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Denbighshire and the Welsh National Memorial. The movement so successfully begun at Denbigh last November, is making good pro- gress. We understand that about £ 20,000 is wanted in this county alone, and we trust that when the collectors to be appointed come round, every one will be prepared to put his hand in his pocket and contribute his quota to this great and worthy object. For the information of our readers we will specify in more detail its aims. It is in- tended in the first place as a National Mem- orial to the late Kin<_f, not to be wrought in brass or marble, but in the flesh and bones of our descendants. It is a practical scheme having for its object the stamping out prim- arily of consumption and the upbuilding of a strong and healthy physical condition of the people and a strong State. For this purpose it is to be both curative and pre- ventive. As a curative movement it will erect Sanatoria for advanced cases of consump- tion and model dispensaries and attendance for less advanced patients, all these to be accessible to the poorest classes. As preventive, it wil! institute lectures and educational propaganda on health, so that we may see this treacherous and malign disease, that creeps upon us without our knowing it, and is more treacherous because of its plausible and innocent appearances in its first stages, ultimately driven from our midst. There is another ground on which it can make its appeal. It is a movement of the people, and it is a MOVEMENT FOR THE PEOPLE. As has been stated, every penny will do something, a shilling will pay for an educa- tional poster, a pound will pay for a set of lantern slides, £ 5 will pay for a lecture, and all will help in providing the Sanatoria and Dispensaries intended for those who cannot afford to go to private homes. But before anyone will support this move- ment, two points may occur to his mind— (1) Whether it is practicable; and (2) Is it worth' it ? To answer these questions, it is only neces- sary to look at the facts. We do not suppose there is any movement that has had the dis- interested support of so many Medical men. This in itself speaks volumes as to its prac- ticability, and these are the words of Pro- fessor Osier We have learned how to pre- vent this disease-we have learned how to cure it; a generation should see a reduction, of 50 per cent. in deaths and a victory as memorial as that which has been won against typhus and typhoid." The second question is-Is it worth it ? We do not think this question can be answered except in one way, by all those who have the well-being and health of the country at heart. Without health, nothing can be done. A strong physical body, as Schopenhauer says, is the preliminary of material as of intellectual development. We trust the movement will have the assistance aIt: aUf CqDunittee appointed in the different portions of the county to carry on the work of getting sub- scriptions will be enthusiastically supported in a practical manner by each locality.


ILlanrwst County School.

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A Penmachno Family Dispute.