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The Conquest ot Con- sumption. AX APPEAL TO THE CHURCHES. The decision ot the representative con- ference held at Shrewsbury in September last, to commemorate the late King by a national eftort to stamp out tuberculosis has commended itself at once to the loyal sentiments and religious convictions of the people of Wales. The Executive Committee appeal, therefore, with confidence to the Christian congregations throughout the Prin- cipality to support the movement. Tuberculosis exacts a heavv toll of human life in al1 civilized countries, and especially in parts of Wales. Between three and four thousand lives are annually lost in Wales. In addition there are from ten to twelve thousand disabled victims of this one disease declining into premature graves. This suffering and death mean a vast amount of domestic sorrow and anxiety and irreparable national loss. Poverty and Consumption are closely associated, Just as poverty re- duces a person's power or resisting infection, so prolonged illness brings dire poverty in its train, and the wife and children of the consumptive worker, badly housed and ill nourished. fall a ready prey to disease. Medical science has placed within our reach the power to reduce and in time to eliminate the ravages of this scourge of man- kind, but the application of the knowledge we already possess requires money. For this money we now appeal. Of the i300,OOO we have set out to raise, il25,000 are still required for the carrying on of a prolonged educational campaign, the provision of dis- pensaries and nurses, and the establishment of sanatoria. The effort to diminish unnecessary suffer- ing is in harmony with the life of the Founder of the Christian religion, whose birth is com- memorated at this season of the year. When Jesus sent the disciples back to John it was to tell John of the works of healing dune by the Christ: "The blind receive their sight. and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up." Christmas falls this year on Sunday. We believe it is appropriate that we should in- vite the members of all the Churches in or connected with Wales to dedicate at least one service on Christmas Day to the further- ance of this Holy Crusade against suffering, sorrow, and loss. We hope all ministers will deliver addresses on the movement, and that congregations will unite in praying for the Divine blessing to rest upon our labours. We venture to suggest that an opportunity should be given for a collection on Christmas Day in aid of the campaign, and we hope all Churches will unite in making this Christmas offering. Such congregational collections will supplement the gifts made by the members as citizens through other channels, and will provide facilities to any who may perchance be overlooked by other collecting agencies. All sums received will be acknowledged by the honorary treasurers in the public press and in the report to be published when the fund is complete 1. On behalf of the Executive Committee, DAVID D.I.VIES, Chairman. Llandinam, December 10th, 1910.

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