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Penmaenmawr Land Dispute.

Festiniog v. Llanrwst.j


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Festiniog Spectators.


Festiniog Spectators. To the President of the Festiniog F.C. Dear Sir.—Having noticed your letter in the Last issue of the "Weekly News," re- lative to the conduct of the spectators on the match v. Llanrwst, on December 3rd, I have decided to place the following facts before you and the other officials of your Com- mittee. Now, Sir, allow me to state that I have nothing to say with regard to the complaints made by others, though a full account was given to me by "Inigo," of the dispute men- tioned in your letter, and therefore I shall not endeavour to justify nor to condemn the conduct of either party. My grievance lies in another direction. As you know, I acted as linesman on that "eventful" day, and in this capacity I had various opportunities of testing the conduct and the language of the spectators. Therefore, being convinced that you and the fellow members of your club are anxious to stamp out any indecency in conduct and language amongst your spectators, I ask you to realise that this task has not yet been accomplished, as is shown by the following observations. -i.-Unless I (as linesman) gave the ball each time to Festiniog (whether it actually belonged to them was not considered), I be- came thr: centre of vile abuse and foul words. On one occasion, during the first half of the game, I actually, "dared" to turn round and look at one of these culprits, and was about to remonistr.vte with him, when he promptly replied—"Y Curad d- Cerdd i uff- As you can see, Sir, he relegated me (perhaps prematurely) to the bottomless pit. But the worst feature of the whole concern was this. I was particularly struck at the vulgar and blasphemous way in. which the name of Christ was used by a few on the furthest side of the field, in their comments on the work of the players. I have no doubt that these culprits, were, at the time, under the influence of drink, but when you consider, Sir, that our grounds are at present frequented by a large number of children, you will realise what far-reaching affects such a language as this will have on the youths of our land. I venture to say (and I have no doubt that you will heartily support me) that this ought to be suppressed at all costs. One other remark I would like to make. Though I would be the last person to do anything to damp the healthy enthusiasm of a football crowd, still a strong line of demar- cation ought to be drawn. Such expressions as "Cicia fe," "i fewn iddo fe," hi lawr ag ef," and such like, are not worthy of any sportsman. These expressions were frequently h-eard at Festiniog on the day in question. At the same time, I frankly admit that your ground is not the only one where such pal- pable culprits are to be found, but they were in <m, ithot day. We at Llanrwst, have the same difficulties to contend with, and are doing what we can to purify the game of its demoralising tenden- cies. In this good work, we know we have your cordial sympathy and support, and this letter will have served its purpose, if it will help you in any way to create amongst your spectators (as well as amongst those of other grounds), a healthy and definite public opin- ion against such language and conduct as often degrades the football grounds of Wales.—I remain, etc., JENKYN JONES. 6, Carrington Terrace, Llanrwst.

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