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COLWYN BAY. POST OFFICE NOTICE.- The letter box at the Colwyn Bay head office and all the letter boxes in the town district will be closed half-an-hour earlier for the night mail despatch on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Dec. Parcels should also be posted half-an-hour earlier for this mail. FOOTBALL CONCI-'RT. Last night (Wednesday), through the kindness of Mi- Harry Reynolds, the performance of living "C pictures was given in aid of the funds of the I Colwyn Bay Football Club. Several local artistes contributed towards the enjoyment of an excellent programme, and doubtless a good sum will be available for the funds of the Club. Mr Reynolds here gave an instance of his readiness to assist local objects and deserves much praise for his kindness. "THE ROMANCE AND BEAUTY OF PLANT LIFE." The popular illustrated lecture in aid of the Colwyn Bay and District Hospital was given upon the above subject last night (Wednesday), by Prof. W. Stirling, M.A., D.Sc., LL.D. (Professor of Physiology in the University of Manchester). In the Pier Pavilion, numerous coloured lantern slides especially prepared for the occasion was shown. There was a numerous attendance and the beautiful lecture was much enjoyed. ENGEDI LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIETY.—On Thursday night the members of the above society were called upon to decide which is the better form of Government —Monarchy or Republic. Royal claims were championed by Mr L. M. Burrell, while Mr T. J. Dowell (jun.), upheld the rights and privileges of democracy. Several members took part in a lively discussion, and when thej question was put to vote the majority declared in favour of a Republic. The chair was occupied by Mr D. C. Lewis. THE WELSH MEMORIAL TO KING EDWARD.—A discussion upon the above memorial took place at the Monthly Meeting of the Urban District Council, on Tuesday, and it was decided that the Chairman called a public meeting at an early date to further the interest of the scheme. PUBLIC HALL.—Mr Harry Reynolds now provides his numerous patrons with a com- plete change of animated pictures every Thursday, in addition to the change every Monday. To-night's programme includes a magnificent thrilling English production en- titled" Lieut. Rose, R.N., and the Stolen Submarine," The Stage Letter," The Lime Locked Safe," Views of Turin, Calino Buys a House Dog," Foolshead as Policeman," Lazy Farmer Brown," The Dustman's Wedding," &c. DEATH OF TWO NOTED DOGS.— Our readers will be extremely shocked to hear of the deaths of the two well known St. Bernard dogs, Josephine and Lady," owned by Mr. C. R. Chaplin, photographer, which occured on Friday after two day illness. The noble animals which were such familiar figures in the town, succumbed to pneumonia and bronchitis. As is well-known they had won prizes at the principal shows in London and provinces, whilst locally they had done splendid collecting work in cause of charity. Together with Mr Chaplin they were always prominent on Lifeboat Saturdays and hospital collecting days in fact, they collected ^23 this summer for different charities. Mr Chaplin greatly misses his intelligent and affectionate canine friends, whose death mustimean to him in addition a great financial loss. NEXT SEASON'S CONCERTS.-In order to ascertain what degree of support would be given to the Pier Company to enable them to commence the musical season at Easter, and to provide high-class concerts, a pnblic mee'- ing was held on Thursday evening. Con- sidering that no fewer than 2,500 invitations had been issued, the attendance was most discouraging, and illustrated Colwyn Bay's lamentable lack of both musical taste and business shrewdness. It is extraordinary the indifference of the residents in general, and the tradespeople in particular, to a matter of such vital importance to the town. In order to attract the best class of visitors, Colwyn Bay must provide the best class of music, and the local public would be consulting their own interests by giving this matter their immediate consideration. The meeting was under the aus- pices of Mr Walter Whitehead, J.P., and other leading residents. The directors who were present, after hearing the views expressed, exhibited the greatest willingness to do all in their power, and if given proper support they will, no doubt, carry on the concerts with the same eclat as in the good old days of the late Mons. Jules Riviere. A LIBERAL STALWART.—Mr R. Thomson, J.P., has returned to Colwyn Bay looking exceedingly fit and happy after his strenuous services in the electoral battles in North Staffordshire. Although he really went to his former home with the sole object of devoting himself to organisation work, he was prevailed upon to take part in the public meetings as well, and he has been delivering a series of rousing addresses everywhere to enthusiastic audiences. Mr Thomson found the Staffordshire electors particularly keen on the land question. It is gratifying to Mr Thomson that the Liberal and Labour can- didates whom he assisted were returned with splendid majorities.