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Penmaenmawr Land Dispute.

Festiniog v. Llanrwst.j


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---Abergele Sparks.


Abergele Sparks. In a complaint made as to the muddy state of Beulah-road, Llanddulas, at the last fort- nightly meeting of the St. Asapb Rural District Council, Mr. John Roberts, Llvvyni, observed that if any people deserve good roads, the Methodists do." Good roads to where ? When the hero of Llwyni" answers that question we shall be able to say whether his observation was right or not. Perhaps the following extract from a fifty- year-old local newspaper will prove enter- taining to those members of the Council who, on Monday evening, voted in favour of extinguishing the street lamps half-an-hour earlier with a view of economizing At a Vestry, legally convened and held on November 22nd (1860), as per notice, Mr Thomas Owen proposed that the town of Abergele and Pensarn be lighted with gas. This was seconded by Mr Hugh Williams, joiner. "1\1r John Holt, grocer, moved as an amendment that the town of Abergele and Pensarn be not lighted with gas. This was seconded by Mr David Owen, Harp Inn. Number of votes for Mr Thomas Owen, 13; for Mr John Holt, 24 majority against light- ing the town being, therefore, eleven." x I am hoping that with a little of that precious virtue called patience, [and by returning the same progressive gentlemen to the Council again, we will yet return to the returning the same progressive gentlemen to the Council again, we will yet return to the good old jolly times of i860. AViiat a glot-ious period it must have been for the Abergele and Pensarn spjouers Wl 5-=:1 The good guardian anget of my fl iend, Mr. R. E. Needham, has sent him a very appro- priate and seasonable Christmas Box by way of a son and heir. If he takes after his father, the new arrival at Elsdon will lick creation at oilliards. In the course of a few months I will arrange a match between Young Bob and Ned Llwyd Bach." Failing billiards, then a 2o-round boxing match. Failing both, a sqealing competition, with a silver-mounted feeding bottle as first prize. Is there anybody on earth, or out of it, re- sponsible for the decent upkeep of the National Schools' few inches of playground and out- buildings ? Everyone knows what I mean by outbuildings but it isn't everyone that knows of their filthy condition. The surroundings of the Abergele schools are simply and in- excusably disgraceful. Now you gents of the Denbighshire Education Authority, go and see the place for yourselves. I have always told you that Guardians of the Poor are past praying for, haven t I ? Listen to this. At a meting of the Festiniog Guardians on Tuesday a mother and daughter receiving between them the sum of 5s. per week in out-door relief, asked the Board for a pair of boots. The old lady said that she had prayed to God to open the hearts of the Guardians. But apparently He didn't. At least the application for boots was refused, only three voting in favour of granting them. Of course, the Festiniog Guardians are good Christians—on Sunday. SEARCHLIGHT.

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