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----...-Tuberculous Cows.


Tuberculous Cows. To the Editor of the Weekly News. Sir,—In view of the serious report of our Medical Officer in yesterday's Urban Dis- trict Council meeting, I think that the views of our trade should be made public in refer- ence to this important question of protect- ing the public from both milk and meat from cattle affected with this disease First, I should like to point out the very unfair position of our trade in reference to this matter. If a butcher exposes for sale a carcase affected witn tuberculosis, he is fined and sometimes sent to prison for the offence, although he has no knowledge be- fore slaughtering that the beast was affected. Also the purchase money is gone and his trade spoiled, which is his living. Hence his agitation for a warrant from the farmei that the beasts bought are fit for the pur- pose intended, namely, for the food of man. This is very unfair for a respectable I trade and not satisfactory for the public. I think the time has come when all milking "ows should go under the tuberculin tests, and if found unsound should be destroyed, and the farmer compensated out of Imperial fund. They do now compensate the farmer in cases of infectious disease to protect the herds, but so far not to protect human lives. As I believe that tuberculosis is transmittable from the bovine to the human it is very important that our milk and meat supply should be sound and healthy. If it is the intention of the committee which has the national memorial to our late King in hand to build sanatorium's, they will be oj, no till we get this great question satisfactorily settled. As to the doctor's report, I understand on inquiry that one of these cows mentioned was sold to a cattle dealer and taken out of the district, and the other is going to be fattened for the butcher, and yet our Medical Officer has no power to get the same destroyed; but, as the doctor said the other day, he is going to watch the same being sold to some unfortu-nate butcher, and I suppose if he ran will make him a criminal and spoil his livelihood. I ask you, sir, do you consider this justice to an honourable trade ? I shall leave the public to decide.—Faithfully yours, T. R. DAVIES. President N.W. Meat Traders' Association. Windsor House, Colwyn Bay.


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