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Penmaenmawr Territorials.

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Denbighshire EducationI Authority.'

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A Right Merrie Yuletide Feast. We understand that the The Banquet Place of Historic Penrhyn Old Hall, is to witness, on the Saturday of New Year week, a re- vival of its old time hospitalitv. For the first time, during the past century, the ruddy glare of the huge log fire, will re- flect in the faces of a jovial crowd bidden to the Christmas feast. Although the ceremony will lose some of its picturesqueness, fur want of colouryr doublet and hose of other days, we are sure it will lose nothing in cheerfulness, for the Boar's Head and Turkey will figure on the Oaken board, the Wassail bowl dispense Punch, and the Demijohns run again with old ale. The occasion is a second supper for help- ers and well-wishers, given annually by Mr E. Booth Jones, "The Antiquary," Manches. ter, the present proprietor of this wonderful old building, which is on record (vide the works of Lelande, and her ancient histor- ians) to have existed since 1422. The gathering is to celebrate the restora- tion, after over a century of disuse, of this truly "Baronial Hall," an apartment with floor space of over 100 square yards. It has a wonderfully moulded roof, massive pillars, cavernous chimney place, and is an additional attraction to Penrhyn Old Hall. which has been appreciated during the past summer season by over 10,000 visitors from all parts of the world.