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Penmaenmawr Land Dispute.

Festiniog v. Llanrwst.j


Trefriw Library.


Trefriw Library. REMARKABLE FAILURE. A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Wednesday evening of last week, the Rev. Henry Jones presiding. Others present were Dr W. M. Williams, Messrs T. R. Williams, Robert Evans, Samuel Hughes, Chas. Adam- son, W. Owen, and David Roberts with the Clerk (Mr R. E. Thomas.) Ilr Chanibres, Glan'rafon, appeared before the Council, and explained that the Library Committee had decided to close the institution, through lack of support and interest. He was not aware of an isolated case in which a book was taken out of the Library. Those who did resort to the placè preferred making use of the bagatelle table. There was an adverse balance of £ 3 10s. Mr Adamson said he could see no harm in smoking at the Library. Ladies allowed it at their homes, and why not at the Library. Mr T. R. Williams said he was told that people did not take advantage of the library, becanse the books w = re not available. Mr Chambres said perhaps the caretaker had not as much sympathy towards the move- ment as he might have. Although he was instructed to keep the cupboards open, he did not always comply. The Chairman said they had called two public meetings, but as only half-a-dozen put in an appearance, it was resolved to refer the matter to the Parish Council. Mr David Roberts remarked that it was strange that a Library at Tal-y-Bont could be such a success, whilst theirs at Trefriw was an entire failure. The receipts' from Sept. 1909, to May 1910, were .£13 8s 6d, and the expenditure amounted to L 1 2 7s Sd. Other! items owing made the adverse balance. Mr Adamson said it was clear that the intention of the Committee had not met with the appreciation expected. Mr T. R. Williams said it was like taking cattle to the water when they didn't require it. (Laughter). Mr Adamson Unless you mixed something with it. (Laughter). Mr T. R. Williams f was not referring to the Cae Coch waters. (Loud laughter). It was finally resolved to take over the Library and pay a cheque for 25s. The Com- mittee could have the bagatelle table, the sale of which would clear the adverse balance, and the books to be left at the Council School, until the literary attainments of the villagers were enhanced. The use of the Public Hall was granted to Mr Roberts, of the Council School, free of charge, for the purpose of the prize distribu- tion 011 the 22nd inst. As the tenders for the supplying of a hand- cart for the conveyance of the fire hose, varied from £ 7 10s to £ 12 10s, it was unanimously decided to leave the matter 111 the hands of Messrs Adamson and T. R. Williams to invent a cheaper method of conveyance. Mr Robert Evans reported that the Com- mittee entrusted with the purchase of girders had purchased from Messrs Bott and Stennett three lengths of 10 yards, and three of 6 yards at a cost Of Z4 16s. The report was adopted. The Clerk stated that he had asked for tenders for a bridge at Fairy Falls 46ft. long by 6ft. 6in. wide, and two tenders were received. Mr T. R. Williams said that if a width of 4ft. 6in. was constructed it would be a better bridge, and would be much stronger and cheaper. He was prepared to draw a plan and specification of a bridge that would cost much less than the sums enumerated in the tenders. Mr. Williams's offer was accepted.

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