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COLWYN. POST OFFICE NOTICE.—The letter box at the Post Office and all the letter boxes in the district will be closed half-an-hour earlier for the night mail despatch on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th December. Parcels should also be posted half-an-hour earlier for this mail. DEATH.—Mrs. Christie, of The Laurels, Colwyn and Walsall, died on Monday, the 5th inst, at her Colwyn residence, at the age of 58 years. The funeral took place at the Old Cemetery, Leicester, on Thursday. Mrs. Christie was well-known and greatly respect- ed at Colwyn, where she had resided for over twenty years. Messrs. Dicken and Sons, Station.road, Colwyn Bay, carried out the funeral arrangements. HEBRON SALE OF WORK.—We are informed that the amount realised from the Christmas lreeand Sale of Work at Hebron C.M. Chapel on Monday—a report of which proceedings appears in another column- realised £5.1. This amount will be placed to the credit of the Chapel Building Fund. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.-At a Com- mittee of the Agricultural Show on Monday evening, it was decided to hold the annual dinner in the Marine Hotel, on Wednesday, the 11th January.—The first of a proposed series of smoking concerts was held in the Marine Hotel on Tuesday. Mr D. MacNicoll, Derwas, filled the office of chairman with his usual generosity and witty remarks. A very good concert was provided, in fact, very much above the ordinary, and it was sad to see such a small audience (all the more remarkable as admission was free), and the poor -support given to the hard-working secretary, Mr R. Martin Smith. It is very doubtful whether another will be provided. Although the audience was small it was most appreciative. The items included solos by Mr Mobley (Colwyn Bay), Mr Dd Pritchard (Glan Wern, Mochdre), Mr Ed Davies, Mr Hugh Lloyd, Mr E. Ed. Roberts (Old Colwyn), comic songs by Mr Callow (Old Colwyn), and Mr Nee (Colwyn Bay), duets by Messrs E. Ed. Roberts and Dd. Pritchard, and also by Messrs Hugh Lloyd and Ed. Davies. Mr Bird, Colwyn Bay, gave several of his reci- tations, which were very highly appreciated. Mr E. Ed. Roberts, Old Colwyn. was the accompanist, who was never in better form. A vote of thanks was given to the Chairman, accompanied by singing -1 For he's a jolly good fellow," and votes of thanks were accorded to Mr J. W. Lloyd and family, Marine Hotel, who very kindly gave refresh- ments to the artistes for giving their services, and to the Secretary. A YOUNG MAN'S THEFT.—Before Dr M. V enables-Williams and Mr Joseph Dicken, at a special court (yesterday), a cockney youth, named Charles Collins, was charged by Mrs Susanah Evans, of the Plough Hotel, Colwyn, with stealing a sovereign. Mrs Evans said he accused was employed at her hotel, and she gave him a sovereign to go to pay an account of Mr D. O. Williams. He did not turn up on Saturday, and she mentioned the matter to P.C. Holgate, On Tuesday morning, in the early hours, he was seen rambling about the streets at Llandudno, and he ultimately told the Llandudno police that he had stolen a sovereign and did not like to go back. Inspector Owen, telephoned to Colwyn Bay, when the accused was handed over to Supt. Beresfotd. The accused had 2s. left of the money. He pleaded guilty and was bound over for six months. Mrs Evans said she obtained the accused from the Walthainstow Reformatory School, through an agency, and she promised to take back the accused for a time while she communicated with the agents from whom Collins was engaged. NEW YEAR'S DAY EISTEDDFOD.— The arrangements for the New Year's Day Eisteddfod to be held on January 2nd at the Victoria Pier Pavilion. Colwyn Bay, proinises to be a greit success. Mr. Jacob Edwards, winner at the National Fistedd- fod in pennillion-singing, and Telynores Gwyngyll haze beei engaged. The entries iL- the literary section a.re numerous, and the musical section will be quite up to the good standard of previous years. A very lively brass band contest is anticipated. The secretaries are Messrs. T. C. Davies, Bethafan, and Mr. D. E. Jones, Arfonia. "THE PLEASURES AND THE TRAIN- ING OF THE BLIND."—Last night (Wed- nesday) the Rev. D Griffiths, pastor of the English Baptist Church, Colwyn Bay, de- livered an interesting lecture at the Welsh Congregational Chapel, in aid of the funds of the English f\)rgregation il Chapel, to a large audience. ATTRACTIVE COMPETITIVE MEET- ING AT HEBRON.—Our readers' atten- tion is directed to our advertising columns announcing an attractive musical and liter- ary competitive meeting at Hebron C.M. Chapel on Tuesday, the 27th instant, Pedr Alaw is the musical adjudicator, and Pen- llyn will have charge of the literary sec- tion. The committee has increased the prize in the solo vocal contest from half a guinea to one guinea, together with a gold- cpnt -ed mdaJ. The other competitive items are more than ordinary in their interest, and a successful meeting is anticipated. The entries in the literary section close to- day (Thursday) and ia the vocal department on- Monday next. All entries should be sent to the secretary, Mr. W.S. Moss, Post Office, Colwyn.