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Llandudno Autumn Concerts Committee. APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS- THE NEW SUBSCRIPTION TERMS. Two meetings have been held, since their- re-election, by the members of the Llandudno AutumnjConcerts Committee, who are getting energetically to work in preparation for the four weeks' season next year. The concerts promoted by the Committee will commence on Sunday, October 8th, and will conclude on Sunday, November 5th, a period of 29 days. On one of these days the second an- nual musical festival will take place, but the sub-committee who will have charge of that event have not yet decided upon the actual date. Mr. William Arnold was unanimously re- elected Chairman of the Autumn Concerts Committee, on the motion of Mr. J. E. Hall- mark, seconded by Mr. H. Edwards. Mr. E. P. Morris was appointed Treasurer of the Committee, on the motion of Mr. Hallmark, seconded by Mr. Morris Barnett.. With regard to the Secretaryship, Mr. W. T. Brocklehurst. who had intimated his intention to resign the office, owing to pres- sure of other work, was unanimously invited to re-consider the matter, on the understand- ing that he should employ an assistant. Mr. Brocklehurst was reported subsequently to have complied with the request of the Com- mittee. Arrangements were made for a canvas of the town for promises of subscriptions to- wards the four weeks' series of concerts next season, and it was decided that all sub- scribers of one guinea and upwards should be supplied with season tickets at the same rate for the four weeks' as for the three weeks' concerts this year. That is, three front seat tickets will be allowed for each guinea, or five second seat tickets. To sub- scribers of lesser amounts the tickets will be allotted at the rate of 7s. 6d. for front seats, and of 4s. 6d. for second seats for the four weeks. This is Gd. per ticket more than was charged during the last two seasons, but it must be recollected that there is additional expense in printing, collection of subscrib- tions, and distribution of tickets, in the case of smaller subscriptions than in the case of the larger amounts. The subscfibers' tickets will not admit holders to either of the meetings of the musical festival, though they will admit to the pier. They will therefore be available for the concerts on 28 days, and the value given will be obviously better than ever. The concerts during the fourth week will not cost less than £100, and the Com- mittee hope to present such attractive pro- grammes as to make the whole series as suc- cessful, financially as well as artistically as the concerts of the two previous seasons It is therefore hoped that the townspeople of all classes will give their fullest support to the movement by becoming subscribers. The prices of the ordinary season tickets, sold to non-subscribers will be increased to cover the fourth week, and subscribers' season tickets at the extraordinarily cheap rate above stated will only be issued to sub- scribers who give signed promises to contri- bute to the funds of the Committee, and whose contributions are paid to the collector before the end of August next. There will be no relaxation of this regulation whatever. The Committee hope to make a complete canvass of the town, and subscription forms may also be obtained from the Secretary Mr Brocklehurst, St. Mary's-road.