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Lloyd Street Girls' Council School, Llandudno CHARMING CONCERT AT THE GRAND THEATRE. A very delightful entertainment was given by the girls of the Lloyd Street Council School, last night (Wednesday), in the Grand Theatre, which spacious building was well filled with the parents and well-wishers of the highly and bright young folk. The Chairman was Mr L. J. Roberts, M.A., H.M. Inspector of Schools, and he was supported by Alderman John Owen (chair- man of the Carnarvonshire County Council), and Alderman Robert Roberts. During the evening, short and entertaining speeches were delivered by each of these gentlemen. The children had been well-trained bv Miss E. Hughes, principal of the Girls' School, and she was fessisfted by the Misses M. Lucas, and E. NN-. Jones (conductors), J. M. Roberts and Ramsden. Accompanists Miss C. M. Edwards, and Miss J. Owen. Special praise is due to Miss Ramsden for the beauti- ful costumes she had prepared for the plays. The first part consisted of "Hop-o'- my-Thumb," a very pleasing and captiva- ting vocal play of fifteen numbers of chor- uses, dialogues, solos, and semi-chorus. The following were the oharacters:- HANS, the Forrester Miss Gwendoline Edwards. GRETCHEN, Forrester's Wife Miss Marjorie Jones. HOP-O'-MY THUMB Miss Sarah Ryan. OGRE Miss Heironmor Jones. aCRE S.S. Miss Madge Smith. Forresters's Children. Ogre's Children and Fairies. CHOIR Standards II., III., & IV. Hearty plaudits greeted the performance, which reflected the greatest credit upon the children, who had been splendidly trained by Miss Hughes and her colleagues. DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES During the interval, the Chairman distributed prizes to the following children:- Watches for five years full attendance: Beatrice Jones, Lizzie Evans, Gwendoline Edwards, Maggie Roberts, Lydia Jones, and Blodwyn Lloyd. Medallists for three years full attendance: -Annie K. fones, Marion Gledbill, Laura. A. Evans, Sarah Picton, Annie Edwards, Nellie Lunt, Elsie Taylor, and Maggie [ones. Books for one year's full attend-ance: Martha Roden, Buddug Jones, Nellie Weiss. Buddug Jones, May Jones, Gwladys Brown, beck, Amy Keigwm, Elsie Weissbeck, Nellie Evans. Ada Williams, Isabella Owen, Esther Ryan, Phoebe M. Jones, Beatrice Hogan, Violfet Williams, Satrah A. 'Evans, Nellie Thorpe, Gwendoline Rowlands, Dilys Ed. wards, and Blodwen Jones. Ninety-nine per cent attendance for one yea-r:Ruth GLedhill, Rose A. Gardiner. Nellie Lunt, Annie Dunford, Gwladys Ro- berts. Olwen Williams. Gwendoline Owen, Bessie Thorpe, Florrie Roberts, Sarah Ro. berts, Bessie Jones, May Williams, May Meredith, Amy Hazelhusrt, Jennie Row. lands, Gwladys M. Roberts, Nesta Jones, Violet Wynne, Annie Owen, Madge Smith, Lily Meredith, Nelhe Williams, Emma. Thomas, Doris Parsons, Elizabeth Lunt, Maggie Davies, Sarah Kyffiu, Nancy Higgin- bottom, and Kathleen Bird. A NOVEL PRIZE A Prize was offered by the County Treas. urer to the most considerate and best be. haved girl in the school. The election is made by the children, and Gertrude Mason was the happy little one selected. The second part of the programme consis. ted of another pretty play, entitled "The Enchanted Glen. The following were the characters: DAME GRUMPUS Miss Sarah Parson. NORA (an Orphan) Miss Maggie Roberts. QUEEN MAB Miss Elizabeth Williams FAIRY OF THE GLEN Miss Jennie Vogel. VIGILANTA (Recorder) Mits Marion Evans. ARIET. (Queen s Messenger) Miss Adelaide V. Jones. Attendant, Courtiers, Village Maidens and Children, Milksmaids and Fairies Standards V.. VI. fc VII The event was one of the most successful held in connection with the School, and we heartily congratulate Miss Hughes and her colleagues upon the excellent results of their painstaking and arduous labours.

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