the season for kindling, not merely the fire of hospitality in the hall, but the genial flame of charity in the heart." Nearly two thou- sand years Tiave passed since the Man of Sor- rows lived on this earth, lightening the load of the weary and heavy-laden, sympathising with the suffering, healing the sick, and rais- ing the dead and it is something to be very grateful for that the influence of His example not only persists to this day, but has proved an ever-increasing power. "He cureth all manner of diseases," wrote a contemporary historian. His gospel was a gospel of human- I ity, and it is the great aim of all those who seek to live that gospel to help their fellow men In times of sickness and distress. Truly has it been written that "Christians from the first nianifested a spirit of charity, even to- wards those who were not Christians, and proved their sincerity by many acts of devotion. Hospitals and other institutions of mercy we owe to Christianity." Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, and it is therefore fitting that on such a day an appeal should be made to the churches of our land to support a movement which has a truly Christ-like object, that of relieving and ultimately stamping out a form of dis- a t, ease which, unfortunately, is only too pre- valent in our midst. As is well-known, it has been decided that the Welsh National Memorial to King Edward VII. shall take the form of a national crusade against con. sumption. This decision has commended it. self at once to the loyal sentiments and religious) convictions of the people of Wales. I he Executive Committee appeal, therefore, to the Christian congregations throughout the Principality to support the movement. That there is urgent need for making such an effort as the eradication of tuberculosis is y too true. Scarcely a fami]y in w j si re"" rf Mng °f *he of £ b dnd when we think of the terrible consequences that if brings in its train, we are all -of us ready to do all in our power on behalf of the sufferers. The movement, ».v £ M.P, noble donation of £ 25,000, is making trood nm<iro », about /i7cooo his W Pr°gress- Already wn. 7:" ° lViS been Promised, but a \er\ large amount is «tin j than /vU „ r required, 110 less and Sinat'orT-i', anTo^hefl^8' supplied. agencies, can be We sincerely hope, therefore, that a genet. the r„r:se win,66 David JMvJr" Church<!s >0' Mr ^ctvies on behalf of the Executive Committee. As he executive hand of rone ? P°ints out'the cold HenealTU™P 11 U<'8 W"y W<"eS' ene«h the blows of this enemy, thousands ve-r wt,,Pe°: -,Slnli iM° ,h«ir «*• J' ,stl" larS« number of victims ose the.r powers of useful service. More It cl"ir V?*tbM— ««> and imr pam and *-rr"w and want, of the TS a bu,<fen "PO" ">e backs be allowed to continue its devastating course, when medical science is able to withstand its attacks, and even, if given the necessary sup- port to sweep it out of the land? A hard fight it will certainly be, even when the financial resources are available, but on every consideraion, (humane, economic, and religious, it is a fight well worth waging, and the (results will ,be worth sacrificing for For these and many other reasons, we cordially endorse the appeal to the churches, and ask all our readers, irrespective of creed or social position or any other distinction, to help this Christian movement by all the means in their power. May the benign in- fluence of Christmas touch their tender- est sentiments of brotherhood and sympathy.


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