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Markets and Fairs. WELSH. BANGOR (December 16th) .-Fresh butter, Is. 3d. per lb. eggs, 6 for Is. beef, 6d. to lOd. per lb. mutton, 7d. to lOd. pork, 8d. to lid. fat pigs, 4Jd. to 4Jd. ducks, 3s. to 4s. each turkeys, lOd. to Is. chickens, 3s. to 5s. (id. per couple potatoes. 24 lbs. for Is. LLANGF.FN! (December 15th). — Fresh butter. Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 8 to 9 for Is. beef, 7d. to 9d. per lb. mutton, 8d. to lOd. pork, 9d. fat pigs, 4jd. to 4UI. young ditto, 14s. to 19s. each ducks, 2s. 6d. to 3s. tur keys, 9d. per lb. chickens, Is 8d. to Is. 9d. each. CON WAV 1 December IGthC—Fresh but- ter, Is. 3d. per lb. eggs, 6 for Is. beef, 6d. to lOd. per lb. mutton, 6d. to lOd. pork, 6d. to 9d. fat pigs, 4]d young ditto, 20s. to 26s. each ducks, 5s. per couple geese, 7d. per lb. chickens, 4s. 6d. per couple; turkevs, lid. 10 Is. per b. RUTH IN (December 19th).-Fresh butter, Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 8 and 9 for Is. ducks, 6s. to 7s. per couple geese, 7d. to 8d. per lb. turkeys,lid. and Is. DENBIGH /December 14th).—-Fresh but- ter, Is. Id. and Is. 2d. per lb. eggs, 6 and 7 for Is. beef, 7d. to lOd. per lb. mutton, 7d. to 8d. lat pigs, 41d. to 4Jtl. ducks, 6s. per 4 2 couple geese, 8d. -:Jer lb. turkeys, 10U1. wool (English), lid. to Is. ditto (Wt-Islil), Sd. to 9d. PWLLHELI (Wednesdav, December 14th). —Butter, Is. Oid. to Is. Id. per lb. pork, 7d. to lOd. mutton, 6d. to 9d. beef, 7d. to 10d.; fat pigs, 4J(1. porkers, 14s. to 18s. each; eggs, 12s. per 120: geese, 6d. to 7d. per lb. ducks, 5s. to 5s. 6d. per couple fowls, 3s. to 3s. 6d. herrings 20 for 6d PROVISION. MARKET DRAYTON ''Cheese fair, De- cember 15th).—The last cheese fair of the year was held on Thursday, when there was a pitch of 16i tons. Average number of 2 buyers, and trade ruled brisk, a capital clear- ance bein( effected. Finest lots made from 67s. to 72s., and medium, 60s. to 67s. per cwt. CHESTER (Wednesdav, December Nth). —Twenty-two tons of excellent quality cheese were quicklv disposed of at the follow- ing quotations :—Fine Cheshire, 65s. to 70s. one special lot making 72s. medium, 58s. to 64s. and common. 50s. per cwt. and un. wards. BUTTER. CORK (Tuesday, December 20tli).-(?ttota- tions • Firsts, 100s.: seconds, 91s. thirds, 84s. fourths, 79s. fresh butter, 102s. and 88s. per 112lbs. MANCHESTER 'Tuesday, December 20th).-—In the butter market there was a steady tecling to note generally, and stocks were fairly well cleared. (jilotations Choicest Danish 119s. to 120s.; choicest Swedish, 117s. to 118s. choicest Finnish, 115s. to 116s. choicest New Zealand, 108s. to 109s. choicest Argentine, 103s. to 106s. Siberian, 103s. to 104s. GRAIN. CHESTER (Saturday., December 17thi.— Wheat was steady, and oats were in quiet demand at recent prices. Barley unaltered. English beans neglected. Mixed maize favoured buyers. River plate corn the turn dearer. Offals less firm. Wheat, 4s. 2d. to 4s. 6d. per 751b. grinding barley. 3s. 3d. to 3s. 6d. per 641b. NEW OATS. LEICESTER (Saturday, December 17th). —Average attendance of buyers and dealers. Red wheats, 28s. to 33s. white, 29s. to 34s. per 36 stones malting barlev steady grind- ing barley quiet. Fine oats ac'ive and firm inferior slow. SHnFWSBCHY (Saturday. December 17th).