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Conway Shopland.I


Conway Shopland. AN INTERESTING TOUR OF INSPECTION. Conway's preparation for Christmas are as usual worthy of the town and the season. On all hands are to be seen evidences of enterprise, and it is a real pleasure to pay a visit of inspection to the many and var- ious shops. The butchers of the town will have a capital display of Christmas fat stock, in- cluding many prize winners. Mr. Joseph T. Jones, Eagles Buildings, has made extensive purchases in all the stock sales in the neighbourhood, and one of his beasts is a first prize winner at Bod- organ sale. For Christmas week he will slaughter twelve fat bullocks, all bred and fed by well known farmers, and two fart heifers fed by Lord Penrhyn. The wethers are from the farms of those well known prize-winners, Messrs. Elias Davies, farm- yard, and John Williams, Bwlch Mawr. There will also be a plentiful supply of lamb of the finest quality. Porks and suckling pigs will also make a feature of the show, and there will be an unlimited supply of geese, turkeys, ducks, &c., all from the best breeders. Messrs. Jones Bros., High-street, also promise a very extensive show of some of the finest meat obtainable. They will in addition slaughter a dozen fat beasts fed by such welj known breeders as Lady McLaren, Mr. Wm. Davies, Baclaw, and others. The wethers, 40 in number, will be of the finest quality, and Messrs. Jones are making a speciality of twenty of the choicest yearling lambs. All the above are bred locally. Pigs will also find a prominent place in the exhibi- tion, as well as a plentiful supply of geese, turkeys, ducks, &c. Again Mr. David Owen, Bangor-road, will have an exhibition equal to any of fat heifers and bullocks fed by well known farmers. Mr. Owen has secured some of the finest wethers and lambs, and there will be a large stock from his own farm at Rhoa Mill, Conway. Porkers and suckling pigs will be plentiful, and there will be a varied assortment of poultry from all the best breeders. The above three shops will be well worthy of a visit during the next week. Each of them is exceedingly well lighted, and each show is bound to be admired. Mr. J. E. Conway Jones's establishment is replete with a splendid show of motor liveries, the celebrated Dexter Quorn storm coats, the new fleece overcoatings, Irish, Scotch, and Welsh tweed suitings, and the famous Pesco underwear. The Prestwick flannel shirts in the new colourings are a special attraction, and the display of even- ing dress wear is all that can be desired. Mr. J. P. Griffiths, Regent House, has a varied assortment of novelties suitable for Christmas presents at prices to suit every- one, including sideboard, tray and tea cloths, cushion covers and tea cosies. He has also a fine display in the millinery department, including some of the latest blouses, hats, &c. The gentlemen's department is also re- plenished with a good stock of hats, caps, gloves, hosiery, scarves, &c. Mr. J. Ambrose Lloyd, tailor, has a well y or, appointed assortment of tailoring goods in his shop in Lancaster-square. Ye Old College, of which Mr. J. Harry Tones is the proprietor, has a very good ex- hibition of ready to wear clothes, for which this establishment is famous. He has also a special line in the famous Wolsey under- wear. There is an abundant supply of all the latest in dress shirts, silk neckerchiefs, collars, ties, gloves, &c. Mr. D. Wynne Roberts, draper, is well supplied with seasonable goods, and if this weather continues there ought to be a run on his show of waterproofs. Mrs. Evans, London House, and Mr. Davies, Manchester House, drapers next door to each other in Lancaster-square, have an excellent stock of Christmas goods, as well as useful presents. Messrs. Jones and Son, Melbourne House, make a fine show of Christmas goods, several of the articles being very suitable for Christmas presents. Mr. John Roberts, Emu Restaurant, has a well stocked shop of seasonable delicacies, and Christmas visitors will do well to try his catering. Miss E. Thomas, High-street, makes a speciality of her home made Christmas cakes, and she is to be heartily congratu- Lated upon the excellent taste shown. Groceries of every description are in stock, and the confectionery side of the shop is never wanting. One of her Christmas cakes makes a beautiful present. Mr. Fred Jones, the Grosvenor Restaurant, has a varied assortment of Xmas cakes in rich Sultana, plum and Madeira. Iced and ornamented cakes are made to order. The show of chocolates in fancy boxes is a very choice one. They have also bread and confectionery fresh daily. As a caterer, Mr. Fred Jones is well known in the neigh- bourhood. Mr. Joseph Hooson, the French and Italian Warehouseman, has made excellent provision for all classes of customers during 1 the festive season. He has a large assort- ment of dessert raisins and almonds, figs, dates, oranges, chrystallis.ed fruits, iced cakes, Tom Smith's crackers, &c. He is also making a fine show of Absolom's Pure China tea, for which his establishment has gained a high reputation. For those with sweet teeth, Mr. Hooson has also made ex- cellent provision with huge chocolate boxes, and sweets of every description. In the grocery line anything wanted can be secured at this establishment. As usual, Messrs. E. B. Jones and Co. have a well stocked establishment in pre- paration for the Christmas festivities. This year they are making a special florin Christ- mas parcel, which will be a great boon to many buyers, considering that the price of fruit is increasing. The bumper parcel, as it is termed, contains a varied assortment of articles, which are being sold from the loth December