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1a.4- Abergele Smithfield The show and sale of Christmas fat stock took place in the above Smithfield, on Mon- day, and the Auctioneer, Mr C. P. Sheffield, must be congratulated on the excellent lot of stock he had got together. There was a great increase in numbers on last year, and the quality of the stock was of the'best, the majority of cattle being of nice weights and of the class best suited, and most profitable to the butcher. The judges were :Cattle Mr Sawbridge, Wigan, and Mr Pugh, Mold; sheep and calves Mr 5pence, Macclesfield, and Mr Jones, Moid; pigs: Mr Capper. Macclesfield, and Mr Redmayne, Preston. The work of the judges was watched by a large number, and their awards gave satis- faction in every case, the prices realised at the sale bearing out their iudgment. AWARDS. Class i.-Chanipil),q fat bullock or heifer: 1st, Mrs Rowley Conwy, sold at £30 lOS, to Mr Redmayne, Preston. Reserve Mr T. H. Roberts, the Stag, sold at £22 10s. to Mr Sawbridge, Wigan. Class 2.—Best fat bullock or heifer with not more than two broad teeth: ist, Mrs Rowley Conwy, sold at £19 12s 6d, to Mr Redmayne. Reserve Mr J. G. Gratton, sold at ZiS 10s, to Mr. Redmayne. Class 3.—Best 6 fat beast: 1st, Mr T. H. Roberts, realising £ 128 12s 6d, and purchased by Messrs II. & R. Roberts, Sawbridge, and Redmayne. Reserve Mr W. Owen, Faeuol, (realising £ 112, and isoid to Messrs Red- mayne and Bevin. Class 4.-Best pair fat heifers or bullocks ist: Mrs Rowley Conwy, sold at £50 2s 6d, to Mr Redmayne. Reserve: Mr T. H. Ro- berts, sold at Z41 15s, to Messrs H 4 R. Roberts. Class 5.-Best fat cow: ist. Mrs Rowley Conwy, sold at ^20, to Mr Redmayne 2nd. The Hon. Edward Mostyn, sold at jC16 15s, to Messrs H. & R. Roberts. Class 6.—Best fat bull: 1st, The Hon. Edward Mostyn, sold at 124 qs. to Mr E. Jones, Llanrwst; 2nd, Mr Roberts. Aber- gele, sold at £ 23 ios, to Messrs H. &- R. Roberts. Class 7.-Best 10 Welsh wethers (given by Mr John Williams, the Harp Hotel) 1st. Mr John Owen, sold at 36s each, to Mr Roper, Colwyn Bay; 2nd, Mr R Morris, sold at 34s each. to Mr Davies. Class S.—Best 10 fat lambs: ist, Mr Rich- ard Jones, sold at 30s each, to Mr Red- mayne 2nd, Mr J. Morris. Llettu. sold at 28s, to Mr Roberts. Class g.-Best 10 wethers any breed (given by Mr John Williams, Ihe Harp Hotelt 1st, Mr Owen, Hendre Bach. sold at 355 3d, to Mr Roper. Reserve: Mr Harrop, sold at 36s 6d, to Mr Roper. Class 10.—Best fat calf: 1st. Mr Lloyd Ellis. sold at 71s, to Mr Sawbridge. Re- serve Mr Joseph Roberts, sold at 70s. to Mr Redmayne. Class I I.-Best 2 bacon pigs (given bv Mr Capper) ist, Mr Owen. Llanfair, sold at £ 14, to Mr Capper. Reserve: Mr W. H. Jones. sold at Lii, to Mr E. Jones Class 12: Best 2 porkers • i<t. Mr W. Cragg, Bryn Euryn, sold at icq 6d. to Mr Pe.arce, Peilrhynside. Reserve: Mr D. Morris, sold at 50s, to Messrs Lilwall and Lewis. Class 11. The vendor of the largest amount of stock during the year Mr Richard Jones, Peiitre Ucha SPECIAL PRIZES Class 15, (given by Messrs Silcock and Sons, per their agent. Mr Evan Roberts, Llansannan).—Best pair of bullocks fed on their cake 1st, Mr T. H. Roberts, sold at £ 44 5s, to Messrs H. & R. Roberts ,nd. Mr T. H. Roberts, sold at £ 41 12S 6d. to Mr Redmayne 3rd, Mr T. H. Roberts, sold at £42 15s, to Messrs H. ec R. Roberts, and SawBriuge. Class 16. (given by Mr William Roberts, corn merchant, Rbyl).-Best fat beast fed on cake or meal supplied by him Mrs Rowley C-onwv, sold at L30 lOS, to Mr Redmayne. At the sale following, there was a large attendance of buyers, from a large area, pur- chases being made to go into Lancashire, Staffordshire", and Cheshire. The biddings were. brisk, and the opinion was freely ex- pressed that a most satisfactory trade was met, especially so for cattle, all being sold with the exception of two lots There was a large entry oi sheep and pigs; extra ac- commodation having to be provided, but the demand was hardly so good as expected. Taken altogether, the show of stock would rival any seen in the district. The numbers and quality of the stock shown in this market improves every Sale, and it is now generally felt that the Abergele Smithfield has bee.orne a necessity to the growers and feeders of stock in the district. Mr Sheffield. in open- ing his remarks at the commencement of the sale, stated that Mrs Rowley Conwv. through her agent, Mr W. Conwy Bell, would give prizes of C5, Z3, and £1, at the Christmas Sale, next year. This should further en- courage the fanners in the district to keep their stock, and show it at this sale. The opening sale of the New Yf'.a.r, takes place on Monday, January 9th.

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