—The market was of a holiday charac- ter, with little on offer, and small attendance. Wheat was a shade easier. Wheat, 13s. 6(1. to 14s. per 2251b. new oats, 10s. to 10s. 6d. per 2001b. beans, 13s. 6d. to 14s. per 2401b. barlev, 14s. to 19n. per 2801b. HAY AND STRAW. MANCHESTER (Friday, December 16th). -Hay, 5Jd.: clover, 6 £ rl. to 6|d. straw, wheat, 31d.; ditto, oat, 3d. to 3 Ld. per stone. CORK (Tuesday, December 20th).-Good supply of hay and straw, and active demand for various qualities, and prices firm and un- changed hay, 60s. to 70s. straw, 35s. to 45s. LONDON (Tuesday, December 20th.)- Fair arrivals moved off quietly at current prices at the Whitechapel Hay and Straw market to-day. Best clover quoted 82s. 6d. to 92s. 6d., and inferior, 67s. to 77s. specially picked hay, 82s. 6d. good, 70s. to 77s. inferior, 40s. to 60s. mixture and sainfoin, 78s. to 87s. 6d. and straw. 28s. to 33s. per load. CATTLE. DUBLIN (Thursday, December 15th).- Numbers: Beasts, 4,462; sheep, 5,959; calves, 26 and cows, 320. Cattle fair trade and cleared. Beef. 40s. to 59s. 6d. per cwt. Sheep met a fair home inquiry. Mutton, 5d. to 6{d. LEEDS CALF (Thursdav, December 5th). —A fair supply of veal calves was on offer, but trade ruled slow all round at about Jd. per lb. reduction. Choice veal made 8Jd. secondary quality, 7d. and small calves. 5Jd per lb. CHESTER (Thursday December 15th).— Poor supply of useful stock, and a smaller attendance of buyers than usual. Prices were very firm, particularly for milch cows, which made £ 21 and £22, heifers £ 12 to £ 15, and stirks., /10 to £ 12 each. STOCKPORT (Friday, December Kith).— Moderate supply of cattle. Dairy cows fetch- ed (In to /23 each. LEICESTER (Saturday, December 17tli). .Fair average consignments of store stock. Trade good, but prices ruled slightly easier. Best milch cows/23 to £24 good lots, /21 to t22 secondary, £ 18 to £ 19 inferior, /16 to £19; heifers, £ 19 to £ 21 yearling steers, £ 1 10s. to £ 8 10s. yearling heifers. fS to 10s. calves, 20s. to 40s. each. LEEDS (Tuesday, December 20th).— Cattle and sheep supplies smaller and trade of a holiday character, but last week's prices fully maintained. Beef. 5-Jd. to 7d. sheep, 5.1(1. to 81cl. calves. 8d. per lb. pigs. 7s. 6d. 2 to 7s. 9d. per stone. Quiet trade. Beasts, 266; sheep, 956; calves, 11 and pigs, 70. Next market Wednesday next, the 28th inst. BIRMINGHAM (Tuesday. December 20th).—Few buyers attended and business ruled quiet. Best Herefords were disposed of at 7Jd. per lb. shorthorns, 7d. to 71,(1. bulls and cows. 4id. to Sel. wether sheep, 2 2 7id. tu std.; and ewes and rams, 5d. to 6.td. Pigs very plentiful and in steady demand, bacons making 9s. 9d. per score cutters, 10s. 6d. to 10s. lOd. porkers, I Is. 6d. to 12s. and sows, 8s. 9d. SAL FORD (Tuesday, December 20th).— There was a quiet demand for cattle, with little change in prices for the week. Sheep trade slow, and best quality scarce and firmer. Calf trade quiet. Quotations :—■ Choice small cattle, 6 £ d. to 6|d. good bul- locks and heifers, 6]d. to 6|d. middling cattle and good young cows, 51d. to Sid. rough cattle, 4Jel. to 5d. small North- country sheep, 8d. to 8-1d. heavy, 71d. to 8d. small Irish, 7!d. to 8d. heavy, 6Jd. to 7d.; ewes; 4fd. to "d. calves 7d. to 9d. per lb. At market Cattle, 1,668 (decrease, 1,018) sheep, 7,109 (decrease, 2 213) calves, 141.

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