to Christmas Eve only. They have also delicious teas in handsome canisters and boxes, one of which will be a Royal casket for the Coronation year. Oranges, apples, &c., are plentiful here, and the display of bacon and Cheshire cheese is all that can be desired. The shop is replete with all grocery requirements of the best kind. Mr. E. James, grocer, is a well known caterer for the public. His shop is re- plemished with all the Christmas goods available. Messrs. Dumphy, Ltd., have one of the best shops in town for making a display, and Mr. Ricketts, the manager, has excelled all previous efforts. The windows are tastefully arranged, and the goods exhibited are of the finest quality. The licensed part of the shop is also well stocked with the choicest wines and other drinks. Messrs. H. and J. Thomas, the well known grocers, are well provided for the rush of customers during the Christmas season. They have stocked some of the finest pro- visions available, and their home-made bread is noted. Cheese, bacon and Christ. mas fruits are a speciality. At the Mart, in Uppergate-street, there is a plentiful supply of Christmas provisions, which should prove attractive to all customers. Mr. Thomas Abram, poulterer, is well provided for the Christmas demand for poultry. Mr. W. Hughes, chemist, is making a special show of perfumes suitable for Xmas presents. Other suitable presents include cameras, and the famous Gillette safety razor. All who wish to keep well for the holidays should first of all arm themselves with Mr. Hughes' famous tonics. To every one who calls at the shop Mr. Hughes presents a very interesting calendar in book form, which is specially interesting to Con- way, because it includes a picture of the famous grave in the Parish Church immor- talised by Woodsworth's We are seven." There is also an excellent photo of the Prince of Wales, whose coming investiture at Carnarvon will be of special interest. Miss Thomas, High-street, has provided herself with a large assortment of wearing apparel suitable for ladies during the winter time. The golf jersey is a speciality of one window, and the other is devoted to millin. ery, in which she excels Miss Hughes, the Beehive, has a well arranged shop of fancy goods, and during these dark nights it would be well if the local ladies paid her a visit and purchased some of the numerous articles which she has r--My to be worked at home. Mr. D. G. Walker, tobacconist, displays every kind of tobacco on the market. He ha- also a varied assortment of the best make of pipes, pouches, walking sticks, &e. Messrs. R. E. Jones and Bros. have re- plenished both their shops in Bangor-road and Rosehill-street with a large selection of Christmas and New Year presents. They have the latest designs in private greeting cards, for which orders should be booked as early as possible The leather goods are all that could be desared, and a large variety of photo frames are on view. A capital Christmas present would be a British-made fountain pen, the price of which is within the. reach of all, and these establishments can well be termed The Pen Hospital," where the pens can be repaired at nominal fees. Children's annuals, which are so keenly sought after by the youmg folk, are in abundance, and there is a plentiful sup- ply of toy books, which go such a long way to make the young generation happy at this time of the year. A game of cards is a pleasant pastime, and here some of the finest playing cards on the market can be obtained. Fancy calendars and diaries form a great feature of the show in Rosehill- street, where also there is a choice selec- tion of Christmas and New Year cards. The shops are brimful of useful novelties and presents, and the proprietors solicit the insipection of the public. Mr. J. Lloyd Jones, the Bazaar, is the shop where the children delight to be, for it is replete with a very large assortment of toys suitable for Christmas presents to the young. Mr. Joseph Jones, Compton House, makes a fine show of footwear, from the dainty dancing slipper to the heavy bluchers. He makes a speciality of the well-known K boot. Mr. Sam Jared Williams's new shop in High-street, has been stocked with the usual supply of Christmas fruit and vegeta- ables In addition he has a varied assort- ment of goods for the festive season. Mrs. J. Jared Williams, Bon Marche and High-street, has looked after the wants of her numerous customers. At the Bon Marche, useful crockery can be purchased, as well as the fruit and vegetables and at the High-street shop. In addition to the usual excellent supply of Christmas fruit and vegetables, there is a Large stock of chocolate boxes, which make beautiful presents. Some of these boxes are of ex- quisite design. Mr. McGilp, jeweller, High-street, dis- plays some useful jewellery in his window. plays some useful jewellery in his window. He also promises to make any watch go; a fact which should be noted by many who take their watches out of the town to be repaired. Messrs. Stead and Simpson are busy pre- paring their windows for the Xmas show. All the boots and shoes exhibited by them are of well known qualities. The shop is well lighted, and when the windows are done up, it is a great attraction. They have special lines for the farming fraternity, and they also make a speciality of their home made boots. Messrs. M. and H. Williams, Plas Mawr, the well known furniture dealers, have an excellent assortment of the very best furni- ture, and those about to be married would do well to pay them a visit. They are also exhibiting a number of first class paintings by local artists. As undertakers, they are well known for miles around.

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